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AirCast - Play Any videos on your Chromecast

I spent a couple hours yesterday reverse engineering the Chromecast protocols. Great success! I am now able to get around all the developer whitelist restrictions. I'm actually not using the Chromecast or MediaRouter SDKs at all anymore.

AirCast is an Android app that lets you share videos from your Gallery, Dropbox, or Drive, straight to your Chromecast enabled TV.

It's straightforward to use, share, play, and control the stream via the remote in the app (or notification area).

And here's an APK!

The APK will self destruct in 2 days; just looking for bugs and feedback right now. Any crashes, etc, should be accompanied with logcats.

Issue list:
 * Apparently some Gallery apps (HTC One, etc) do not have the AirCast button in them. Need to fix that.
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Will give it ago when mine arrives, as its currently in transit from the USA!! Hopefully I will get it before the APK expires.
AllCast is used by a Samsung product and a social gaming website. Fyi.

Just use Koushcast or CyanCast already.
+Koushik Dutta thanks alot .. i just installed the apk on my htc one .. on htc stock gallery when i hit share allcast is not there on the apps list .. !
Now I'm just waiting for my chromecast to arrive
+Koushik Dutta How about 'evercast' or 'infinicast' for the name.. Sounds nice and we don't want the carbon / helium situation again ;)
I have 3 Chromecasts setup and ready to Cast, I'll give this a shot as soon as I'm home :D
How about AirCast? Take a leaf out of Apple's book? ;)
Awesome, thanks for the great work. Can't wait to try it out
+Lewis Putz excellent, kanging that. Google turns up various things in the medical industry (casts for injuries), but that's unrelated, so it works.
Combined with my USB OTG cable, this is seriously epic.
Seems to cast fine through Dropbox and Drive but I can't get it to show up in the share menu for the Gallery. I'm super excited about the app nonetheless! 
+Troy Hatton You're on a stock ROM of some sort I am guessing. They seem to not be sending the correct metadat on the share intent. Let me know which device you're on.
Galaxy S4 running Carbon ROM 4.3 
+Koushik Dutta Okay, it worked with a quick test. But can it work with other video formats via other video players?
+Koushik Dutta I'd pay for this.. Since you just dumped the apk out there, are you still directing donations to the eff? 
+Koushik Dutta Well, its official. You are even more badass than Chuck Norris. I can give no higher compliment than that sir. Long live "KoushCast"!!! Just a suggestion :)
Works like a charm man. More hyped about this than I was about the MOto X :P
Couldn't get my videos to load from Drive. Made a video on the spot and it loaded from gallery. On GE ROM from Dubbys (VZW) S4.

Love the work Koush, keep it up.:)
+Michael Lipson It's a time bombed APK. This will be a freemium app eventually. I'll also be releasing a Chrome extension (free), and and some code to show how I did this.
But yeah, donate to the EFF :)
Looks good. Although when I'm streaming a video it doesn't properly center it . I get double black bars on the bottom rather than one on the top and one on the bottom. This is with an x264 mkv
Just tried it +Koushik Dutta and it works great, but the video pauses every 10/15 seconds for about a second or two. The videos I was testing were 1080. Is there a limitation?
I tried to download it but my phone thinks it's part of Zooper Widget and won't accept it. Going to try and uninstall Zooper and see if that helps
Eh.. Was trying it with leap cast. Unsuccessful attempt.
Never mind. I forgot to just go into my file manager and install it that way
Will try this later as my Chromecast arrived the other day!
Works great please add picture support
Great work! I have to pass this beta because I am still waiting my chromecast from Amazon. 
+Koushik Dutta Tried it on both WiFi and LTE, same error. I edited my last post with what I think is the problem. 
Working on nexus 4 running pa 3.94. Video plays a bit choppy, but that could just be my WiFi.
I just gave it a run on my GNex running CM 10.1.  I tried to cast an Instagram video from my gallery.  The video was fine, but the audio was just pops and other glitchy sounds.
+Koushik Dutta My network has no issues. I am getting 30+ down on my router and I am using the APK on a Moto X
Stock GS4, Connect phone to ChromeCast, and start playing video, Rotate phone to Landscape, it prompts you to reconnect to ChromeCast, like it loses the connection.  When you select the ChomeCast youre using again, the video stops, and wont start back up again.  Rotating to landscape while the video is playing can also cause the app to Force Close, which it has done on me a few times as well. 
How about StreamCast or EasyCast?
+Koushik Dutta did you know that some smart tvs already function with chrome cast support on the android apps? It works out of the box. How come is this possible? Weird
Awesome, I'm super glad to see this. In the earlier videos, I saw you casting a twitch video from the app. Is the future full release version going to bring back support to stream all apps?
Add sharing from lolcats and call it lolcast
You are amazingly awesome.  Thank you for your work.
> RIP AllCast. Long live AirCast!

If Apple sues you for AirCast: BroCast should fit fine too :)
Works using Gallery, Dropbox..It even works with Quickpic. Very nice!! Haven't tried Drive yet. Using N7 and N4. 
+Michael Katz Those are handled OOB as far as I can tell. Not in the actual video. Youtube, for example, adds subtitles well after the video has been added. It's not in the original video.
One of the finest reverse engineering work done here. Thank you. Looking forward for chrome ext and app in play store. 
Works ! Great job !
Please support pictures.
Amusing anecdote - if Chromecast is connected to a CEC capable TV and can't deal with what you are trying to send to it, which in my case was a video from Dropbox, the TV will reboot alongside the dongle. 
+Koushik Dutta My Chromecast is not behind the TV. It is connected to AVR. I have had no issues with any such hiccups with anything else I have casted. The videos are short video demos I did. Not sure of bitrate at the moment. I will have to test something lower quality.
Thanks +Koushik Dutta , it works great on drop box and gallery. I tried Google Drive but for some reason it doesn't work.
Won't install on my One, can't log right now either.
+Koushik Dutta
Rotating the phone while casting cuases the app to search for a chrome cast again and usually crashes.

Portrait videos are rotated to landscape on the big screen.

Annoying to have to choose the chrome cast to use everytime. 
+Russell Holly I am using a CEC capable AVR and not getting that issue. However, I am getting pauses ever 10 to 15 seconds.
Smooth playback on both my Nexus 4 and first-gen Nexus 7, getting the same issue as +Regan McCullough with the video not centering vertically if letterboxed. Here's a pic of the issue (happening with both devices):

Let me know if I can provide any more info that will help narrow it down. Great work, Koush!
I tried and and it keeps aborting install in recovery.  Does this need to be using Clockwork recovery?
Awesome on my Xperia tablet Z! Thank you very much!
The links are giving me an apk for a Calendar Planner.
Not a bug, and it's something that could be solved by me doing a better job of videotaping, but how difficult would it be to implement a way to rotate the video?  Apparently holding my phone like a camera (while I recorded it) causes the videos to appear sideways when sent to Chromecast.  

Playback is great for MP4s through Dropbox on LG Optimus G Pro.  (edited for more detail about video comment)
Worked well from Nexus 7 gen 2. Pause didn't seem to work worth drop box. I will try it on my HTC One. 
Oops I PC saved it as zip, that's why I was confused
The only video I have on my phone right now doesn't play (an old mpeg). Chromecast display goes black, phone shows "Now playing" popup, never starts playing and just hangs there until I hit stop :(
Andy L
Getting pauses every 5 secs from video taken with Gnex/CM 10.2. Awesome work.
Great work Koush! Works perfectly, surprisingly very fluid when streaming directly from the gallery. I was expecting a delay or lag and it was super fast. Will options such as viewing pictures, streaming online videos etc will be available when the app is officially launch? Great job dude!
I guess I should record all my videos Horizontally. I made a video vertically and now playing on my TV sideways.
Any way on adding the volume control?
Works great on my VZW GNex 4.3 but wasn't able to play videos from my autobackup in the gallery.
It seems to b working fine on my nexus 7 and my note 2. don't use drive though
Working like a charm +Koushik Dutta
One thing I noticed, when playing from gallery it starts the video from the beginning and doesn't continue where it actually is playing on device
Thanks :D
I'm getting the pauses about every 5 seconds too on a Sprint GS3 running CM 10.1.2 stable.  Other than that it works great. 
+Koushik Dutta I'm having issues with sound, it's just making skipping noises. Also notice on my videos they look zoomed in. So it's cutting off a huge portion of what was filmed. Have Droid DNA stock. 
Okay +Koushik Dutta just tried some videos made by HTC Video Highlights and they worked great. The other videos I tried were homemade and probably had a high bitrate.
Thanks +Koushik Dutta for releasing such an awesome app. I just got back from a trip to Italy and recorded a ton of video from my Sprint Galaxy S3 in full 1080p. I couldn't wait for you to release this app so I can stream them directly onto my Chromecast. Overall it works great. I am having the same issue as +Robert Nazarian however. The video pauses for a few seconds after it starts, then resumes for a bit, then pauses again, etc. My wireless is all good and my Chromecast dongle is within 2ft of my router. No such hiccups with the other supported Chromecast apps. Not sure what bitrate my phone records my HD videos at. Also my phone is not rooted. Stock ROM.
Koush, would it be possible to load subtitle files to chromecast when playing a video?
Can't get anything to play from Drive. The same movie (an .m4v) downloaded to local storage casts via the gallery just fine, though. 
Koush. Awesome work. Where can I donate for your hard work?
Installed on my N7 (running CM) but the button is missing from the gallery app and all the dropbox sharing does is display a black screen. Won't even install on my HTC one (stock) so I guess it's only meant to install on CM?

Edit: Probably a bad download on the One. Got it to install but now it does the exact same thing my Nexus 7 does.
GNex VZW (4.2.2) works great with this, Acer A510 (4.1.2) wouldn't install.

EDIT: Just saw post for new APK. Trying now... and ... success on the A510!
Please add Sense support! 
AirCast :-D I like it. I hope its final :-)
If I share my Google drive or Dropbox videos to Chromecast with this app, does the Chromecast pull the video from my device or from the cloud directly?
I'm not seeing the AirCast share link on Gallery on today's CM10.2 nightly on my d2vzw.  Sharing from Dropbox seems to work okay, 1080p videos have to constantly rebuffer but I'll blame Charter for that. 

edit: Rebooted my phone and now it shows up. Same 1080p rebuffering problem, instead, I'll blame my shitty router. 

edit2: Connected phone to 5GHz band, playing 1080p video from device with no hiccups.
Alex NC
Great start. It keeps pausing to buffer, and some videos play upside down though. 
I'm having a hit and miss maybe because I tried it with cheap cast
I'm also trying with cheap cast to no avail
Does AirCasting from Gallery only work for media stored locally on the phone?  How about stuff synced from Picasa Web Albums?
Edit: Doesn't work in Gallery for me either, doesn't show up in the share list (was with pictures, works fine with videos), stock Nexus 4 with 4.3, not rooted. Tried reboot, no difference. Drive ("send link") works though. Tried both AllCast and AirCast apks.
I must Say Though CheapCast + AirCast=The Real ChromeCast!
Awesome!  Would be great to fix the rotation issue, and to choose the Chromecast automatically if there's just one available.  I got some stutter sending 1080p video from an HTC One (stock), but that's to be expected I guess.
Nice job Koush!! I'm dying to see photos from gallery support.
Humn...Drive is a no go for me too on mako
Newer version on this posted link (allcast vs aircast) works better. Allcast was unstable. Using CM 10.2 nightly, Toro build. Need to try it on wife's phone which runs 4.0.4, Nexus 7 2012, running 4.3, and Nook HD+ (this one could be a stretch)
FYI +koushik, it won't install on an old N1 on CM7.2. Parse error.
Works on videos, but not on pictures. Future functionality?
BUG: If a video was recorded with the camera upside down, the rotate flag (???) is not respected and the image is displayed upside down on the target screen.  And THANKS!  This is awesome!
Working perfectly for video on my device. It doesn't seem like files from my home server can't be cast. Only workaround is to download them to my device or upload to Dropbox or g drive. Loving it though. Thanks! 
Just tried it. Was a little slow to cast videos from gallery. Sure that is since you are just testing it. But awesome thanks so much man!
Just streamed four short (30 seconds long) video clips that I took with my Verizon Galaxy S4 on vacation.  Files were MP4 format, stored locally on my GS4's microSD card, and shared via QuickPic app (not stock Gallery or Dropbox/Drive).

No hiccups in playback.  Quick loading times (less than 10 seconds).  Audio appeared to be in sync, but the videos were of Seneca Lake so I could match words to mouth movements.

All in all, it ran flawlessly for me.  Fantastic work, Koush!!!
karl h
MKVs will play picture but no sound
Hi +Koushik Dutta here are few things. Bugs - movie files are playing on top of the screen while there is only one huge black bar at the bottom of the screen. I tested that and confirmed with u30gt2 tab and Gnex. Another bug is that cast will crash if you double search the scene. Let say you want to rewind to around 5 minutes back, but then just after you clicked decide that you probably rewinder to much then click again, therefore cast crashes. As far as for features - please integrate rewind button and let us decide in settings amount of time we would like it rewinded when we click on it like 15, 30, 45, 60 seconds. Finally, native media player is hardly ever used for watching content. Most popular and reliable video player full of features is likely MXplayer. There are few others, maybe 2 or 3 that eventually come close in reliability and features. Could you please integrate your cast app with MXplayer or offer them a way to make use of it? Thank you
Hmm nice! But, what happens now when Google removes he gallery sync to Google Photos. Then your photos will all be available in the Google+ Photo section. I guess we need to be able to cast from there as well. 
Seems fine casting videos from gallery on a HTC Evo 3D running 4.2.2 ROM to a Chromecast. To a cheapcast Sony NSZ GS7 Google TV box (HC 3.2) it loads a blank screen.
Basically works great for me!
I was trying to play a movie from Dropbox, but the screen was black on the bottom third while the movie played on the top two thirds of the screen.
+karl heinle Probably because the sound profile isn't supported. The same happens for me when trying to play my MKVs through the Chrome Browser.
I too have the stutter problem with video, no gallery share, and rotation issues. At&t note 2 cm 10.2 latest nightly
I got a movie file from Dropbox to work without any stuttering issues. Using Samsing Galaxy Nexus with stock 4.3. The only problem I have is there is a giant black bar under the video, instead of the black bars being on the top and bottom of the video. 
+Koushik Dutta  I found something interesting. If I start a video from Dropbox, then kill the app, the video keeps playing (on the Chromecast). 

You will find the the controls for the video in the notification panel, however, pause and stop will no longer work. The only way to stop it is to cast another video and stop it or let the video play all the way.
Couldn't stream an avi file from my gallery. Screen was just blank. Was able to stream mp4 but it studdered a lot 
+Koushik Dutta yes and what's weird is the playback bar keeps moving but when the video starts again no video was skipped. I sat through the pausing (only 30 sec clip) and the bar was at the end and the video still have about 7 sec left and continued to finish out. 
BUG: After pausing a playback, then attempting to play a different video it does not "take over" correctly.
+Koushik Dutta Working great for local mp4's and dropbox mp4's - avi local not working for me - when I try to cast from my laptop mapped via es file explorer the share button tries to download, probably an es file explorer limitation..
+Chris Batson avi won't work I think. Can you try streaming the same stuttering file from dropbox? Trying to figure out if the phone streaming bit is too slow, or chromecast itself.
Kudos my friend - Sure have come a long way since IRC with the OG Droid..  Excellent work as always!!!
what if we open a video/picture file from any other dir on the phone and not the camera dir? do you know if its possible to push a computer screen to chromecast? say im streaming a video on a webpage in full screen thats not downloadable to put on my phone..? 
Awesome job Koush! Can't wait for photo support.
Play from a NAS drive and we're sucking diesel....
My videos shot in portrait mode is turned to the left, and please add option to cast photos.
Play from a NAS and I won't need Plex! :-O
Can't seem to get it to work with my drive. N4 with cm10.2. Latest nightly. Working great with the gallery and I don't use Dropbox. 
Thanks great work nexus 4 4.3 stock google drive doesn't work for photos or videos. 
Doesn't seem to cast anything from my GS4 GPE running 4.3.

I just get "No Media Playback in Progress" when I cast from Drive, and I don't have an aircast icon in the gallery. 
Paranoid 3.97 verizon s3. Video i shot will cast, but plays couple seconds then pauses.. Over and over.. The potential for this is awesome. Can't wait for the bugs to get worked out. 
I also can confirm Apollo crash when trying to cast. 
Works great on GT-N7100.  My big wish is to be able to share still pictures.  We're relocating to the UK in 2 weeks, and obviously will have a ton of pictures.  When we come back to visit from time to time, it sure would be cool to plug my chromecast into a person's TV and cast my photo gallery, rather than squinting on a phone screen.
Samsung Galaxy S3 running Carbon 1.6.1 (Android 4.2.2)
Casting from gallery works perfectly.
Casting from Drive gives the "No Media Playback in Progress"
Casting from DropBox acts like it is going to work, but TV just goes black for a while.
Thanks +Koushik Dutta for all your efforts!
+Koushik Dutta Amazing work, first off. Here's my experience from an HTC One (Android Revolution HD 4.2.2 rom):
-MP4s work flawlessly for the most part. The ones I shot with my HTC One stutter sometimes though.
-MKVs play with no sound as you know. MOV, FLV, AVI didn't play at all.
-It would be cool if it could not ask which Chromecast to play to if it senses there's only one on the network.

As I said though, excellent work. I can't wait to give you money. Keep the name AirCast too.
+Niall Farrell +Mark Bailey Could you connect your NAS to the ES File Explorer app? Sending media through AirCast worked fine using the Share menu in ES.
So High Bit rate movies won't stream? I got an iron man movie at 2.5mbps Mp4 and I shared it to aircast and nothing happens, just shows the player and a blank screen. 
This isn't working on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus running CM 10.2.  The Share button isn't in the Gallery.  It's in Dropbox, I can select a photo, select my Chromecast, it says it's playing, and my TV screen goes blank but does not show anything.
Ian Roy
+Koushik Dutta galaxy S3 running CM 10.2. Getting a pause error while trying to install. 
Stock GS4 Like it was said before MP4s work great, sometimes the movie is off center. All other formats dont work. I am within 10 feet from both my router and TV...Thanx for your hard work.
On stock nexus 4 4.3.. Can't seem to get the cast icon in gallery app..
Works beautifully.     Galaxy S3 running CleanROM 7 (an AROMA Touchwiz varient), played some movies off my phone.  I don't have any videos on Dropbox or GDrive though.   Thanks for this!   I vote for "Omnicast" if it's not taken already.
Very smooth when the phone is screen on.  However if it turn it screen off after a while.  The video will pause a couple of seconds then resume.  No problem when screen is on.  Looking forward to the Chrome Extension.  I hope that you can input your custom URL.  Using Nexus 4 Stock with 4.3
Scott R
I was not able to cast any of my pictures. My videos that are wmv or avi won't play. I was able to play mkv videos tho :)
Pauses for just a second when I adjust the volume on vids that are streaming from Dropbox. Other than that, flawless so far, +Koushik Dutta 
Any chance of getting it to work for pictures in the Gallery/Drive instead of only videos?
Alex NC
I would love to see pictures supported 
Seen some others say this issue, just wanted to add mine to the pile. I am on HD Razr Maxx and get pauses every few seconds in 1080p MP4s as it tries to stream. Getting about 24 down and 4 up with speed test so probably not a internet problem. Don't have any less quality videos to test if it's a problem caused by quality of video.
How much I want a HTC One when my contract ends next yr Q1 but I'm thinking about taking the new iphone if it has something new to offer
Working great with my Nexus 7 (flo) & Chromecast playing a podcast via Media Player (via Gallery). Looking forward to purchasing the app when it is ready. My biggest issue with the Chromecast is having to stream podcasts via YouTube even though I've already downloaded them onto my device.
Awesome stuff. 
I'm waiting for a solution to remotely cast my local PC media
Works beautiful with dropbox and driive.
gallery, no option on samsung galaxy note2
A couple of things to note from me:

It worked on both my S3 (running Hyperdrive RLS14) and my Note 10.1 (running Collective v6) without issue. Videos and will play mp4 and mkv play just fine, but not avi or flv, music, or photos.

Of the videos that did play, if the frame ratio is not the same as the TV (in which case I had a few Fast & Furious movies that had a more widescreen ratio than my TV) it would play the video at the top of the screen and leave a giant black box on the bottom, rather than centering the movie in the middle of the screen like normal. Oblivion is doing this right now - the bottom quarter of the screen is just black. It's a 1080p copy though and it doesn't skip or pause - I have the tablet screen off and charging. 

If I'm playing the video on the tablet already in the video player and I pause it and try to cast it, it doesn't work. Just sits on "No Media in progress" Nor does trying to cast them from Astro or any other app.
HTC One GPe not streaming from Google Drive. Dropbox seems to work well. 
Fhm Amr
it will be nice if we can make a playlist... like the queue in YouTube.
So far works great on my Moto X. Thanks Kousch!!!!
On my Verizon galaxy s3 it works great with Dropbox, but it's not in the share option in my gallery app. Amazing start. Developers like you are the reason why I love android.
Plays fine from Nexus 4 to Chromecast using Video Player (via Gallery) Rooted, Stock Nexus 4.

For those of you having trouble getting the AllCast icon from Gallery/video player, choose share-Show All-AllCast. Once you share from gallery/video player, the AllCast icon will show as expected. 
On my Verizon galaxy s3 it works great with Dropbox, but it's not in the share option in my gallery app. Amazing start. Developers like you are the reason why I love android.
Nice work! FYI, x264 10 bit mkv videos do work on the Chromecast. Softsubs do not though. Great job though +Koushik Dutta .
So far so good. Had it stutter a few times, but I unplanned an 
Doesn't seem to support vertical video. It'll only display the top part of the video because it doesn't resize to fit the TV best-fit-by-height. Works just fine in portrait-taken videos.
Love this! Can it remember the last CC used and not have to pick each time? Some magic to cast photos or a slideshow, would be awesome.
Works ok, if the video could buffer would be smooth, the play back on x264 MP4 was cut on half?? video looks better that local from Chrome on a PC. please keep up the great work and try to implement an option for video buffering !!!
Working good with my 2013 Nexus 7 with MP4 files, except with some old TV shows I have in MP4 that are 4x3 aspect ratio. Those are showing full screen on the chromecast, with the top and bottom of the picture cut off.
running cm10.2 gallery works, but when in video player it doesn't work..
+Koushik Dutta I experimented with the pausing issue a little bit.  I'm not getting it with 720p video, only with 1080p.
Jaz F
So where do we post feedback and bugs?
It is working on my GS2. Sometimes it pauses but great so far. Takes longer to load than it did in the YouTube video you made. 
Wish you do similar stuffs for Google tv.. Lack of adblocker makes my Sony NSZ GS7 unusable.. Please work on rooting it..
Jaz F
That would be great but this stuff takes time and money sometimes
Hey +Koushik Dutta I tried playing an HD movie from my nexus7 2, it sent the video and the audio was fine but the video was playing on the top part of the TV, the movie is wide screen so it's always in the middle of the screen. FYI
S4 rooted running Jelly Beans. Only videos at this point. Local plays great. Drive and Dropbox are stuttering and appear to only playback mp4
Also I can't get my gallery videos to play, those are in MP4, also I couldn't play MKV of One Piece.
Using my gnex as a hotspot and galaxy s 4g (aries 10.1 unofficial) as source works great. I streamed the latest episode of Breaking Bad x264 with no problems. If it could stream directly from my gnex hotspot, it would be perfect.
If only Play To would work on Chromecast I could drop my Roku
Hey +Koushik Dutta Can you make it play MKVs. /s

Also, on a more serious note, any shot of this being released in a way that would allow me to run a local binary on my machine and then go from Firefox -> bridge -> DIAL/SSDP? Firefox doesn't have the extensions features necessary to implement it, even ignoring the headers.
Good stuff!!! Thx 4 your efforts! Working well on T889 running Paranoid 3.97. It would be great if it could show the duration of the video being synced. Also, I was unable to cast videos that were synced and saved to Google+. This would be a great feature to have since a lot of people store their videos on picasa/Google+!!
+Cole Mickens Well, it's a public intent. If you have a way of triggering an intent on your computer from Firefox, sure.

Or are you talking about the other Chrome Extension I wrote?
I can't get .mp4 or .mkv videos to play from Drive.  I'll try to store them in Dropbox and play from there.
Um, neither of them are quite what I was trying to imply. I'll flesh out the thought a bit more later in a way that makes more sense.
Unfortunately no dice from Dropbox either. This is from both the S4 and new Nexus 7.
+Koushik Dutta Is it possible to send network streams? Example, I use BubbleUPnP to browse a media server, could I send the media URL to the Chromecast? And what codecs can the Chromecast play?
Tried via dropbox, it worked for small vids seems the Chromecast screen is black when trying to cast larger vid files, like a full length movie. Didn't work with Drive. Seems to work from gallery. :-) 
Played video taken from phone (note2) perfectly. Would not play a dvd rip tp mp4 of olympus have fallen. Great start though. ..
+Koushik Dutta All my videos mp4 sound won't work. Just makes a skipping noise. Also videos look very zoomed in, any help appreciated. 
Using it on gnex toro, sent video's from gallery, no problems. Beauty, thank you.
Same video I tried to send from Dropbox and Drive without luck worked perfectly from Gallery. It's a .mp4 copy of A Dexter episode, so not the largest or the smallest of files. 
+Koushik Dutta Google Drive doesn't seem to work. Is there a way I can send the Aircast a specific link? (When I download from Google Drive it gives me a URL, I'm hoping that can be a workaround for the moment)
Works with es file explorer! Misframed but works great. nexus 4 4.3
Man you should add box support. Just a suggestion. Other than that not to bad. Works OK with cheap cast. When my chrome cast arrives I'll give it another go.
Avi's do not play, mp4 will play it the format is wrong, it is at the top of the screen with1/3rd screen black at bottom. Videos shot 720 will only play in two second increments. This is on a galaxy note 2 verizon, stock. Can't wait until this is finally released! Awesome!
Cannot open file on toleatt note 2 or nexus 7 2013
Interestingly, it won't let you cast things that are being seeded through torrents.

I've also been able to share through ES File Explorer. This is where the seeding issue came up. Some things weren't appearing in my gallery, namely things that were being seeded. I'm sure there's a simple explanation for that,
Thanks for this! It works pretty well on my Evo 4G LTE but sometimes video playback stops in the middle of a video. Also playback stops when the device sleeps. Keep up the great work! 
When I try to send anything to AirCast it finds three Chromecasts (I only have one) and the first and second are labeled as LIVING ROOM (the private IP) and one is then correctly labeled LIVING ROOM CHROMECAST. In no instances will it play anything.
Can't get it to download to my galaxy note 2 without getting an error message
Installed fine on my stock 4.3 Nexus 4, took a video and casted from the gallery, but the video showed up rotated 90 degrees. Couldn't get a movie from Drive to play at all. :( Looks promising though!
Works great on my Galaxy S3 T999 with stock (rooted) rom.  Thanks for your hard work on this :)
AWESOME! just tried it with video on my razr maxx works perfectly! You rock.
Toro Nexus failure. Streams video to top half of television only. Laggs much heavier when trying to launch from landscape mode. Two crashes so far. I'll mess around a bit and get back with any improvements.
Unfortunately not seeing the Cast button on my S4 Gallery.  Dropbox and Google Drive casting work great though. 
You're COOL! But don't play Picasa Web Album's Videos yet. I hope it.
HTC One with TrickDroid 8.0 (Sense 5.0 and Android 4.3) plays video but stops ever 10/15 seconds just like +Robert Nazarian no errors or crashes.
+Jason Thomas What type of video are you trying to stream? I am not having the problem anymore with lower bit rate videos. 
+Koushik Dutta when I try to cast from my gallery, it appears to connect to the chrome cast, but nothing happens. Blank screen on the TV and doesn't appear to be playing. Droid bionic running one of the last cm 10.1 nightlies.
Unfortunately it runs horrific on my note 2. Plays video for maybe 2 second & freezes... On and off. Am I doing something wrong? 
Thanks Koush it works but all my videos are choppy and pauses every 5 seconds tried on my galaxy nexus and my wife's sg4 future looks promising
add in the ability to stream from an SMB share (aka my NAS) and you can take my money.
Still a few bugs. For instance mine won't play when I click it in the gallery. Only when I play it  from the notification bar.
I didn't read through all the comments yet, but it worked flawlessly on my VZW S4 to throw a vid up to my Chromecast. I was not as sucessful throwing videos from the S4 to my 1st gen N7 with cheapcast... it looked like it initiates, but hangs..
Playing from an SD card was choppy but from the phone's memory had no issues with anything apart from the orientation of the video which others have mentioned
Not geting the cast button in gallery on stock AT&T galaxy s3 4.1.2 and wont let me get logcats . ;-(
 +Koushik Dutta 
any way to cast android screen itself to pc or tv ?? :)
Just tried it. Works fine for Gallery and Dropbox, but doesn't work with Drive. I streamed Toy Story from Dropbox. No issues.
Awesome stuff. Thanks for letting us test it. I've got the same connect to chrome cast issue already reported on rotation during playback, but the video never is interrupted and once reconnected, the remote function works normally. Google drive says now playing but also says no media playback in progress and doesn't do anything from Google drive for the same mp4 movie that can be aircasted from local storage through the gallery.

Edit: this is true for both my rooted mako and unrooted flo with mp4 files.
Any one have this working on non rooted device? My rooted gnex works great; unrooted N7 not so much. I haven't read all the comments yet though.
+Tony Milhon I couldn't get it to install from the downloads list on my unrooted n7 flo either but using a file browser I got it installed but still have the same issues as I mentioned above with rooted n4.
Okay I finally got this to work. I streamed an mkv file from drop box. It worked well. 
I had problems earlier. Now it works with no issues
Confirmed working on my rooted TMO Galaxy Note 2. Could stream from Drive, DropBox, AND Local files via Gallery. Awesome Sauce. Thank you +Koushik Dutta can't wait for a final release! 
Anyway to build a chromecast system with amp support for the nexus q??
Can't install, seems to be a conflict with pocketcast app
It works on my Xoom and my Galaxy Nexus with some of the buffering issues mentioned above. However, my wi-fi network freaked out when I was done playing with the app and I had to reboot the router.
Works with app's mentioned , I no/hope more support will come ( box , mega ) but great work ATM 
Works with app's mentioned , I no/hope more support will come ( box , mega ) but great work ATM 
I installed Aircast. I have a GS4. It played a mp4 video from my gallery but wouldn't play one from my Google Drive. 
My Galaxy Nexus on a custom ROM (JDX 15.0) plays videos from my gallery upside down with no audio. Also, videos from my Drive account dont cast to my tv at all. 
+Koushik Dutta is still a fucking douchebag.. No matter how many apps you make.. You still aren't worth the sweat on my Ball bag
Worked with videos I copied to SDCard, however, video i filmed with GS3 studdered while playing back using Aircast and Gallery. Using CyanogenMod 10.1
Oh, the video shot with GS3 also showed up upside down when using Aircast.
When i try to play a video from gallery I receive the message " unfortunately, allcast has stopped working". I am using the HTC amaze 4g. 
This isn't working on my ASUS TF300 with the stock gallery.
This is really great! Thanks for making and sharing this. I'd love to see it work for photos (in the gallery and/or the Google+ app) too. 
Did casting from gallery. The first video did some pauses but tried a second one and did great. I wish it didn't have to go away in two days. From a nexus 4 with a relative not bad but not great Wi-Fi connection.
Nexus 4 running cm 10.2

Playing mkv files in dropbox caused choppy playback and buffering. It also zoomed the resolution in so that parts of all sides were cut off.

Amazing potential in this app!
Been playing about 10 720p MP4's from a N7 (2012) Bone stock, CM10.2 N10 & One with no issues

+Koushik Dutta I can only hope you come up with something to allow this experience past 2 days. I'm almost dependent on it already lol
Works great out of ES File Manager too. Streamed a 1080 mp4 quite well from razr hd maxx. 
I got a test video to play in the gallery, but no luck with videos in dropbox and Google drive. I have a Nexus 4 on CM10.2
Works really great, it would be cool if you could stream pictures as well. and then games and then you rule the universe :D
Works pretty great. What file types does it support? .Mkv worked great, .avi did not play. Sending a folder of photos works be nice to be able to send.
+Koushik Dutta This looks awesome, great work. However, when I exit Gallery or Drive, the notification for AirCast only shows the icon. The content is blank and doesn't show any kind of controls. I'm on a Nexus 4 running 4.3. 
+Nathan Jones expand the notification to see the controls. I agree it should probably display something like the name of the video in the collapsed state.
S4 sprint working but all videos are rotated to the left, drop box played videos better then my gallery, thanks for all the hard work man! 
Awesome! Thank you! Seems to pause 2-3 times in the first 30 seconds of my mp4 videos. Would like to be able to slide through pix and vids without having to share each one individually (would like to share pix too). Maybe a proprietary built in gallery-type app?
Not reporting this as a bug per se, but just letting you know in the event that its any help: When streaming a video through gallery, if i then plug in my phone into my pc and mount the storage, the video stops playing (since its been mounted) but at that point chromecast will only display a black screen. Theres no timeout that sends me back to the "ready to cast" screen, and the only way back seems to be to cast one of my tabs, then stop casting. App works wonderful though! Great job Koush!
+Koushik Dutta Possibility that this might be already mentioned. Using GS4 Tmobile running CM10.2 Nightlies. No AirCast share Option under Share. Looking forward to your work on this. Thanks.
I was able to stream from drop box,the gallery, and copy on my nexus 10. when using the gallery I could not do other things for long before my TV would go black. Streaming from drop box and copy was great. Great job
Running cm 10.2 on sgs3. Video files have been pausing every 3-4 seconds when played on the external sd card. Files are playing fine on the internal storage. Thanks for your hard work! 
Watched a full movie earlier. Mp4. Some videos never play. Have tried moving them around to different folders. Not seeing a pattern. Nexus 7 2013 with cm 10.2. 
Videos from internal sd pause every few seconds. Videos from dropbox work flawlessly. CM 10.1, SGS3.
Worked like charm on mi 4.2.2 skyrocket!
+Koushik Dutta i want pay you money without getting the app how? Yoy deserve respect and money for your great work
awesome, works perfectly with video shot on my phone... but when I tried with Dropbox and Drive... it doesn't load... just black screen on TV and the play indicator doesn't move... how do I test with the videos on Dropbox and Drive?
only issues i'm having is some videos play on the TV sideways but i'm guessing it's due to the way I recorded them originally and also haven't got .3gp video files to play which i'm guessing is because it's a specialized video file type not yet supported.
Can I play a video located on a LAN server?
I've tried it with videos from all three sources, dropbox worked the best, no stuttering, quick response and great quality. From the gallery it was good except every 10 seconds or so it would stutter fir about two seconds then start again, otherwise great quality as well. Drive didn't work at all, just sat there saying no media playing... Hope this can be fixed, but dropbox support alone us more than enough for me. Running on d2spr latest 10.2 nightlie
S3 with CM 10.1.2. Videos taken with phone from Gallery app buffered every 3 seconds :( Cool concept though!
The app works fine except videos get pushed to my chromecast, and pictures are getting pushed to my xbox in the other room
Nice job! Working great on the Verizon Galaxy S3, can stream video from the gallery app. It's even streaming video from the Chrome Android browser. Can't display photos from the gallery app though, would be nice if it could.
+Koushik Dutta i really think the stuttering is a wifi/device issue. i was having trouble with it on an app i'm trying to build and i went into my router settings and it improved somewhat, but it still paused every 10 seconds or so.  today i tested your app on my droid razor and it didn't stutter at all.  i then tested it on a samsung s3 and it stuttered like my app does.  (i can't test my app on the razor because the chromecast sdk fails to discover my device.)  

anyway, i opened the developer tools and saw that the video was downloading from the razor at roughly 20mbps and it was downloading from the s3 at approximately 8mbps.
Doesn't show up as a sharing option on my Nexus 10.

I'm not rooted---- is that one necessary option at the moment?
+Koushik Dutta , wow just wow. Works flawlessly on my SGS3 rooted. No lags or hiccups on dropbox streaming. It took about 10 seconds to start casting though. Keep it up!
+Koushik Dutta i got it to playback mp4 videos however no audio... And was wondering if that video format is the problem. Also I only get skipping on homemade videos any input from anyone would be greatly appreciated. 
+Doug Lamb Yeah, I have issues on my S3 too. A bit stuttery. I'm going to play around with wifi locks and see if that fixes it.
What's the min Android version that's compatible?  I'm running CM7 (2.3.7) and I get the dreaded "Parse Error".  Thanks.
Dropbox and drive work. No button on gallery. Cyanogenmod for galaxy nexus.

I know, update my phone. 
+Koushik Dutta I am not able to see AirCast option in gallery. Running Android 4.3 Stock Galaxy nexus
Aircast button missing on xperia v in gallery app, keep up the good work
+Koushik Dutta Videos load fine on my Droid Razr Maxx from Dropbox and Gallery but I get constant stuttering of the picture.  It freezes for a couple of seconds every 5 seconds or so.  Annoying.
To get the AirCast option to show in Gallery, choose the share button, then choose AirCast. You may have to backout a couple times to get your video to play, but once you've chosen AirCast in Share it will show up. 
+Koushik Dutta that would be great if you found the cause for the s3 stuttering.  I will say when i was monitoring the network with the chrome developer tools, it didn't seem like the data stream paused, it was just slow.
Now for PC with subtitles support? :)
+Koushik Dutta you were onto it with the wifi locks.  i changed the wifi settings per this video (How to fix ''Slow Wi-Fi'' problem on Galaxy S3) and i played a video that was stuttering regularly and it was much better.  

settings -> wifi -> menu -> advanced settings -> keep wi-fi on during sleep -> Never (Increases data Usage).  i don't know what other side-effects this may cause.
I've got a Droid Razr Maxx HD running running 4.1.2 rooted and the AirCast icon doesn't show up in Gallery 1.1.40000.  It does show up in Act 1 Video Player 3.15.0, but gives the error "Unfortunately, AirCast has stopped.".  I even unfroze all bloat in case I had turned off something the app needed and still no dice.
+Andy Lane Sme here....Very jerky, pauses and sometimes doesn't play at mine today in Australia and everything else with it is magnificent!
+Koushik Dutta I think this is a great concept and obvious there are some bugs but all good things come to those who wait. I tried to cast an mp4 from my Nexus 4 and it stopped and stuttered which is a shame! I am sure you will find a solution. All the best with it and I am sure we can see bugs ironed out!
Nexus 7 (2013) stock 4.3 - all of my MP4's from the device play great. Since Google "Gallery" doesn't display FLV's, couldn't test that. Very cool app, I definitely a buyer when the final version is available.
I'm running stock 4.3 too +dtbmjax but I'm having the opposite experience in the Nexus 4
Flawless on my Google Galaxy nexus from Verizon with 4.2.2 just downloaded and tested today.
Buffering on the Oppo Find 5 from the gallery using both 2.4 and 5ghz wifi sig.
David J
Great application thank you for sharing! Occasionally the control would disappear from the  screen. Locking and unlocking then choosing it from the pull down would restore it. No luck using Google drive streaming is there a size limit for files, there?
Works well on my NOTE II except the video freezes every 5 secs or so & pauses for about 2-5 secs & then starts playing again.  This is from playing video shot by the phone.  Have yet to try DropBox & GDrive.
+Koushik Dutta I tested it last night on my Sprint Galaxy Nexus. Everything but playing videos from drive worked for me. It would never play. I even kept the file as offline and still had the same issue. 
Cant get it to work on nexus 10 or nexus 4
I test on Toro+,...I can play from drop box and drive. But, can't play videos from my gallery. If put the video in drop box or drive it plays. I am running AOSPA 3.96 with integrated Franco Kernel.
Also tested it on a WiFi Galaxy 10.1 Tab, running 4.0.4 (rooted), with similar results.  Act 1 took a moment or two longer to crash AirCast, but never got to an actual display.  Gallery 1.1.30682 would display the icon, but would also stop with the same error.
The Galaxy S4 TouchWiz Gallery App doesn't allow casting either.
+Samer Zayer When I first tried it I selected a picture and the AirCast icon is not in the Share  options, but selecting a video and trying to share worked without issue. Could that be your problem?
No issues with Gallery or Dropbox on my rooted Moto RAZR M, but couldn't get it to play videos off Google Drive (Aircast playback controls would show but no image onscreen.) 
Google Galaxy Nexus CM 10.2 lastest nightly 08-18 - Playing videos through gallery app worked great. Have not tested Drive or DB (no video).
Oh and I like ShuoKast for the name (see what I did there?) 
Ed Vera
This app is great!!  Is there a way to rotate videos to display on the TV?  I have videos taken in portrait but displaying on the TV in landscape.  Also can you link me where to donate?  Keep up the great work!!
This is great, in my gallery it plays my downloaded videos great. Having a little trouble playing videos I recorded with the camera on my device. I have a note 2 and when I play recorded videos it plays for about 5 seconds then stops for about 5 second. Its does this repeatedly thru out the video. Google drive not working at all right now. I understand this is in beta so bugs are natural. this is a great concept keep up the awesome work.
works great for Gallery and Dropbox but nothing happens when I send the link with Google Drive. I am running Nexus 7 (2013) stock android 4.3. Keep going you're getting closer. Oh and I would put this in the Play store for $1 when you think you have it perfected. I personally only care about sharing my vids through the gallery. You'll be a millionaire overnight and you deserve it.
What if you had the option to browse a local network share and send that link to the chromecast?? I have lots of vids on my Home PC and would like to stream them to my TV somehow.
+Anik Jain I have the same issue. and Im running stock android 4.3 on the new nexus 7
So when do you start at Google?
Will you release that on the Play Store when it will get stable?
+Koushik Dutta Downloaded it into my Nexus 7 2012, and it's not playing an mp4 that I had on Drive, so I downloaded the video onto the device and tried it from the gallery, and it still won't work... Anything I can do to get it working?
Are there any plans to have it work with anything beyond the three current share locations (Gallery, Drive, Dropbox)?
Won't work on any of my devices (nexus 10 & 7 on stock, xperia s on slimrom 4.2), neither gallery or drive. I'm in germany, could this be the Problem?
EDIT - Disregard.  Works, just EXTREMELY SLOW.  Probably on my connection end.  Thanks for the great work.

--> Gnex - 10.2 18th nightly -- works on gallery and dropbox, but fail on Drive. Have logcat where should I send it
I have the share button. After click, I can see "Now playing. No media playback in progress". But nothing is playing...
+Koushik Dutta Just dloaded the apk. Will give it a spin. On a side note, would love to know if anyone has figured out a way to use the Netflix app with the Chromecast outside of the US (non Netflix supported country) I use the Netflix app a lot, and would love to use my Chromecast in conjunction
Nexus 7 (1st gen) aircast2-1 not showing in gallery. Does show and will connect through dropbox but does not play just stops responding. Thanks 
Thanks for the preview of things to come! Looks like you have plenty of feedback to sift through, so I'll leave it at that.
+Sundar Pichai please, watch us, the poor, and give us what we really appreciate, give us this :)
Works great, it's just half the screen is empty and everything else is squished. Don't know if that has to do with letter boxing
I tried playing video from Google Drive.  Aircast recognizes my chromecast device.  I get the message in the app Now Playing No Media playback in progress.  My chromecast device reports it is ready to cast but there appears to be no active connection with Airplay.
No go for Google Drive. Works great for Gallery. I'm on a Nexus 7 (2012).
I'm using a Nexus 4. Played all my .mp4 videos in dropbox, but did not play the .wmv videos, Google Drive not working for me, Gallery playback worked but did not play the H264 .mp4 videos even though i tried to cast them through solid file explorer. Cant wait until this is completed and stable. We are living in intresting times.
Hey, not sure if this had been covered but I was wondering if it will be possible to in the future cast files that are on a local smb share? For instance a share made available from nas4free? Still waiting on my chromecast from amazon. Can't wait to get testing!
Works well on most videos I tried, but fails a bit on Instagram videos (which are square and in .mkv format) - it fits width instead of height (cropping the video) and the audio is broken (sounds like high pitched chirps)
Nexus 7 2 streams video but is stuttering. Also no luck with Google docs.
Dropbox sent me an email saying that u was overusing public urls and that they have suspended that feature for me. I am now not able to cast media from Dropbox. 
I'm trying this on a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 running the latest 4.2.2 LiquidROM/Latest KT747 kernel.  The Google Drive method will not work for me.  I get great results when streaming a file straight the storage space on my phone...internal memory and external sd card.  Doesn't lag or stutter at all! =)  My only concern is that all my widescreen formatted movies keep displaying with just a single black bar at the bottom of the screen.  There is no bar at all on the top of the screen.  This isn't just an issue with my tv because it occurs on multiple TVs.  Honestly I think it's an issue not specifically related to JUST your app, because it's ALSO doing it when I stream a movie straight from my PC hard drive by running a mongoose server on my computer in conjunction with python and HTML5.  Great app though!  I just wish someone knew what was going on with this black bar on my doesn't do it on movies that are formatted in fullscreen though..
+Josh Decker I am having the same issue with only one black bar at the bottom of the screen, so it is not just your phone either.
+Adarsh Suresh The last thing I noted was that the black bar is not displayed at all in fullscreen movies.   I just can't figure out if it's an issue with all widescreen formatted movies themselves or if it's just something that's not being implemented the same way the Desktop Chrome Extension does things.  
When trying to play local mp4's from my PC using the (win 7)Desktop chrome extension, I just drag an mp4 movie from windows explorer straight into a chrome tab....i click 'play' on the movie, then I click the chrome browser extension and start 'casting' the movie.  Using this method, which is apparently the way Google initially wanted everyone to play local mp4's, the formatting of the movie on the tv screen is PERFECT.  It looks just how it's supposed to look in typical widescreen format...1 average sized black bar on the top, 1 average sized black bar on the bottom, with the movie sandwiched perfectly in between the 2 bars right in the middle of the tv screen.  If it was a perfect world, this would be ideal, but it's not.  Yes, the movie "LOOKS" great on the tv screen in terms of proper formatting from the pc to the tv screen, but playback quality isn't all that great.  By doing this(using JUST the desktop chrome extension AND not the AirCast app), the movies play all herky-jerky/stuttery/laggy, etc.  But it's not a perfect world, as we all know.  Unfortunately I just can't "have my cake and eat it too."  I can't have the "proper formatting" results of using the desktop chrome extension AND Koushik's AirCast's "buttery smooth/no stuttering/no hiccups" high-bitrate streaming playback quality....both at the SAME TIME. ...I just can't have BOTH.   I just can't have both of these all bundled into one app or extension....for now.  I have confidence in Koushik that he'll be able to get this ironed out soon enough.  Then I'll be content with my ChromeCast.  Until then, all I can do is just be patient like the rest of us and allow for him to work his magic! :)
Should I deletw chromecast first? I download it and it says note not found, may jave been renamed or deleted. Any ideas?
Pretty freakin awesome work Koush, so glad I picked up a Chromecast now lol
Totally awesome. works great on my droid bionic.  awesome.  even plays off of the file server at home.
Today's version of the app cleared all of the stuttering issues with my Xoom, but my wi-fi network still needs to be rebooted after I stop casting.
Cannot stream from Google Drive on my Nexus 10 (near AOSP custom ROM).
Do you have to be rooted for this? I downloaded and tried to install it and no go.


Works great when I cast a video without switching away from the app. A few minutes after I switch away, however, playback stops, and the video resets to the beginning.

UPDATE: This problem seems to be fixed in version 2.
Tried this out tonight worked fantastic. Did have an issue where pause would not work at one point. This app really makes the chromecast much more functional. Chromecast should of had this at launch. Thanks
+Koushik Dutta AirCast is a beautiful thing. Streamed concert video from Razr HD to Chromecast using an hdmi projector. Many successful plays. One issue I noticed was once it did not play intended video, but replayed previous, then crash with error message, upon starting intended video again, played, with no prompt for specific Chromecast until end of video. Also, crashed with error message when pressing restart midway through another video. Longer videos sputtered in some areas, perhaps wi-fi related instead? I truly look forward to seeing more of this. Awesome work!
Thanks, works well.
Except with Instagram .mkv files where image is good but audio not working correctly.
It would be great to have a way to choose the orientation of the video cause portrait video are in landscape on TV.
+Koushik Dutta  I know you're not likely to care but I feel I should, at the very least, let you know that AirCast also works on BlackBerry 10.2 for Dropbox streaming as well as locally store videos. I have not however, tested the Google Drive portion of it. 
1) Works great with Gallery on HTC EVO 4GLTE. 2) Doesn't work with MX Player. 3) Do you have a Paypal button somewhere?
Will you ever release the source? I'm really curious on how you recreated the protocol.
installed on my note2, gallery no aircast option, all the rest works fine.
I also installed it on my nexus 10, in gallery as well no aircast button.
thank you fot a great app
This works amazingly on my Droid 4, better than mirroring on my laptop.  Thanks so much,  I can't wait for the official release.  I have a fairly fast dual band router, maybe that is why I don't have the buffering issues other people discussed.
Its sort of a hit or miss for me, im using  Gnex running 4.3 and I tried 4 different video files, the smaller MP4 files work more often but still not every time, out of the two larger mkv files I tested only one works, might be because of the size, the working movie is 1.21 GB and the non working is 10 GB
Haven't read all comments, so I might have missed recent comments on that. Anyway, for the notes: Unlike mentioned upthread, AirCast does work with Leapcast. Having no issues here streaming videos from N4 via AirCast to my Ultrabook running Leapcast.
This works great! I look forward to the finished product. I've streamed several types of videos feom my Nexus 7 (2013) via ES file explorer. Thanks again!
+Koushik Dutta could you create an AirCast Chrome extension? That way you could cast a live stream of E3, for example!
Great idea! Thanks for the work you put into this. As soon as I get my Hands on a chromecast unit in Germany I will try it and provide some feedback.
Used shark last night to monitor the traffic between my tablet and chromecast. Notice there was a lot of http on port 8008. There was also some other tcp port being used but I could not see the data being transferred. I would like to do some non-sdk hacking and wanted to know if I was on the right track that chrome cast is a mix of http and some tcp socket communication?
Works great w/ the gallery on my old Droid Rezound - thanks so much for developing something like this!!

Quick question - will it ever be able to cast a youtube link directly from a browser (say Dolphin) if you right click/pick share/Aircast?  Or is it not possible to cast a youtube link w/o the app?  At the moment the option is there but nothing plays when I aircast it.  I know that's not the intention but I have issues w/ the current version of youtube so just wondering if that functionality might work in future versions.

Thanks so much!
+Mario Gjyli ... When u say AirCast2 is the "2nd beta update," do you mean it's actually the 2nd "BETA" he's released OR were you trying to say that it's actually ANOTHER "update" to the initial AirCast he released the initial beta of "AirCast," THEN he released a 1st "update," then THIS file you speak of is actually the 2nd update to the initial "AirCast" Beta ?? Lol I'm sorry if I'm being confusing in any kinda way....I'm just a little confused myself by your wording. I apologize if you think I'm coming off as being sarcastic...because I really am a lil confused by how you worded that.. Haha, I'm difficult sometimes, I know...ya just gotta bare with me at times!! =)
it doesn't work here, i'm using nexus 4 with PA rom,,
I'm using note 2 and I can't stream anything. The option/button air-cast is there but it doesn't work. Ii's not streaming video files.
I am having issues installing aircast apk file via file manager on my stock nexsus 4. The install screen appears, but is not responding to my install option. 
Hello, here I try to use aircast.apk but internally the app says allcast any way it doesnt work for me. was in an LG P970 with ICS is a pity The app wont run.
I bough an chromecast just beacuse the idea to see on any TV plasma the content of my local files (pictures,movies) of my phone,tablet,pc will an awesome gadget, but its only a webplayer :(. I guess I have 2 options sell it or store it. I hope the mod or hack comunitty even GOOGLE allow to chromecast to  cast anything the users want.
Bottom line: is there anything working? I tried every link and nothing happens... thank you all :)
I have note 2 and when I try to open app nothing happens...

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