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AllCast + DLNA

Good god I hope I don't need to rename this thing again.
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Castcast. Or ImaGonnaCast. Both are free at the moment.
'Hello, I am the CEO of Allcast (®©™) and have asked my lawyers, Winterbottom, Glass-Butt, Kieshster & sons, to issue you with a cease and desist letter regarding the intellectual property, "AllCast" (®©™) etc, etc ' 3, 2, 1...
LOL. Nice keyboard. I can only use them now, after having judged others for the negative invert. Super cheap too.
Just renamed it to "Send to TV Deluxe EXTREME... +" 
+Koushik Dutta Have you tried this at all with their companion bubbleupnp server components that will transcode for you? I assume it will give the transcode URL via Intents if the app is configured to transcode for the formats Chromecast doesn't support (mostly AC3 audio for me).
+Cole Mickens For this to work, transcoding must be turned off, because it angers chromecast otherwise. At least that's using PS3 media server and TV Mobili. Haven't tried their server.
+Koushik Dutta Weird, wonder what they're trying to output by default, especially since sometimes they'll try to parse UAs and change their output codecs. I'll have to give that a go, that's my biggest hurdle now as most of the 720p content that legally finds its way onto my hard drives are all ac3.
Any chance for mobile display mirroring to chromecast?
+Jason Hubbard That's the name of my Chromecast. Any attempt to utilize it will be met with a swift takedown order.
I'm ready to test the beta :-) 
Castor (beaver in French)
"CastMyS#!t" I bet nobody trademarked that yet.
Uh oh... AllCast is Samsung's....
Ah, I see it now. I got confused because Samsung calls it AllShare Cast. Whupz. 
I suggested allcast after the first time you had to change it :)
BaconCast :-) you know you want to
Chris S
The aircast guy was a whole bag of dicks. I think he should cease and desist being an a-hole. (commented here because comments were disabled on the other). All cast works though, I guess. 
Magnificast? Because what you've achieved is that magnificent!
Ah. I guess it makes sense that a telecom company would file their audio/video streaming software under telecom...
OutCast? ReelCast? Or BrokCast, I know my "ast" is broke!
Call it something completely unrelated; BangFiddle. I hereby give up all the rights to the name, you use it.
This is exactly what I have been trying to accomplish for years, an easy way to control and stream my content from my server to my tv. You sir have made me extremely happy! Thank you!
This reminds me of the Popplers episode in Futurama, good luck with the name Koush.
+Koushik Dutta I tried to set up what you did there but when I click on a video to stream it to my TV allcast doesnt show up in the option.
Just call dibs on the koushcast on the uspto, just in case.
There seems to be a company named "Allcast, Inc." and a game streaming service called "ALLCAST" ("allcast" according to the logo). Would they pose any threat to the AllCast name?
Should have gone with CastAllVania.
looks great, been trying to tweak fling for about 3 hours and getting annoyed with 1080p files. are you having any buffering issues with 1080p x264?
+Leland Redmond The problem you're having is due to the transcoder from fling. It's using VLC's transcoder which is terrible. It can't playback 1080p video at 1080p. It can barely play it back at 480p if you have a beast of a PC. Hopefully, we can use Plex with this new update to Allcast. I can't wait to try it out.
This is great to see. Since switching to Android I've always wondered why no one has made a proper DLNA type streaming app. Looking forward to the release! 
Aaron M
Dang, +Shitiz Garg is 13 minutes ahead of me. I was thinking ClockCast or CWMCast.
There's an allcast that deals with streaming for gamers already, but that seems to be the only one with a name dealing with software.
Koushcast. Step up the branding efforts and you could easily have several more yachts by year's end.
Ditch the "cast". How 'bout "Tosser" or "Mob Tosser"? In honour of the trademark trolls. 
Nice. This is going to free up a few raspberrpi's.
So does allcast work with cheapcast? It would be nice for al us unlucky guys without chromecast. 
How about K-Cast, QuickCast, AirBeam? 
Does any one know if this will cast to a WiFi enabled TV? Without chromecast
You already had AllCast and removed it due to the same reasons you just removed Aircast..

Dreamcast (wow I can play anything from my mobile device)

It stopped working this morning. Expired? Can't wait for official release.
Name it ChickenSandwichCast.... or DerpCast
Andy L
It's like a dream come true. Chromecast and dnla.  thank you very, very much
Hey all! Is the current version available for download anywhere? Aircast3 stopped working yesterday-..
Sorry, but on my gs3 Allcast doesn't work. When I tap nothing appears. +Koushik Dutta there is a new release ready for us for yhe next few days?
+Pierdomenico Rusconi I'm having the same issue on my Verizon GS3 running stock 4.1.2.  The app opens for second and then closes :/
Isn't samsung's casting app called allcast? Or is it allshare cast? Might be something you want to look in to. Can't wait for the final release of this app... No matter what it's called :-D 
till google opens the api this is over. this may be a fantastic tool or a dud. only google knows.
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