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Apps that use the RemoteControlClient API (like AllCast) have their playback controls automatically made available on the Android Wearable device.

So, this watch is controlling playback of Cosmos from my home media server to my Chromecast via my Android phone.

I guess this is why they call it the internet of things.

discovered via +Artem Russakovskii 
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Google was serious when they said they want to make developing for Android Wear as straightforward as possible.
+James Sullins Yes, the day has finally come where you can install a watch emulator on your computer and not get crazy looks from everyone you tell. 
Is this the API that does lock screen controls?
What media center, if I may ask, is do you use with casting?
Pretty cool eh? (My happy Canadian side is coming out today)
So basically, if I am watching a movie via chromecast, on Netflix, I will get the playback automatically on my wearable (assuming I am connected to the network)?
This day just keeps getting better! Thanks for the good news. Google has just absolutely nailed it with this whole thing so far. 
Isn't it weird that Google released the SDK before a device ? Its normally the other way around
"home media server to my Chromecast"
Are you using Plex?
Is this going to be a Wifi Direct device, or will it have its own wifi connection? Is that something you can even determine from the SDK?
+Ashton Lafferty pretty much positivive it's neither, the watch is just controlling the software on the phone, which in turn is controlling the Chromecast.
+Ashton Lafferty I'm betting on a Bluetooth 4.0 connection to the Android Phone/Tablet is what supplies everything for the watch. Doubt it'll have it's own connectivity beyond that. Maybe one of the OEMs will throw in WiFi in one of their models, but it'll just end up eating the battery faster.
Another reason to get one, Wife doesn't stand a chance.
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