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Clear Notifications button for Android L.

You're welcome.
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This makes Hodorbombs a whole lot less fun :(
Awesome! Got a clear recent apps button while you're at it? :)
I'm wondering if this is something that will eventually be put back into L.
yo dawg, I heard you like clear buttons, so I programmed a clear-able clear button, so you can clear the clear button while you clear buttons 
How do you get ur picture in the QS button like that? Mine is the picture when a contact doesnt have a photo? Is there a way to sync it with my contact pic?
Wow! Please do more stuff before you go back to your planet!

Unreal n' Awesome!
..someone actually said "finally"
Isn't it like in Windows Phone where a two-finger swipe clears all notifications?
Ryan R
Can you make a clear recents button? Thanks!
This'll make +Chris Lacy (and everyone else) very happy. Hopefully it'll be part of the final L release.
:( it didn't install for me... Says that has a problem parsing the package....
This is one thing that bugged me so much since I installed Android L on my Nexus5, finally 'Koush' came to rescue. Thank you.
Be nice for inline replies like floatifications . Just dont see the need for heads up . When you click on it , it takes you to that specific app then you have to go back to the app you were on . Inline replies you would be able to reply and stay on the same app or page you were on .
Too bad this can't be released on the Google play. You miss the opportunity to get other reviews about your manliness [citation needed]. 
You just can't simply swipe to the side? Although this is useful for recents app... But another notification to clear notifications 😒
Also bad parse. Mirror anybody?
Nice! wish I could get this for multi tasking clear all lol
How do they have this on G+ notifications and not Android. 
Why don't you work on the Android team for Google?
It works on lock screen very nice
Thanks a lot!!!
The white notifications are too gingerbready looking for me. Wish they would make them dark again.
Getting error as "There was a problem while parsing the package." 
That's all fine and dandy but let's get to the real question on everyone's minds, will it blend? 
Excellent. Exactly what the doctor ordered. I'm surprised this isn't included in L (although I suppose it might be by release time)
Did anyone actually try this yet? It's acting weird for me. Clears all notifications, but takes me to my battery settings as well. Weird. 
It tells me there is a problem parsing the package. Ok, its only for Android L
Of course someone with a giant yacht and a huge penis like you can do it! #GoKoush 
warum diese app muss alles meinen Benachrichtigung lesen? und alles meine personenbezogenen Daten lesen? was macht die genau die app?
+Ruperto Camarena In der Developer Preview von Android L fehlt die Möglichkeit alle Notifications mit einem Klick zu entfernen. Die App parkt sich also in den Notifications um einen Button darzustellen, welcher beim Klick alle Notifications entfernt. Dafür wird auch die entsprechende Berechtigung gebraucht.

(Explained the app to him in german.)
Do I need clock work mod or something? Cause I keep getting a parse error message

Where can I get the APK for an app that puts Koush in my notifications? Maybe he can offer up a developer's tip of the day via chathead?
Cory M
If I could have your babies I would!
Please do one for 'recent apps' in the app switcher!!  :)  Keep up the amazing work!
Does this need root? I just hope its not
Anyone else hate the new PlayStation shapes at the bottom? Not sure I can dig that design choice
For some reason the download keeps showing as unsuccessful
+Andre Vicari if your google+ account is synced to your phone it should automatically do it
+Koushik Dutta any update for this awesome app? For example: icon in the status bar hidden and not enabled for persistent notifications (Download in progress, for example)

PS: and more translations. cof pt-BR cof
I didn't realize how much of an annoyance the small clear button was until I grabbed this.  Thank you!!
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