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AllCast and Chromecast break up, get back together again

+John Affaki from the Google Chromecast team poked me 30 minutes ago to readd Chromecast support. I was going to put it off until this weekend, but he indicated with the existing AllCast design, it would be almost no extra code on my part. He was right.

The implementation was very trivial. Took me maybe 20 minutes.

It looks like the Chromecast team took one of my bug/feature reports seriously:

The new Chromecast SDK supports the MediaRouter ACTION_PLAY/CATEGORY_REMOTE_MEDIA, which makes the Chromecast a good citizen of the Android media router framework.

AllCast has been updated. Chromecast support is very much in beta.

You'll also need the new Google Play Services for this update to work:
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Yayyyyy! Great work as usual Koush. 
"Announcement: Chromecast SDK releas..."
Koush: "AllCast update!"
Are you saying a simple media url can now be played?
same Q as +danjuma kolo.
but, im not sure if this also means that it would support playback from netwok shares as a home NAS... THAT would be a great feature 
Cha-ching!....I actually received my chromecast the same day Google told you it wasn't open for development...imagine the heartache.
Maybe it is not a common request but I just want to learn if chromecast sdk supports subititles on any video or not?
I've been waiting for this! 
Love all cast, but would love it even more if I could have a list of file names for videos rather than thumbnails. Sometimes, particularly with TV series its hard to work out which file you are picking. Keep up the great work!
+Koushik Dutta, thanks for supporting Chromecast. Where I get Google Play Services v4.2.34, please? I used Google Search but I not found it. 
Same here with Google Play Services, still on the old version
All cast I can not find my Chromecast while on YouTube and everything works like
Hi Mr Dutta, Is it possible to cast a movie through samba?I tried to open a file from my computer from ES file manager and open it with allCast, but it seems it doesnt work that way. Any work around?
Downloaded/yacht contribution made...
Got Play Services 4.2 installed, getting some weirdness like Google Play Music showing 2 Chromecasts, one is the device, the other is Allcast
+Josh Keng why would you wait when you can just download it and install like a normal apk. Not like you have to be rooted or do anything technical.
+Koushik Dutta Want some added bit of fun? See if you can make it work with TVportal. Codes from sockshare, putlocker, movideo and gorillavid. (streaming) 
I installed it on my nexus 7 2013. But it won't detect my chromecast. It just says searching for devices. Hmm...
+Koushik Dutta  great news. just downloaded updated wersion from google play.
got one question: will it influence the Mirror app? can we mirror phone screen on TV through Chromecast in the future?
Will it support screen mirroring? 
Will it support .mkv video format ? 
+Koushik Dutta Are you planning to add the ability to cast any webcontent too or will the app be limited to local content? Thx
Finally i decided to pay for this great work. Hope this will influence the development of a screen-mirroring-app positively. ^^
Awesome time to buy a chromecast.
Doesn't work for me. Just says searching for devices? Anybody else?
Mr. Dutta, please take my $5. Thank you.
+Koushik Dutta Is it possible that the chromecast is inccapable of streaming 1080p content. I have an auto-awesomed movies at 1080p on my phone that completely refused to play on the chromecast. It just keep stuttering...
I guess it's time to buy this, now that I can actually use it soon!
+Koushik Dutta is there any hope of making AllCast able to display web pages your viewing on your phone/tablet to display on a tv/Projector with Chromecast connected? 
+Fredrik Nilsson I think Google play services has to be updated for it to work correctly. Anyone know the easiest way to do that?
+Koushik Dutta So I'm curious - to cast local content, is the content first uploaded to some web server? Not to sound paranoid, but I'm wondering about where the content goes and / or how it's stored, partially for privacy reasons.
How did you get the Google Play Services lib V4.2? It's not showing up in the Android SDK yet
OHhh my in duty now... and the CC at home:) Cant wait cant wait.. +Koushik Dutta please do the screen sharing:) Please
Finally will have a replacement for my ancient Logitech Squeezebox sb3!
+Koushik Dutta my brother is visually impaired..are there any plans to make a dark theme for this?..thanks
Ok it is not flawless. Some videos are flipped and it can be jittery but it does work. 
+Nathan Shively -- It is not perfect but it is a HUGE improvement over casting to XBMC via DLNA.  Horrible lag.

Casting to Chromecast is a bit more lively, although it would appear that casting to Apple TV via Airplay probably provides the best user experience. 
+Edward Herr I agree for the most part. Although in the past, I have been using a dlna/WiFi certified bluray player in combination with the skifta app to wirelessly move movies from PC or android device to my TV. It worked very well. If this app isn't cleaned up, I'll have to stick with that for viewing local content at home. 
+Nathan Shively -- does video play normally after a few seconds?  Might be wifi network utilization and buffering.  I took a snapshot of utilization on my 802.11n network while playing 720p video on Chromecast.  It hit 28Mbit/sec.
+Edward Herr video usually stops stuttering after a few seconds in. However some of my home videos are displayed sideways. This does not happen when I use dlna setup. The video that are displaying sideways appear verticle in all other players. They uploaded to YouTube vertically as well. Strange
Mine is stuck on searching for players...

Anyone else has the same problem? My play services is already 4.2 and I've tried AllCast on both Nexus 5 and 10.

Same thing. Rooted CC+Nexus 5+new play services
+Lucas Rocha I was wondering that too, somehow one of his avatar files were downloaded to my internal storage. Facebook or something? I dunno
got the gPlay services update on my cyanogenmod 10.2 Nook HD+ and technically Allcast is working fine. Just no way to stop it and the nav buttons quit working. Oh well, maybe CM 11 will play nicer. I'll give it a try later.
Works for me! Although nexus devices seem more smooth, HTC one is a bit choppy. 
Ahh, I thought 4.1.32 was the most recent.  I'll get the latest 4.2.  Thanks.
+Koushik Dutta both of my devices are already using the latest play services (4.2.39) and it's still stuck. Any ideas why?

Thank you. 
+Douglas York II +Eka Wirya I'm on 4.2.39. I'd recommend getting on the same version. Also make sure your AllCast is updated. May not hurt to reboot the phone either.

Verify the Chromecast shows up in Youtube, etc.
Let's see if this works. One more chance with my chromecast. Hasn't worked on my r-pi even though upnp and zeroconf are running, and other similar apps work just fine so it isn't my configuration 
+Koushik Dutta When is this coming to Cyanogenmod's native screen casting? 

And thank you for all your hard work!
+Koushik Dutta here's what I've done the past few minutes:

1. Made sure my play services version is 4.2.39
2. Reinstalled AllCast
3. Rebooted my device
4. Tried casting from YouTube successfully.

But when I open AllCast, it's still stuck searching 😅

Anything else I should try do? 
Getting the same thing with kitkat on Nexus 7 2013. 
+Eka Wirya You may wanna also try unplugging/replugging the Chromecast. That sometimes triggers it to update itself.
How technically does AllCast stream from the device? Through some sort of internet "relay" or something more direct?
+Koushik Dutta oh wow, that is exactly the problem! I unplugged /replugged Chromecast, then it installed an update. Doh!

Than you so much for helping me. I'll buy the premium version if all goes well. Thank you again! 
+Koushik Dutta that's pretty fast. Thanks for the app. I know it's not fair to put a feature request in G+, but, now, is it possible to cast the entire android screen to chromecast? This removes our necessity to connect hdmi cables etc.
What mechanism is used to serve the media/file to the chromecast receiver? I thought chromecast could only play an accessible URL
ahh, I would of thought the OS would have restricted making a port externally accessible
+Jesus Morones try unplugging and replugging the Chromecast to force update the firmware.

Also make sure your phone already has play services version 4.2.39

Hope that helps! 
+Koushik Dutta will it be possible ever with the current API/SDK to allow device mirroring to a Chromecast like Miracast? 
+Eka Wirya thanks, after posting, my phone updated the conversation and I figured it was already explained. Thanks
Kinda still right now. Keep the good work, thanks! :D
+Koushik Dutta allcast is working fine, but HD movie is laggy tooo.. Have u got any solution? ( the video made by Nexus 5...and cant watching back.)
Thanks for your efforts on this, I'm unable to pause, stop, or control the playback once AllCast takes control of the video using Chromecast . I'm using HTC one
I found an issue of not working it for me. The Eureka Rom is not updated yet...
AllCast is working with my Chromecast and I'm able to stream local videos. However, I'm noticing that many of them are playing sideways. Is this something that will need to be fixed in the app itself or do I need to modify something on my end?
+Will Whitworth Hd videos are good? I have issu with Hd resolution video playback.. I feel the buffering is two low..
Installed the play-service in the link, but it doesn't detect the device... Nexus 7 2gen. .... Any useful tips?
Anyone have any luck getting Allcast working on either the Nexus 7 (2012) or Nexus 7 (2013)?
+Balint Gulyas yep, restarted both cast and my N7. Works with other apps, but no-show in allcast... 4.4.2 with play service 4.2.39
Sorry i don't have N7 only N5;) and Samsung galaxy tab 10.1.
+Tony Roman no, not mine... Got the N7 2013 I'm not able to use AllCast atm. Hope to get some advice. Everything is updated and rebooted....
Yeh on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 working fine but video streaming isn't... Some avi file i have on it and could play back...BUT Samsung promo video looks HD. I download the same video to Galaxy tab and problem is same.. HD video playback is laggy...
I find streaming my phone video clips to Chromecast very laggy with constant buffering. Streaming to Apple TV no problem. What gives?
Oke i had tested! The problem is HD video's..I made a video 720p and playback is oke! Mad the same 1080p and playback is laggy too much. So i think the problem is the High resolution..
+Tony Roman I did. I had to install the newest google play services.
+Justin Haydt Nexus 7 2012 or 2013 version? So far even with Google Play services manually updated, I have no luck. It keeps searching for the chromecast.
2013. I had to do the unplug/plug to the chromrcast also.
Thanks. That was the trick. Now all I need is for +Koushik Dutta to add Google Presentations support, and our staff will love it.
+Knut Ivar Skogland After manually updating Google Play services, I had to do the Unplug and replug trick on the Chromecast a few times until it showed as being build 15250. After that it worked.
Other things what i don't understand. The picture size. The photo was taken by N5 and pixel is 3264x2448 and this pictures arent full screen on my TV. Uploaded an other wahat was taken by Canon ixus that pic is 4000x2248 and that one is full screen. So why???
Sounds like a possible screen ratio issue?
Yes 16:9 pic is full screen...but N5 cant take only 2Mpixel;))))
+Tony Roman After restarting one of the Chromecasts and the Allcast app some ... 6-8 times, BOTH of my Chromecasts showed up all of a sudden.... So I guess the issue is related to the app and not the Chromecast-device? +Koushik Dutta  After restarting the App a few times on my Galaxy SII, they started showing there as well... 
+Koushik Dutta  could you tell me why i show the CC in Display Cast Screen menu? Its try to connect but nothing happend...
My Chromecast doesn't want to show up in the app, no matter how many times I restart either of them.
I liked to see the dog chilling out on the sofa.:)
Great start for the beta! So far it works with my S4 very nicely. I do have some issues with it all of a sudden crashing and it will not restart. Also, the playback controls don't work as of yet. There also seems no way to end the cast and stop video. But I do understand this is the first official step towards an awesome future. Thanks and looking forward to the updates.
Sweet! I'll be giving you my money AGAIN. 😉
I can cast everything but an .mp4 over a gig hangs...
+Theodorus Ivan I have the same problem, exact same situation an used apps. It works with my dlna devices, would love if this worked on my chromecast too :)
+Koushik Dutta How did you get access to rev 15 of the Google Play Services SDK?  Mine's still showing up as rev 14 in the SDK Manager.  Google's SDK site says it won't show up until Google Play Services 4.2 rollout is complete (which they say may take a few days).  So did you download it from some other place?
Alex NC
Works, but very buggy. First video worked fine ... then after casting a few pictures and a song it stopped casting at all. Also, I am unable to cast using the long press > share with Allcast method. 
== stock Verizon S3, updated play services ==
Hmm. Doesn't seem to work on my Chromecast. I made sure to install the Google Play Sevices, but i't only finds all my DLNA devices. No Chromecast. Does it make any difference, that my Chromecast is rooted?
Yes it does, the firmware is not up to date on the rooted chromecast. The OTA for rooted devices should come in a week or so
Hey Koush (or anyone),

Which media player streams my video by default and can I change that it I have a prefered player?

i bought the premium allcast for playing movies to my chromecast. it plays the movie fine, but i cant pause or scrub though the movie, it says no media playback, and hitting stop stops the movie with slight delay. im using a 2012 nexus 7. any suggestions? this could get tiresome especially if i dont want to watch the first half of the movie :/ 
Are you able to get it working without the latest play services library? 
Having issues streaming videos to apple tv worked before the latest update sent crash logs. Have tried chromecast also crashes 
i'll prolly be shot for asking this here but.... wait for it... will this be available for ios eventually? Love Chromecast and would love to be able to use Allcast on my iphone...
I have it running on my Nexus 5, but it only finds one chromecast.  I have 4.  Is this by design?  At first I thought it was limited by AP, but the N5 and lone found chromecast are both on different APs.  It doesn't even find the one on the same AP. 
This is fantastic to watch unfold.  I feel privileged.
+Koushik Dutta Any thoughts on if you will release the mirroring embedded within cyanogenmod like you demoed earlier in 2013?
Isn't there a way for an app to force an update to Google Play Services? I know I've seen this from Google first-party apps: If you flash a gapps from before I/O 2013, then update Google Talk to Google Hangouts, upon first launch Hangouts will definitely invoke this process.

Then again, maybe it's just prompting the user then launching the URL 
Unfortunately, chromecast can only play limited video formats. +Koushik Dutta is there any chance to add more video format support in the future?
lag city. 2 different chromecasts. full signal. i have no issues with plex or YouTube. hope this gets fixed
Doesnt anyone care about that dead dog?
+Koushik Dutta 2 questions:
-what is your opinion about rooting the cc? Is it worth the hassle?
-do you think in the future it will be possible to cast the phone's/tablet's screen? 
Rooted chromecast with eureka gets patched update slower i assume... Allcast doesnt see my chromecast (yes i have play serrvices)... Anyway to fix this? 
Great work but +google play services still not updated on 3 devices so can't test it
+Koushik Dutta How were you able to release a new version without the new Google Play Services library available from Google?
+nathan briggs do you mean on the Play Services apk on Android devices or the library used by Android developers when writing apps? I'm not aware of any priority for getting developers updates, not getting staging roll outs early enough drives me nuts. But I do have the updated app on my device.

I'm referring to the Play Services library in Android SDK Manager, see here:
awesome did you all know its now possible to change your luck ? I mean find this video "Andrew B Cloverfield" and see how its really done xD
+Nathan Jones
The only explanation is that either John Affaki also poked the SDK in advance to Koush, or Koush doesn't use the SDK at all (unlikely). In any case, the rest of the world is still waiting...
+Koushik Dutta Thx the update the move seeking is working;) N5 HD video cant playback well...laggy too.
Everything is working fine here, but I have noticed that widescreen black bars appear grey when using AllCast. The bars are dark black when casting the same files with Avia, so it should not be a TV setting. 
+Koushik Dutta that worked with the new App IDs? What type of receiver are you using? I couldn't get any of my devices to connect with the new IDs and old APIs. 
I have a Samsung led tv and when I tried to cast a video from my nexus 30 fps does not work. What can I do to fix this?
Hi is it possible to remove allcast complete? I did but it shows two chromecast in the music app 
Trying to cast local videos from my nexus 5 lag a lot.  Is this just a limitation to how the Chromecast itself can cast from local content or is it something that can be improved?
Works pretty well when casting directly from allcast app. However, when using the cast button from another app, such as gallery or photos, I get a "Now Playing: no media playback in progress" message. Anyone else have this issue? On a Nexus 5.
I think a folder view for videos would be awesome! 
+Koushik Dutta +1 on the black bars being grey while watching widescreen videos. any chance you can get the background to be black?
Ok, props to Koush on this app. I went ahead and purchased the licence. But when I went home yesterday to give it a try. I played some vid's off my phone and they keep stopping to and stuttering. To the point that it makes it useless to watch. these are simple video's Ive shot from my phone of my family. I have a VZW GS3 that creates .mp4 videos. My concern is that if I put an actual HD movie on my phone... will it even play it without stuttering the entire time. Once more question, how do we communicate with +Koushik Dutta regarding issues like this??
+Koushik Dutta - Is there a way to see the file names for the files in the app, instead of just the icons. It can sometimes be hard to search for media without the names. Also is there a way to specify a path from which the android app can look for media files? This can be helpful if we have lots of media files on the phone and do not want to to cast them all on the TV. Casting only from certain folders can help manage the files a lot better I feel? 
Guys - Is there a difference in the files that I will see listed undet the video tab depending on the device that I select? I have noticed that on my Samsung GS3 App for All Cast , I don't see all the video files if I select to cast on my Samsung Smart TV.  Is this because the TV cannot play all formats?  Will the list be different if I select to cast on my chromecast? I don't have the latest google play services installed on my phone yet so I cannot try with Chromecast yet. I am waiting for the google play services to get updated. 
is there a way to have allcast play an srt file along side the mp4 file?
You're a genius Koush!! I starred laughing when I heard how long it took you to fix it up. Looks like I'm not going to root Chromecast now. Thank you Sir! 
I bought your app but it doesn't work I'm streaming video from my phone to the chrome cast the audio works but no video 
Alex NC
Is there any way to tell Allcast which folder path to look at for audio files? I have a mp3 recorder app that I record short guitar clips on to remember for later. I have it save to my SD card. But Allcast can not see it. Am i missing a setting ? 
How do I get the latest Google play services from 
+Koushik Dutta the problem still exist I can only hear the audio no picture. I downloaded the latest play store services still have the same problem 
The pictures work and audio works great but not video 
Koush i've installed google play services 4.2.39 and plug out/in the chromecast as discussed earlier. However, i still could not cast my dropbox vid. It kept saying prompting, 'unfortunately, google play services has stopped' please help. Thank you
I did cast successfully once. But subsequent attempts failed.
Alex NC
How are you guys casting mp3's? Right now it seems that I am only able to see the mp3's in my download folder (phone's built in memory). I would like to see mp3's on my phones micro sd card. Is this possible? Maybe this is a limitation of the trial app? I have a mp3 recorder app that I use to document quick guitar song idea and I would love to be able to cast them to my stereo to hear through my speakers. Any help would be appreciated.
+Koushik Dutta you have a solution for me? I did manage to cast once via dropbox. However subsequent attempts failed and it prompts "unfortunately, google play services has stopped" 
koushik, video work great. streaming mkv from my NAS through my nexus to the chromecast. unfortunately the audio part doesnt work. any way to get it to work?
Does streaming via Allcast to chromecast from SMB source work for anyone? Bought the full Version of allcast and have the latest Google play services apk installed. Any hints are appreciated, thanks. :)

Edit: I know that chromecast support is beta, just wondering if it already works.
I cant play my auto awesome HD movie which i made by N5, always laggy.. Anyone else is have the same problem too?
Alex NC
+Balint Gulyas I had to mess with my video setting on my Galaxy S3 until I found one that would not stutter. I ended up going with 1280x720 for my Resolution setting, and 'Fine' for my Video Quality (bit rate?) setting. If I tried any higher setting, the choppiness would start.
+Kelvin George It looks like he is working on something and set the app to free for now.

Disclaimer I only read that in the reviews for the Allcast app, so it's not something I found out from Koush and may very well not be true.
Lol... I saw it today, +Lawrence Burns. Thanks for the info. 
What about Miracast like the Netgear PTV3000 any plans to support it?
+Koushik Dutta  It always stops after like 20 minutes of play. You got my $5.00 dollars.What a  bad investment. 
+Koushik Dutta I guess no resolution. Hope my $5 helps with your gas. I'm going IPhone I'm tired of incomplete projects on the Android ecosystem
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