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slowly but surely...

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And don't give me some BS excuse about not being allowed to publish iOS8 apps
+Chris Sewell Hah.

We're actually using a bunch of the new iOS8 APIs. They finally added the Android equivalent of the "Share" intent! Can cast from other apps on iOS to AllCast.
Yeah I saw. There's a lot of "finally!" in iOS8
+Koushik Dutta This is very exciting, maybe I'll seriously take a look at the next iPhone if it is bigger.
+Tim Glaser The front panel was already leaked. It's going to have a 4.7" screen, but be bigger than most 5" Android phones. Huge noob bezels again. : (
Is there any chance to get a filename directory instead of image buttons (a setting)? Some of us prefer lists (especially in a directory full of LOTS of files) instead of thumbnails... and it's more efficient, too.
As someone who is thinking of getting an iPhone 6 on T-Mobile with a payment plan and keeping a Nexus 5 I am very excited for the prospect of Koush stuff on iOS. 
The conversion to Apple always happens to newly minted elitist yacht owners. 
+Nathan Hohsfield Ehm, showbox is simply a port from the originally first on ios released moviebox. The ios app is already a major revision ahead and more often updated... 
I hate VZW, but their cell reception  is unbeatable :(
I call fake, there isn't a single picture of cooper in that "screenshot". 
I thought all Apple fans look down on Google hardware (for good reasons). So who bought an Apple TV only to later buy a Chromecast? 
Koush is that an iPhone ?! 😨
Will it do screen mirroring to allCast chrome extension?
Man Koush... The darkside. Time to recalibrate all I hold holy. This is rough.
Is this in the APP store yet, been looking, used the Android version and needing some iPhone love.
You can find moviebox only in Cydia. If you have a jailbroken device
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