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+TWiT Chromecast App

I've been having fun prototyping stuff on the Chromecast. :)

This is a mock up channel guide and tablet remote for +TWiT.

The TV remote is dead, long live the TV Remote!
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I'm gonna need for you to drop those apks soon hehe! 
Good shit +Koushik Dutta

When Google opens the flood gates for CC apps your going to have a lot of uploading to do! 
+Koushik Dutta When the final SDK it's out and they open the gates of distribution, I'd like to read some of this code on your Github account!
+Ryan Merchant Sadly, the word I've received is that the chromecast SDK won't be finalized for several months. I'm going to see if I can get a whitelisted receiver in the meantime.
The only reason I am interested in chromecast is because of it app potential. My WDTV Live can already do YouTube casting and in addition it supports DLNA. If they delay the SDK too much, the product might flop. 
+shaju mohammed Yeah. If they don't let the app ecosystem take off, they will have serious dropoff after their early adopter sales.

They did the same crap with Google TV.
+Google Fiber uses a Nexus 7 as the home remote. We're definitely moving in that direction which is a good thing. I always seem to misplace my remote but never my phone or tablet. :-) 
+Koushik Dutta +shaju mohammed that's very unfortunate. Most average consumers won't be satisfied with the content currently available.
I wonder if there is a work around of Googles sdk tos. ;-)
Do you think we will eventually get better hw versions that play full hd or even 4k?
My very old wdtv live is already having problems playing some of the lastest high bitrate h264 and it surely can't play new formats like webm.
But going back to 720p limited by CC, kinda sucks 
+Koushik Dutta It's a nice Idea and something I played around with some years ago with WMC. I don't think the all tablet as remote thing works, once the novelty wears It's a pain in the neck quite literally to keep shifting focus between the large screen a the display on the tablet. So I would take a shift in mindset ( which I'm not saying won't happen ) for this sort infomote to take off * runs off to trademark term *
+Koushik Dutta When they say distribution they mean code? Or just retail executables/installers?
+Koushik Dutta Now that I've seen your RSS app, I keep wondering... Will you make a similar gallery app?

Same interface as the RSS app, all your picture's & video's from your phone with a small thumbnail, when you click one you get the bigger picture on your tab/phone and of course a stream to the tv when you click it. Under the pictures/video's a, next, previous button and maybe a time bar if its a video?
It looks awesome! I can't wait for the sdk and apps to go live, and I haven't even bought a chromecast yet!
Koush is not alone having fun with Chromecast:

Here's a video preview of BubbleUPnP streaming video from XBMC (or your fav UPnP /DLNA Media Server),  local phone media, Google Drive, Dropbox, Skydrive, Soundcloud, Pocket casts. Within the same app:

For the same reasons mentionned by Koush, I cannot release it until the SDK restriction ar lifted (this sucks).
How long until Google lifts the publishing embargo? Is there a process at all or is every app a blanket 'no'? 
If Google does not remove the embargo soon, the Chromecast hype will die quick.
This is awesome. I hope Google let's you publish this asap. Chromecast needs more support to take off even further.
The most amazing thing about this video to me is that +Koushik Dutta is using his Nexus 10 for something
I'd pay for this! Happy to beta test on a First Gen Nexus 7 :)
I hope this platform does well. They have a good thing here. 
+Fernando Miguel it already supports 1080p for content from the cloud (Netflix and some youtube videos) and seeing as 4k hasn't become even close to mainstream yet it would make no sense for Google to support it with this as this is a consumer facing device, it's not meant for videophiles by a long shot 
+Fernando Miguel yes, streaming from a device it will only send up to 720, but if you stream from Netflix (or presumably any future native apps that pull from the cloud like HBOgo or Amazon ) it will pull down 1080p, my guess is this gas more to do with the pushing if content from a device that pulling it as my laptop gets pretty warm when I stream my desktop running a full screen local video file
Wow, your code is gold! Huge fan.

This app is shaping up very niceley. Love how smooth the transitions from mobile device to TV are. Also are you recording these videos with glass?
OK Koushik, take a break!! Your dog and the sun miss you, go outside and play!! ;)
+shaju mohammed I agree. I really love the YouTube and Netflix experience but tabcasting for me is terrible. It does not work. I have a very good WiFi network. I can stream 1080p content to multiple rooms simultneously but tabcasting does not work. 
Leo is talking about Koushik and his app on 'This Week in Tech'
You sir, are EPIC!  Thank you for tackling the Cast!!!!  +1 +1 +1 +1 
I sure hope Google is open minded and quick to approve apps! This is awesome.
This is great!  Is there a download link available for the tablet app?  This should work out of the box with the chromecast - right?  There is no approval needed ( like +Leo Smith eluded too)?  Is it streaming from YT or one of the other sources that twit has (like or ustream or bitgravity)?  I ask because they are available on ustream often quicker than the YT channel that twit owns.

Great work +Koushik Dutta as always.  
I'm starting to get the answers to my previous questions just by reading/watching the other posts and reading the comments on this one..
+Josh Armour I'll release source soon. I'm going to be open sourcing this app, along with doing a Play release of another app.

This works out of the box... for now. But it's using an app id that probably shouldn't have made it to production. But if that gets shut down, you can host your own whitelisted app id, and that will work fine.

Also, let me know if you can put me in touch with someone from the Chromecast team. I'd like to talk to them about getting production whitelisted.
Sure I'll email you tonight..
+Josh Armour Oh, to answer your final question, it's streaming from their CDN. Not youtube, just some random servers hosting mp4 files.
Nice stuff. Really hope that TV providers take this up (or at least open their platforms a bit for third party developers)
Alex NC
The big media companies have no option but to join the party, or they are going to be left behind. Having the Chromecast only for a few days, I have already noticed my media consumption has started being consumed more and more by YouTube... music videos, how-to videos, etc. The user interface of the phone/tablet makes it so much more user friendly.  And once more of these 'lower' budget media stations start supporting Chromecast, and we get RSS interfaces to aggregate them, I can see myself watching even less big budget TV shoes/movies. That is, if they continue to ignore the Chromecast. For me, this is the future of media consumption. What media that happens to be, will depend on those who support the Chromecast hardware.
This thing could be a real game-changer if every time someone added a new video feed, it added that to a library that could be sorted by genre and/or popularity for folks to add to their own devices!
So tab mirroring on my old laptop simply does not work well with video content. Can I create an app to have chromecast go fetch online videos and play it instead? Is it a matter of creating a sender app?
Thank you for the video!
Will this lovely Chromecast replace Twonky Beam that I'm using right now to beam from my Samsung Galaxy? 
Is this available now?  I just got my chromecast and Im a TWiT viewer. The Revision3 app is great
Looking forward to the TWiT app. 
Been waiting for this to hit the play store.  Will we be able to add other video podcast feeds to it?
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