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Google just approved our first CyanogenMod  phone

Man, the last 24 hours has been a total rollercoaster of emotions, and it isn't letting up it seems.

Google just approved our build for production... we're shipping the +CyanogenMod version of the N1 on Christmas Eve.
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Can't tell if google is helping,or hurting you guys.
CM to begin the disruption of phone distribution. End bundling. End carrier bloatware. End price gouging. End locked OS ecosystems. #open #winning
Who are the other members of the CyanogenMod team that I should be following on Google Plus?
Impressive! Specs & Design wise at least. But let's talk about the real hard to deliver feature: Updates. Any statements on keeping this phone up to date? What's to expect 18 months, 2 years, 3 years from now?
Google's recent decision not to update the GNex to 4.4 after 18 months makes me rethink the whole Nexus line. Is Oppo a more promising candidate in that regard? 
Congrats to all the team. I'll be buying a unit. :)
On a related note, that case (assuming it's a case) looks great.
+Alexander Terry seeing as Google's doing 99% of the software development and working with the OEMs to make sure the hardware supports it, I'd say Google is helping them.
+Alexander Terry that's all you've got? One app Google removed from the play store for breaking the terms of service against millions of hours of work and billions of dollars invested? 
+Markus Winter, that's how it's been for every Nexus AFAIK, so it shouldn't have been a surprise. Also, that was largely due to TI's leaving the mobile scene (Not to mention the fact that PowerVR has been choked out by Qcoms adreno and mali chipsets)
+Koushik Dutta I would sell a kidney if I could to buy one, but unfortunately I just can't afford it. Love +CyanogenMod  and your work. Keep that shit up.

It is so insanely cool that CM is now becoming a real player on the device market.

So awesome!!!
Sweet! Two questions though. How much will it cost and what carriers is it being made available to?
i was about to buy one last week, then i discovered the CM version isnt out yet. lol
How appropriate that the first official CM phone has a similar abbreviation to Google's first Nexus :-)

Congrats, Team Douche, I've been watching you guys since the G1 and it's amazing to see how far you've come.
+Anthony Cox No. That 18 months argument came up with the GNex for the first time. The marketing promise for the Nexus line has been that they will be kept up to date. To a reasonable extent of course. I know all the reasons why the GNex hasn't been updated. However I suspect this being a case of planned obsolescence. 18 months is not reasonable at all. Sourcecodes for the TI stuff and able minds are there. The communtiy at xda already showed that I can be done by amateurs (meaning people who work on that in their spare time).
That's why I am looking for alternatives. Maybe Oppo is one. Nobody seems to be able to answer my question, though.
Leo HD
Don't like Chinese phones but the box is nice :) 
well done guys, I don't use CM anymore (Galaxy Note 3 here) but I miss it.

Just my 2 cents: if you want mass distribution you should focus on older popular models, like the SGS 2 - I'm sure that with a leaner 4.4 framework CM11 will fly on that thing. The latest builds for the SGS2 (CM 10.1, 10.2) have been painful and rather careless at best. 
Great news, would consider buying, but - no LTE? Really?
Google pls get your emotions strait ._.
Congrats! I dont have 600$ to blow on a phone but if I did it would be on this one 
Guess we'll have to stop calling it "Mod" some time soon.
+Patrick Schaaf is LTE that important? I only ask because I've never really been interested in it that much. It desperately needs a government to come along and standardise it. There are too many mutually incompatible competing versions at the moment.
Congratulations. You guys took a small idea and worked hard on it. You deserve all the success you're getting. Here's to much more.
Still just a dream here in the philippines...want this but when it will land here? Dream on...silly me
+Lester Walters maybe in the USA but for those of us living in that enclave known as 'the rest of the world' we've been enjoying phones without carrier bloatware and bundling for years.

I think cm is doing this correctly, more so than Ubuntu or FirefoxOS. Android has already done the heavy-lifting for an open mobile platform. It seems counter-productive to redo the work.

If Ubuntu produced a better launcher and its own appstore for android I'd love to try it out. As it is, the only way they can drum up interest in their product is to spread fud about Android.
Why do you need Google's approval? And for what?
+Edouard Tavinor well I'm expecting to get an LTE enabled contract in January and could use it in the locations I usually frequent, mostly, so it starts to become a bullet point on my shopping list. Will most likely go with the Nexus 5.
This is great for the consumers! 
Awesome +Koushik Dutta. Ignore the rest of these haters on this thread. Y'all are releasing a phone and half of these guys work at Staples or an equivalent.

Go Spartans!!!
Congrats Captain K !! ...Wish u guys more successful Voyages in future.
Koushik - message me about making me a real-world android developer tester for this new unit. I've been a fan & have spread the word for many years.
Mike L
With a cyan case.
This is great and all, a real achievement, but if Cyanogenmod was about adding things Google didn't want added that's good going to happen any more. Both limiting and expanding at the same time. 
Congratulations! That's an amazing accomplishment!
Jaz F
That is awesome. But at 599 i don't know if that will work
That's awesome! Can you guys make a good one, now? Like, with LTE?
What carriers are going to carry it and do you plan on offer it off-contract?
Absolutely zero fucks given. 
Enough fucks given to comment, apparently. 
Nope I just got pissed when I saw it and I always comment on whiny little bitches posts. 
Maybe that's why they pulled your ROM manager lol
This will only sell good if priced lower than Nexus...
Many thanks for all of the free hard work you have put in so far. Hope you guys manage to make a bit of money out of this in the future. 
Congrats on the first device. Now I just need to decide whether to wait for the Oppo N1 mini or Oppo N1 micro. I can't wait to see what the future holds. 
I assume this means it can run all the Google apps (namely the play store) without any of the current legal ambiguities. Very good.
Shut up and take my money! Where do I click? Where do I click?
Congrats, Koushik, to you and your team!
Reminds me of an old MTV show, the Sifl and Olly show
So, will CM have to be renamed to CyanogenStock ?  Congrats!
Can you sell it through Play Store?
Fantastic! Congratulations guys!
E Ak
One giant phone for CM, one giant leap for Android kind.
If the N1 was a more palatable size I would definitely pick one up, congrats CM! I hope to see your rom default on more devices soon.
I wish it was 5 inch max as well. Maybe the next one. Should make the price more reasonable too by reducing screen size.
Congrats to the CM team. This is a huge step. 
+Lester Walters uum google has already done that with the nexus line. Plus this is higher priced than other similar spec devices...
+Koushik Dutta Does this mean I can get both the Play Store and other Google proprietary apps and the ability to revoke permissions? Amazing accomplishment!
+Chris Kochinsky why leave Google to go it alone? It's not about being first. It's good to see new blood in the lineup of devices. I think it is a good first effort and I expect more will develop in the coming months.
Epic win guys. If only I hadn't just got a new phone =P
Aa Walk
Congrats everyone.
+Koushik Dutta   are there any cost associted from google to perform the test? are there any conditions to get certifief?
+Markus Winter LoL Wut?  This is a cyanogen mod phone it will stay on the cutting edge of android software for as long as the hardware can hold up.
Cool! I'm due to upgrade my sadly abandoned Galaxy Nexus.
I must admit I'm not a fan of the N1 but please don't think that's a Mark of disrespect . I think a phone chose is a personal thing and the N1 isn't to my style. I can't wait for more CyanogenMod phones as I'm hoping one is my next phone. 
You should do this with the find 7 as well. Congrats. 
Wudy Ng
good job!
Please make one for find 7
congrats!!!!  keep up the amazing work!
Please add support for Kyocera Rise!!! Please?
Does this mean cm can bundle Google Apps on the free version now? 
wow congratulations!  but wait, didn't they just remove Cyanogen from Play store a few weeks ago?
Too big, too expensive, too outdated (for it's price range). No LTE means it's meant as an Asian market phone. Not relevant at the price point in the US, especially since it won't use our data networks.
+marduk Kurious, not every US citizen is brainwashed into thinking LTE is necessary. I use HSPA on my LTE device all the time (right now actually). The truly tech-savvy that would appreciate what this has to offer can live without LTE.
Congratulations are in order to you and everyone back at Cyanogen Inc.'s office. May this be the first of many... what should we call it... "authorizations"? Whatever it's called, it's a great achievement. Keep rocking the world of Android, guys!
Your line on the article is very weird. What the heck is different from aproving a phone with cyanogenmod or a phone with touchwiz? 
Isn't the Samsung interface modded Android? 
If cynogen mod is the base software of a phone it is bound to take out all the fun out of rooting
OK...i'm not following the android scene... but why google need to approve this? i thought anyone can take android and release device with it. unless it include google services...?
+haim ifrah in particular El Goog need to approve the firmware build with the google suite of apps baked-in. In the past cyanagen installs have tacked on a gapps package seperately after they were given a C&D some years ago
Can you also sell this in Canada please!!
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