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ADB Shell for Chrome (and Chromebook)

Currently only supports Nexus 5. The update to support all devices is rolling out to the Chrome app store within an hour.
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John R
Hey +Koushik Dutta, can you get helium working on chrome OS? That would be nice. 
You just single handedly Boosted the sales of chromebooks ... Kudos
Haven't yet been able to get it to work (Win-7 / Version 38.0.2125.8 dev-m (64-bit) / Nexus 5). Can find and interact with device using "adb devices" from standard command prompt/console on same machine so don't think this is a driver issue
works fine on my old samsung chromebox 
Version 37.0.2062.94 beta (64-bit)
It doesn't seem to work on Windows w/ Chrome 36.0.1985.143 either. Console works fine, so not a driver thing.
Nexus 5, I did kill the native server and tried start/stop on the Chrome one a few times.
+Haydn Jones try killing the existing adb server (adb kill-server) and then restart the app. i think i just fixed this in an update.
But then again, adb.exe keeps auto-restarting for some reason...
+Koushik Dutta  had already tried that - also rebooted windows for good measure lol. I enabled "collect errors" on the extension and see the following;
"Uncaught Error: Bootstrap's JavaScript requires jQuery". Might be a restriction on my machine/network too
I still have to use an extensive vid/pid whitelist, so I may be missing devices.
Nexus 5 - running PA 4.41.
Just removed and re-downloaded the extension - perhaps the chrome store is caching if you've fixed (got v: no drama's as I have adb regardless, but happy to troubleshoot further if needed
Alright... just recognized! 
+Koushik Dutta I had a DroidExplorer service which was restarting ADB. Still doesn't seem to work though, will try new version later.
works/not works for me, recognized and stuff but as soon as the shell pops up its just black, nexus 5 hp chromebook 14
Great! Worked on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with my Nexus 4
Has anyone had success with this on Windows? I couldn't get it to claim the usb interface after detecting it. I'm using a VM though...
v1.0.0.6 works on Windows and N5, but only if adb.exe is already running. 
You sir win all the Internet's 
Works on Windows 8.1 on Chrome Canary. Probably works on stable as well. Kind of iffy getting it to connect though. Sometimes the device doesn't show up. Also, the link to download ADB drivers seems not to work.
+Koushik Dutta This works for me on Windows with my OnePlus One, but like the ChromeADB it doesn't work on the chromebook.
Also just found this, so will this never work on the chromebook?

Chromebooks do not support USB devices that require drivers (for example, printers and drawing tablets).

USB CD/DVD drives connected to Chromebooks function as read-only devices - meaning they read data from a disc, but cannot write data to a disc. Chromebook computers can read data DVDs but cannot play DVD movies.

The following USB devices should work, in most cases:

Headphones and audio devices
USB-to-Ethernet adapters
USB drives and external storage
USB hubs
ChromeOS fragmentation rears its ugly head :)
Not surprisingly this also works with FirefoxOS device (Flame in my case). Howeer, they kill adbd when the screen locks, so you need to relaunch the Chrome shell to connect again. Some sort of reconnect menu, etc. could be useful. Also might be nice if you could close the console with `exit`.
Howdy. Any chance that you can update allcast on the amazon appstore? Still rolling with an old version and premium purchase still does not kick in. 
+Koushik Dutta Yeah sorry, just wondering why it works for the OnePlus One on windows but not on the chromebook, its apparent that the code works but will not see the device on the chromebook. Is there something else I may be missing?
Thanks, been trying to get it working for a few weeks. 
+Koushik Dutta oh so it needs to be added in a different place other than changing the usb code in the manifest.json?

And I used your universal adb driver to get the oneplus working in windows so i know that works but how do I use that driver on chromebook?
+Koushik Dutta what channel are you on chromeOS ? Not working on my n5 or moto G running ver. 36 on a series 5 550
Awesome +Koushik Dutta will try this on the Dev channel as google is adding mtp support for android devices, will report back
i need the adb-driver but the download won't start...
Hey +Koushik Dutta I have not played with it yet, but installed the extension on a Windows machine. Sitting idle it has pushed the memory for that process over a gb. Memory leak somewhere. 
I'm a little confused, what is required for this to work on a Chromebook (if it does)? Anything special, or just the web app? 
It doesn't work for me on a Nexus 5. I can start the app and select my device. When I use command adb devices though, nothing shows up. Running adb reboot commands gives me the error device not found. Am I missing something?
ChromeOS. I edited my earlier comment to say I was using a Chromebook. Sorry for the confusion.
+Patrick Flavin How are you running "adb devices"? Do you have some adb binary or something? This is a totally standalone solution.

The shell that opens up IS a shell on your device. Not a shell for your ChromeOS.

It should say:

It does show up like that. So, will adb device or adb reboot commands not work since it is a shell on my device?
+Patrick Flavin Just run reboot. You're running the shell on the device.

No need for "adb devices", since the devices are listed in the device list window.
OK, thanks. I get it now. I'm not use to running commands from the device itself so I was taken aback a little when the app wasn't working. 
+Joshua Wilkins glad to know I wasn't the only one having enormous RAM usage. I didn't realize it at first, but after about ten min my PC was slowing down and one Chrome process was at 1.9gb. 
Thanks! No more developer mode for me!
(If I can get this working... How do I install apks with this?)
Guys, by any chance, with the plugin installed, can we run shell commands from html/java websites? It would be nice to be able to create scripts to execute certain commands on the device.
Will this allow me to install the Android 5 factory image for the Nexus 5 once it's released, using my Chromebook Pixel?
+Jonathan Killops that would still require fastboot, which this does not offer. So you would need to use another solution. 
Can't fastboot be supported now that ChromeOS utilizes MTP? Or no?
+Patrick Flavin Fastboot would require the fastboot binaries be installed on the host system, which isn't possible on ChromeOS at the moment. This isn't at all related to MTP. 
OK +Brandon Nunn​. I thought it was a lack of drivers for the device and MTP allowed for that in Chrome. My bad.
I'll probably just do Crouton on the Pixel to install the Nexus 5 Android 5 image when it's released. Was kind of just hoping for a quicker solution
You're the man Koush. Incredible
sorry to bump an old thread, but can I unlock my nexus 5 with this? using the oem unlock? and root as well? Thanks
+Andrew Daley no. This does not support fastboot, just adb. You need a system with the fastboot binaries installed to be able to execute the oem unlock command. 
Thank you my friend. Any chance I can unlock and root with a Chromebook? I don't have a pc anymore to do such things 
+Andrew Daley only if you are running crouton/Linux or a native Linux install. There isn't a way directly from ChromeOS. 
+Brandon Nunn I attempted it but its beyond my knowedge, got linux installed but got lost a little. Any chance you know of any good step by steps for a linux novice?
+Andrew Daley​ there is a script at xda that will install the adb and fastboot binaries. It does sort of work on ChromeOS, but not reliably and it has been known to cause issues on some of them, even to the point of needing to do a factory restore with a USB drive. So I'd recommend using it under the Linux install. You just run the script and it will install the binaries, then you can just run fastboot or adb commands directly from the terminal. You can then just follow the steps for unlocking the device. There are plenty of step by step threads on how to unlock the device at xda in the Nexus 5 forum.

As for the script to install fastboot/adb, it can be found here:
+Brandon Nunn thank you so much man, you are really helpful. I appreciate it so much! You seem quite knowledgeable and will circle ya if you dont mind!
+Andrew Daley yeah no worries. If you need more help, just let me know and if I'm free I'll do my best to assist. It's pretty straightforward once you have the tools installed. That script makes it easy since you don't have to worry about installing the whole Android SDK or having to set path variables so you don't have to use the full path to execute fastboot or adb. It's the script I use any time I need quick adb/fastboot on a Linux machine other than my primary machine. 
Your actually a bit of a life saver my brother, I thought I might have been lost with only having my CB. If I have any troubles, I hope you wont mind a few questions! :) 
+Andrew Daley no problem. Try me on hangouts or create your own post and tag me in it if you need help rather than continuing from this thread. 
apparently my nexus 5 (16gb) build LMY47D doesnt connect with this app on my Toshiba Chromebook 2
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