AllCast Beta v1011

This release should fix the excessive battery drain that was occurring even when AllCast is not running.
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Chris S
Not in german PlayStore ... :-(
Update is available in GER Playstore. 
Got the update, says searching for players forever. All other apps connect properly.
I've noticed the allcast icon in Play Music. However, when I try to cast and choose the target device, it says it can't cast. What is it about? Is it supposed to work yet? 
Ooooooh casting Google Play Music All Access would be awesome 
Is this only for BETA that allows only video casting?
What about pictures?
+Koushik Dutta I have two Roku Boxes and when I will play something the allcast app show me the two Roku boxes with the same name. There have a way to rename the boxes to can differentiate? 
How do i update to the latest version? 
Chris S
Yes, but the update isn't in german PlayStore. I can't see it. Can you upload the apk somewhere for me, please? +Henning Voß
Apple tv2 and galaxy note2 (running stock 4.1.2) not working :-( 
Not in canadian play store. Can you post link please? 
Apple TV (2) not working with sg3 (d2vzw) CM-10.2
On dropbox keeps searching for players but would'nt connect to tv. Anyone knows why?

Oh.. I'm beta tester now appear on Google play. :)
OK I've found link after becoming beta tester but now link gives 404 error. Did I have to have original version to download update. Sure would love to try this.
I installed but no chromecast support?!
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