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+CyanogenMod + Chromecast

Chromecast all the things? That's actually possible.

I added some framework extensions to +CyanogenMod to let any app which plays audio/video using the MediaPlayer to be sent to the Chromecast.

This supports both local content (stuff on the SD Card) and remote content (podcasts).
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Can't wait. Thank you so much. 
On a roll! Now if only they start shipping the units again. And the small thing of allowing apps to be released of course... 
can't wait for chromecast to be sold in france
Merging the functionality into CM would shut up the MyCast lawyer-douches...
A question please +Koushik Dutta: When i play a Video in my mobile browser which is running as a flash player video, will I be able to stream it to chromecast? 
Any chance we'll see some CM10.1 support for this? 
Wow good job why is Google taking so long to okay your app?
+Koushik Dutta can this be cherry picked and added to builds yet?  Or has it not been checked in yet?
It seems your dog is very interested in.
This is awesome!  If you stop playing the video or change apps on he phone will it continue to stream on the TV?  What if I am playing something from my NAS?
This is incredible. I just got a SGS3 and was considering staying with TouchWiz... but this is too good to pass up!
Wow.. Mind blown! Will it only work for CyanogenMod? Kind of hoping you're able to share those framework extensions so +Paranoid Android can use it as well. :-) 
Great work +Koushik Dutta . I'd love to see this integrated into CM, by way of a quick settings tile, so you could flip any local media (music/video) between the phone or a Chromecast TV.
This is awesome but I prefer it as an app. I love CM but my HTC One would have to sacrifice great audio and camera software to use CM making the phone not so good.
+Koushik Dutta do you think that this can be extended to have miracast-like functionality? or does the chromecast only run media files and it's not possible to enable a live stream from a device?
Will it work with VLC for Android? If it would we would have a complete solution for media streaming... // I almost know that the answer is "no", but I wanted to ask anyway
Sai N.
Awesome work +Koushik Dutta Would this be available as a freely flashable app on say ParanoidAndroid?
So, say I have some videos on a NAS drive and I Cast them to my TV, will it be a direct connection between my NAS drive and Chromecast or will it be through my tablet/phone?
Now you're talking, if the phone could handover NAS drive to chromecast links and then sleep that would be awesome....something for next release?
+Koushik Dutta Is this form of casting via CyanogenMod notification menu, is it always from Device to Chromecast even when the stream source is online and not local on the phone? For example, in your demo, if you turn off the phone, will the Twit video on the TV be killed?
+Krishna Vinod It continues playing. It's cloud to chromecast for remote content.
It's device to chromecast (obviously) for local content. Turning off your phone would end the video in that case.
Thanks to +Koushik Dutta we finally have an Airplay competitor on the Android side of things. :D

Chromecast + Miracast = Airplay + Airplay Mirroring 

Now we just need a Chromecast + Miracast Sink.
+Koushik Dutta chromecast works only with already downloaded files or also with streams? (if yes, with which types of streams?)
+Koushik Dutta Thanks! This is outstanding work.

Any thoughts/speculation why Google did not build this functionality into JB4.3?
+Ben Pyett Yeah, would pretty awesome. I already have three Chromecasts on the way (ordered them a couple of days ago), this would just make them more worth it :D
Is there a way to do exactly the same for airplay and magicplay? Is the patch visible somewhere?
Brilliant Koush! Next step for me would be the ability to cast any screen (maybe with a tile as already mentioned). Can't wait for this to be part of CM :-D 
It's pretty cool. I'm still waiting for the ability to stream the contents of a tablets screen. It'd be great for presentations at work.
You just made me order a chromecast through :D
+Koushik Dutta Is this essentially the same.functionality as the "MyCast" app you have written? Just baked in instead of a standalone?
So is this thing transcoding on the fly to a codec and bitrate that the Chromecast supports (if the media aren't already in such a format)?
How about casting pictures? Is that something the Chromecast could support? Or is it strictly audio/video for some reason?
Koush, everyone needs heros, you are my hero. 
You need to fix your light (reflection in the tv )
Jason X
This is amazing! Thank you very much!
Sweet! Damn you're smart!
I am hoping there is something like this for stock Android
+Koushik Dutta I love what you are doing with Chromecast. With this, are you still sending commands to the Chromecast? Also will this show up in the nightlies soon? Thanks for all your hard work!
+Koushik Dutta Does Chromecast act as the player or as the pipe (merely to stream what the phone is playing)? So could I play a combined video file with subtitles and get Chromecast to pick up both? 
+Koushik Dutta any heads up on when this will start showing up in the nightlies? Love my chromecast and can't wait to start doing more with it like this.
So when can we/will we be able to just run a persistent background "my cast" that sends the entire Android screen to Chromecast?
>"any app which plays audio/video " ...  Hangouts too?
Please tell me this will be merged into the official builds. This is awesome. 
Safe to say this was the "idea"??

Am I correct that VLC uses http to stream even on a LAN? I'm guessing Plex and other media servers don't though.

EDIT: It just occurred to me that Plex CAN stream over the web... That's interesting, but I don't know that it would just work quite yet.
Which app do you use on the chromecast device to do that? 
rabble rabble cm that's what I like to hear
That's incredible man. Great job. Can't wait to get it.
+Koushik Dutta It appears in this demo that the video cast to Chromecast that begins playing on your TV also continues to play on your phone. Is that correct, and is that the intended behaviour for both video and audio cast using this method?
Rolf B
This is just Amazing! Genious.
Alex NC
+Koushik Dutta  Has there been any official or unofficial comments by the Chromecast team stating that they will or will not allow local streaming? Could you be making all these wonderful streaming apps in vane, only for Google to not allow them? I would imagine that a system wide streaming implementation like this would be even harder to get approved. I can't help but to be afraid that all your apps may stay 'proof of concept', assuming Google keeps the system locked down =(
Ed Vera
You sir are making all my wildest dreams come true!!
The Chromecast team should be quick to let innovation fly. It's this kind of stuff that makes this device really cool and desirable to purchase. 
This wasn't an idea from my comment, was it?  I suggested being able to chromecast anything.  Well, the entire screen was my suggestion, but this works too.  Well done Koush.  You never cease to amaze. 
Will we regular joes be able to get this or will you have to hold off for Google approval?
Schweet!  I love the modesty in your introduction ...  :)
+Koushik Dutta why didn't you (or anyone else with ability to code for that matter) do this for upnp? it would've been a direct airplay competitor and chromecast isn't sold worldwide. 
Two questions:

1. When using chromecast in this manner, is the content streaming from your phone to the chromecast, or have you found a way for chromecast to pull the stream directly from the original source? 
2. Is this something that has to be integrated at the OS level (ie: CyanogenMod) or could this be made into an app that anyone could install?
Is there a way to cast a powerpoint on local storage or google drive from an android device?
+Koushik Dutta you should probably set up a wiki in order to answer all of the questions that you keep getting. 
+Koushik Dutta does this mean that I can Chromecast my video/pictures from my phone's Gallery app??
+Koushik Dutta would need categories for each app he is working on. I have asked if I could submit a list of questions to him for an interview to post on my site, but haven't heard back yet. 
+Matthew Murdock 
1) It depends on the source. If the source is local, then the content will go from your device to the Chromecast; if the content is an http stream, then the Chromecast will grab the content from it's source.

2) The MyCast (KoushCast?) app he demoed earlier lets you stream from certain sources and is a standalone application. What OS level integration (the thing demoed in the video above) does, is let any audio/video stream that uses the standard player be casted to the Chromecast, as opposed to only being able to cast things from Chromecast enable apps.
Great, now the only thing missing is mirror screen, it would be awesome for games, but do not know if the hardware supports it :(
Surely it could made as an app but would require root?
HTC One "not so good" with CM 10.2 instead of stock. Oh, the irony.
+Koushik Dutta Awesome work!  Will this allow casting of documents and presentations (Local or on Drive)?  Power Point?  Thanks again!
Since your getting in trouble for trying to use "mycast" maybe you can try "allcast" I'm sure nobody has that ;)
AllCast, except Todd doesn't like it either?
Are there any video streaming apps that use the android mediaplayer? Like do Netflix, HBO Go, and Hulu use it? If not this seams like one of those features Google really should've just baked into 4.3 from the beginning (also should release a chrome app to send any http video link to the Chromecast). People like Koush are obviously going to do it for them.
so chromecast can stream content locally(as in directly from my phone to the chromecast) as well? i thot it did everything over the net ? :/
that's awesome!  but i no has cyanogenmod though :(
Genius!! now we can use HBOGO & HULU on chromecast!!
I hope other developers are quietly working on great Chromecast apps like Koush.  If they are, it's going to be cool using Chromecast when Google release the final SDK. 
+Koushik Dutta i think you should integrate it as another option in your app. Would create video sharing between phones and tablets to a new playing field

im just fap tapping f5 on CM's framework repos atm
Great work! Google needs to ramp up their Chromecast production. Demand is way ahead of supply and the line is getting longer each day. 
Kaushik- the addition of framework is on Cm10.1 or 10.2 or both. Thanks for the initiatives

Rob M.
Wow, this overjoys me so much I feel like weeping.
+Koushik Dutta I don't know if someone allready asked this, but since you can stream everything that uses MediaPlayer Class, I was wondering if it was possible to show album art on the ChromeCast (while audio playing) displayed with RemoteControlClient Class?
+Koushik Dutta, question about functionality. I assume with the local files on the device, the device must remain in the room (also on?) for it to continue casting. But with the ability to pull in podcasts, etc, does the device have to remain on the network or can it leave the network and the ChromeCast will continue to cast like apps with native ChromeCast support?
Amazing work, very cool. Did you write your own receiver for audio? I haven't had a chance to mess with that much yet.
Lmfao ^^ I'm beginning to think this is a joke at my expense.
I guess my HTC One is getting flashed to Cyanogenmod tonight! :-P
+Anthony Nieves Possible?  Probably.  Take the output of the H.264 encoder used for Miracast and put it in an HTTP stream instead of (I believe, in the case of Miracast) an RTP stream.  It would be similar to how the Chromecast tab casting works.

Since it's an HTTP stream you might be able to get away with not having cyclic intrablock refresh, allowing it to work on some devices that don't work with Miracast due to their H.264 encoders lacking required functions.

It would probably be a royal pain in the ass to implement in a reliable fashion though.
What Twit app was that? I don't see one like that in the Play Store 
Feature request, add a visualizer option for when playing audio. :-) 
+Koushik Dutta This is a "no" for the current Chromecast-ready apps, but would what you've created here work if you're running wifi-tether on your phone? My Chromecast gets its internet connection from a wireless router connected to my phone via "wifi as wan".
Would this work with XBMC? 
Next project, device mirroring? 
Also, congrats on making the front page of every tech site.
There is a part of me that worries Google will never approve of this. Probably to some overblown worry of piracy.
Damn now only if we could get this working in time for Strike Back on Max Go.  Since the Max Go developers never even made it available on the old Nexus 7.
Dude you make my day and today I migrate to cm :) looking forward 
Does it play HLS(HTTP Live Streaming) content? AFAIK Android support HLS, but chromecast doesn't.
+Eric Phipps It's vey probable this will cause problems to Google and is exactly what they want to avoid, and the reason of registering Chromecast apps required. I mean, if they didn't care, we'd have audio and video capturing APIs in Android since day one...
Why do you not work for Google? They need mre minds like yours. I'm sure they have reached out for you and you have some perfectly good reason your not there. Thanks for your work. Can't wait to use it.
Super cool! Could this functionality be ported to an app for non-CyanogenMod Android devices? 
Koush, you have to stop teasing and start selling this app on Play Store. I'll gladly pay to get this feature on my phone/tablet.
Koush, you're fucking awesome! Keep up the good work. 
Second on putting into a app for non cm users.. 
I'm looking forward to your app being published in the Google Playstore for those of us that have not rooted our phones.  Any idea when it may be approved?
+1 for +Kalle Hölsömäki 's idea to also cast/stream via uPnP. Seem kinda pratical and logical coz almost every damn (smart) tv has a uPnP endpoint built-in. (and the almighty +XBMC)
+Koushik Dutta Awesome ! Will you also be able to show pictures/images/GIFs...? Or only movies/music?
How does it send local files (e.g. sdcard)? Do you set up a http server in CM?
Dani R.
Finally a valid reason for me to root my phone! Thanks to +Koushik Dutta for posting and to +Stefan M for directing me here. 
Does it stream directly from the phone, or does the Chromecast end up pulling it from the web, directly?
+Shitiz Garg For that, BubbleUPNP already has an in-app solution... once approved by Google
+Kobe Shapira that's not what I meant. I meant streaming any app I want through upnp. Bubbleupnp's solution is similar to Koush's.
+Gerard Umbert not exactly. I was wondering why no one had made similar function built into the os itself that +Koushik Dutta has been doing now with chromecast, but instead of streaming to chromecast it would be streaming to any upnp device. 
Will this require CyanogenMod, or can we get it on other ROMs / stock ROMs?
+Scott Frost "I added some framework extensions to +CyanogenMod to let any app which plays audio/video using the MediaPlayer to be sent to the Chromecast."
+Scott Frost *You might need to learn to read*. The answer of your question is right there.

IF someone gets the code that will be merged on CM and make it work on their custom roms or port to use it on the exposed framework is a whole other thing.

You asked if it was only for CM, and I copy-pasted the answer, it's a* framework mod*, if you get this mod and put it on another ROM, it will most likely work just fine.

Next time, instead of trying to smart-ass a smart-ass think a little bit before owning yourself.

GG. Peace.
Is it possible to mirror entire device? Not just cast (beam) content?
very excited by this. Any possibility of adding support to stream a video from a NAS directly to the chromecast without needing the phone as a passthrough? (obviously using the phone first to select video, then tell it to cast to chromecast)
+Trick Rick i think he actually did something about that using the chromecast extension on chrome so he can build a server to respond to local video url's, take a peek on his steam and you will find it go back like a week or 2 from today.
+Gerard Umbert thanks. I'll take a scroll back. Only saw his most recent two, and just excitedly waiting for the apps to be released
+Koushik Dutta Can't wait for this :D, just received my three Chromecast and I'll absolutely love this
+koushik Dutta when will this feature be baked into the CM Nightlies? I'm drooling over this. Thx for all the hard work!
+Koushik Dutta out of interest, does Google Hangouts use the internal android video player to display the video stream?
+Kevin Laing as I understand, it would support NAS playback as long as you are using a media player on your phone that is connected to the NAS and you left this application open during streaming. It wouldn't instruct the Chromecast to start streaming directly from the NAS though...
When will this be added in?
Today Google opened up Chromecast... Hope to see it working on cyanogenmod soon...
+Koushik Dutta  Is this now going to be implemented seeing as the cast SDK was released? I am really really exited about this feature. 
Will this work with the ShowBox app?
This is F*ing awesome... have we got any update on this? I really need it!! I have cyanogenmod installed and I'm not able to cast my plex to chromecast!!
This is a super awesome feature.  But one thing that would make it even MORE awesomer: being able to cast with the screen off.  Cause that phone can get HOT after an hour or two of casting Uverse Live.  Just sayin', but definitely not complainin'
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