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AirCast - Play Any videos on your Chromecast

I spent a couple hours yesterday reverse engineering the Chromecast protocols. Great success! I am now able to get around all the developer whitelist restrictions. I'm actually not using the Chromecast or MediaRouter SDKs at all anymore.

AirCast is an Android app that lets you share videos from your Gallery, Dropbox, or Drive, straight to your Chromecast enabled TV.

It's straightforward to use, share, play, and control the stream via the remote in the app (or notification area).

And here's an APK!

The APK will self destruct in 2 days; just looking for bugs and feedback right now. Any crashes, etc, should be accompanied with logcats.

Issue list:
 * Apparently some Gallery apps (HTC One, etc) do not have the AirCast button in them. Need to fix that.