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Are there plans to add immersive mode to GalleryNext?
I did, but still get the 405 error
I keep getting errors also while trying to install. That or not found. 
Never mind it's installed now. 
My S3 with Stock Android 4.3 is listed as not possible to install :(
Installed the beta. Here are the first three problems to report: 1- Thumbnails are not created. the thumbnails of photos taken within the app  are created.(PS Edit: Thumbnails of photos which are taken after the installation of the app are created independent of whether they are taken within the app or not. It seems the problem is only with madia scan and although media scan finds all the images creates no thumbnails of those) 2- FC on camera button press when there are two camera apps and so app picker is activated. (After you pick a camera app for always no problem with camera button press. seems like its to do with app picker.) 3- FC when you scroll down to the end of the image list. 
Not compatible on gs3 with Cyanogen 10.2 stable
not compatible with my Galaxy Nexus (Stock Rom)?!
Really love this app however you can't delete pictures any possible fix
Great and awesome app. Add widget, please. Thank you!
Picasa,"No Photo".
Dropbox need "accessToken".
(CM 11 M2 Nexus 4)
Is there a reason my GNex running cm10.2 is not compatible?
Matt M
Not compatible with stock Note 3. 
No support for Galaxy S3, but still, I will wait for the public release.
this is what all I have got

"404. That’s an error.
The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know."
I had that for like 30 mins yousaf only Google Chrome seems to be able to download it right 
apk link, my device is incompatible. Moto G
is not compatuble with all my devices motoxt919 (d3) ainol novo her 2 (tablet) Samsung gti9000 (S1)
"Device not Compatible" message when trying to install on SGS3 Running CM 11 android 4.4.2, became a beta tester and joined the google+ community yesterday.  What could be wrong?
SGS3 4.3 and N7(2012) 4.3 both not compatible -.-
is there a way to side-load this app? stupid Google Play says not compatible with all my devices
Play store said it's not compatible with any of my 4 android devices
I'm using HTC One and when I go to the playstore to download. I get a message saying "No eligible devices for app to install??????
using on the Moto X on stock 4.4. thumbnails lag while loading. if i disable the stock gallery app i can not go back and preview my photos/videos in the gallerynext app. other than that, great work can't wait to see this progress. 
tf101 & tass &  i9000 ??? not compatible!!! :(  Please add compatibility!!!
All with Cyanogenmod 10.2
 Not compatible on Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 with Cyanogen 10.2 stable. Cant install it.
+Maurice Jones   You need to click "Become a tester" on the first link before the second link will appear for you, otherwise you will get an invalid URL.
Sprint Nexus 5 error on trying to download from play store "item not found".  On Nexus 7 downloaded fine and video playback is awesome, but no sound when playing mkv files.  
Verizon Galaxy S3 (d2vzw) running CM 10.2, can't install, says it isn't compatible :/
Link now finds a file on my nexus 5. Great work love the app high quality work just like all cm stuff. 
yeah getting no go on  i9300 cyan 10.2.20131114 via installer
Sprint SG4 not compatible ...
No go on my Galaxy Nexus (Toro). Now, I am depressed. ;)
"Device not Compatible" message when trying to install on HTC One X (EndeavorU). Running CM 10.2 - Android 4.3.1.
just got an error downloading - 940 - is that because I live in Oz?
I live in Australia. Got it working on a GT-I9000 (galaxy S 1) running android 4.4
Maybe this has somthing to do with the android version. I'm not sure 
I'm running CM11 nightly on my Samsung i9505...
It seems that I do not have an eligible device (Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 Version 4.3) to install this on. I live in Australia. ???
Not compatible with LG p936/p930 running CM 10.1.3 stable
so far ok on N4, nexus 5 experience cm 11 rom 4.4.2
The app looks good, but it doesn't look like I can view my photo's stored on Google+ ? if so, I don't really see the point
Not compatible with my rooted stock Canadian G2 :( ?
getting requested url not found on the app link, also not visible when searching on the playstore.
Not compatible with Samsung GT-P3100, Sony Xperia M,  SEMC Xperia Neo V
"Device not Compatible" message when trying to install on Xperia ArcS Running CM 10 (JB 4.1.2).
needs at least the features already available on the AOSP gallery app. Also needs to be able to get media from google drive
On my nexus 5 the link says item not found in the play store.
App works better then the stock gallery on cm11 unofficial for I9500 LOL.
First thing I tried to do after installing the app was add Flickr feed, since that's the first thing it asks you to do.... app crashed. Tried again, app crashed. Not a criticism, after all it is a beta. Just wanted to point it out.  VZ Galaxy Note 3 
thanks cyanogenmod aosp perfect phone franco kernels hı hı 
Had an issue with installing from Google Play on the phone directly. Installing from the desktop site worked fine. Running CM 10.2 on a Sprint LG Optimus G.
Neo V + custom rom based on CM 10 (JB 4.1). Play says it's not compatible with my device :(
It said not compatible with all of your device.. what in the world??
I've joined beta by two different links however the link to download the app isn't working (play store)... Help?
Working on Nexus 5 using CM 11 nightly + Elemental X kernel. Syncing photos via Photos(Google app), viewing via Gallerynext and sharing the photo let's you download again the photo that was already on your phone. :) I hope there would be an algorithm for finding duplicates in your drive.
For those having link troubles. When you click "Join Beta" from step 2 above, it provides a Play Store link. That link does not seem to work. however once you have joined the beta, return to this page and use the link in part 3. that worked for me. good luck. also, do all of this from your phone/device and it will work much better.
After update on CM11, my SIII is shown as compatible :)
:) totally awesome start! great work!! 
Working awesome on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running CM11
installed on nexus 4 running CM11, runs great so far! suggestions: get rid of the silly "boing" picture animation when pic is loaded. increase album display size past 1000 pictures, my automatically saved pics section on G+ only shows the latest 1000. also, make it so that albums can be hidden, my G+ account is full of automatically generated crap categories with single photos in them ("hangout screenshot pictures", "profile pictures", "filed pictures", etc.). also make it possible for app to be the default when swiping from the right in the camera app. oh and thanks for the great work! :)
+Koushik Dutta it crashes on my nexus 4 ...please fix this and also add a settings panel in the app. Add some themes as well... that would be great if you do so.
Can't intall on a LG G2 either. Why is it not compatible again? It was working fine on my Nexus 4. Does this require AOSP roms, 4.4+, what??
Installs, and runs ok on my CM11 I9100
Looks good, but doesn't have a Print option
Several month ago I try to install the CM Gallery I had abandoned because I always had an error when trying to install,  and today I retried and I have the same error. I am in the community and tester.

EDIT : after several attemps it's OK now, don't know why...
I am trying to switch to a different Flickr account than the one I originally added, and I'm running into the token auth limit again. Any chance of more tokens?
I had to join the GalleryNext community circle to be able to get past the 404 error
I joined as a tester, but still can't download it
'Not found' in play store
3/26 edit - it worked for me shortly after i posted this...
So far, gallerynext is doing quite fine on my nexus5!
Mei Yi
I am joining this fun. :-)
I can't install. I'm a tester and i have this message: We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.
Same here, can't get the beta. Links me to 'Not Found'.
in picasa, i have albums where the ordering was by name and not time & date; but when it is displayed in the device, it is by the day/ date; what is the issue? Am not able to get any kind of settings in this app.
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