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Just got Google Voice working through the stock SMS app in +CyanogenMod.

(and every other third party SMS app as well)

Basically, this means if you are running +CyanogenMod, you can text to/from your Google Voice account using a normal SMS app (GoSMS, Handcent, Chomp, etc).
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Holy Hell! That's the greatest news all day! Awesome!
+1 million , we dont even get Google Voice here in the UK, but i know how much of a big deal it is for my friends stateside, so yeah, well done +Koushik Dutta you win the internets

I've been dreaming of this day since Android began.
+Koushik Dutta you're my savior. I would suggest you implement an option to choose with which number to send text, since there will be the GV number and the sim/carrier number. 
+Koushik Dutta Honestly if Google doesn't just do this with Google Hangouts in the coming months I'd be very surprised there is just no need for multiple messaging apps and hangouts is the answer.
Google welcome us all,be it G+,tube,sms,and many other all by&for Google!!!
What would this mean for sprint/Google voice integration?
Is this not normal? I'm on sprint and have been texting from stock SMS app since I've had my phone...
By my rating,Google have my +5 million,CONGATULATIONS!!!,Google.
+Koushik Dutta  So is this different than the option to change notifications via the text messaging app in Google Voice setings?
+Koushik Dutta how does this integration work? I used to be a Sprint Subscriber with the integration, but now I am on T-Mobile and I am thinking of porting my number over.

Will I still be able to send texts through my Google Voice number with my data turned off?
You Sir are awesome.  I've been using "GV Integration" but it's far from perfect. The worst part being the secondary numbers issue.  

Need to send you a donation...
You don't happen to have the .apk on hand, do you? Or is it perhaps built into the framework?
Now if there was a way to seamlessly fix the lack of MMS support to Google Voice.

Too bad this issue is on Google's end...
I guess MMS is still gonna be sort of a problem with this? 
+Daves Williams while it would be possible to send MMS through carier with spoofing GV number, receiving it on you GV number is on Google's server side. However, I think +Koushik Dutta is not looking to fix the MMS issue and rather make the ported GV number compatible with his new secure text implementation.
Sweet. I can make my app open to tablet devices that run CM then :)
+Adam Benfer I'm not a coder, but it seems to me that a layer could also be added to redirect MMS to email since all carriers give an email address MMS portal.
How does this work when we are in the Messaging app will it give us an option to send from google voice?
+Dan Rhodes I can think of a bunch of ways to deliver the MMS to the intended recipient but when someone sends you a MMS that is not a Sprint customer Google drops the MMS (to my knowledge - Sender doesn't get a error).  There is no way to get the MMS to you without providing that person w/ a different number to route the MMS to.  I currently give my provider number to those who need to send me a MMS. 
Yea I'm on Sprint with carrier integration and MMS incomming to Google voice go directly to my gmail. Outgoing MMS going thru my actual sprint number.
And its secure! Great job! Thanks.
Most excellent! Now all we need is for the stock Voicemail app to properly handle Google Voice voicemails (e.g., an option to Archive rather than Delete) and show Voicemail transcriptions.

+Koushik Dutta Does this require the GV app be installed on the phone still, or will this put an option in the Messaging app to basically tell it to exclusively use Google Voice for sending/receiving SMS?
+Denham Crafton right now I'm using the accessibility service to detect incoming notifications to the Google Voice app. I could implement the push mechanism in another fashion, but it would be a gross.

But yes, right now it requires the Google Voice app to be installed to be know when a text comes in.

The SMS transport can be configured to use your native phone number or Google Voice
+Adam Benfer Huh...I get MMS sent to me delivered as both SMS for the text and gmail for the photo lately...maybe it's a staged rollout, but it's been doing that on TMOUS for several months.
+Koushik Dutta Aww...that's kind of a shame.  GV is such a pig, it seems I get very delayed notifications just because it gets kicked out of memory.
I've been able to do this for awhile.. Not sure what's new here. The Google voice app itself has the option to choose to use it or the standard SMS compatible ones.
So what you are saying is.. you beat google to their own punch line? :)
+Koushik Dutta Ahhh, OK. I thought you were somehow pulling in Google Voice directly via push messages to the Messaging app.
You are my hero! I am so, so, so sick of the GVoice app, and it hasn't received a major update in quite some time. Will that be in a nightly sometime soon and/or is there a comment in this thread I can read for more details? Do want ASAP!
+Rafal Blaszkiewicz that's exactly what I do. Ported our numbers away from sprint when we left them for prepaid service and nexus4's. Guess i need to look into it more.. We use hangouts mostly anymore, so haven't had to text in awhile. I'm glad something is better for everyone ;) I assumed it had to be something special to get everyone's attention!
+Koushik Dutta I would love to see a video of this feature in action so far it sounds amazing!!! 
Can you give a little more detail on how we can do this? Or is it a feature that is merged/getting merged into CM?
+Koushik Dutta is this something that could be possible to release as a stand alone "app" for other roms (or stock Touchwiz to be exact) at some point?  Or is it integrated too deeply into the +CyanogenMod code?  Been waiting for this for a long time, but I'm not sure I want to give up my camera on the S4.  I'm not a developer, so if the answer to this question is "obvious", then I apologize.  Just didn't know if this could end up being released like your backup app was a while back.
+Koushik Dutta hacd you looked into 4.3 stuff to access other apps notifications? Might be less grosse than using accessibility 
Holy yes thank you. I assume it's routed through Google Voice still so I still get a record? Or is this being pushed through PushSMS? Or are they independent?
I guess the big question is will this mean GV support for the new encrypted messaging feature?
will this be in the next nightly?
+Koushik Dutta Holy fuqn shit, koushik u are a god, thanks for implementing encryption w/moxie
+Dan Rhodes Yeah, GV app is a hog. Whenever I go to Settings->Apps->Running, its state is usually "Restarting" :-/
encryption over google voice would be killer, also it would be absolutely crazy to hack the software to encrypt voice over google voice with a custom voip app or any call, dont know if its possible, but would be pretty neat :)
+Koushik Dutta thanks for the great work! So is it basically just sending and receiving texts with Google voice, or are you doing inbox/unread message syncing too?
Koushik, I'm the developer of Fusion Messenger. Hit me up if you need any help!
I'm confused as to how this is different than it currently works. When someone texts me via my Google Voice number it shows up in my GoSms as a thread. The name is prefaced by a number but still has the contact name. When I reply to this thread in GoSms it then responds to the person from my Google Voice number. So I'm not sure what I'm missing out on. Just trying to clarify. Thanks. P.S. I'm on a Thunderbolt with Verizon.
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