AllCast and Chromecast break up, get back together again

+John Affaki from the Google Chromecast team poked me 30 minutes ago to readd Chromecast support. I was going to put it off until this weekend, but he indicated with the existing AllCast design, it would be almost no extra code on my part. He was right.

The implementation was very trivial. Took me maybe 20 minutes.

It looks like the Chromecast team took one of my bug/feature reports seriously:

The new Chromecast SDK supports the MediaRouter ACTION_PLAY/CATEGORY_REMOTE_MEDIA, which makes the Chromecast a good citizen of the Android media router framework.

AllCast has been updated. Chromecast support is very much in beta.

You'll also need the new Google Play Services for this update to work:
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