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Beta 2: Google Voice through any messaging app

Leave bug reports, etc in comments.

0) Google Voice must be installed with notifications enabled (for now).

1) Install a recent +CyanogenMod nightly. July 1st or later. You need the SMS middleware patches I put in for PushSMS. (see Gerrit)

2) Push this apk to /system/app: adb install will not work. The app requires system/signature permissions.

4) Start Babel, choose your Google Voice account. Authorize it.

Fixed since original release:

 * Registers with AccessibilityService automatically.
 * SMS sent via GV website, etc now sync to the stock messaging store.
 * If you're running a +CyanogenMod build from last night, the duplicate GV notifications will be cleared.
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This is enough to bring me back to CM from Sense on my One. 
It didn't ask me to authorize when I selected my account.  Is that normal?
Dumb question, does this allow regular android texts to show up on my Google voice text app....or does this allow texts to my GV number to show up in my regular messaging app?
Edit: I cant find a nightly from 07/07 for Mako or Grouper(n4 or n7). Guess Ill have to wait for it to build. 
+Justin R. Regular SMS wont show up in your Gvoice app, but Gvoice will show up in your SMS messaging app. This lets you hide Gvoice and stop using the app, basically. 
Wow I may need to check this out... And here I was going to hang on stable instead. Damn your awesome nightly features! 
This is the absolute greatest. I've been waiting for this since the google voice app was initially introduced. Thanks so much Koush!
+Dmitriy Briskin I also do not get authorization prompt of any kind. How'd it turn out for you?
I suppose I'll need to request that this be added to paranoid android! 
Has anyone found a fix or workaround to prevent the double notifications? (one from gvoice and one from stock messaging app)
+Gootz Mark today's Cm nightly (07/07/13) has a patch to remove the duplicate notifications. Koush said this in his post. 
I'm getting double notifications, but it's a small price to pay. Well, now it still chimes twice but it seems to suppress the second notification...
+Shawn Thompson On the first release, the accessibility function was already enabled. However, nothing is going through. I updated the nightly (which erased babel) and now I have no gvoice messages going in/out. I keep sending myself test messages and nothing happens. I installed beta2, same thing. I cleared GV data and resetup, still nothing. I'm now going to try and go to the web interface and set up those settings again so I get SMS back.
+Brad Hoschar I thought that option was there to duplcate SMS through the carrier number? Because I've had that disabled since I've been using voice since it was beta or invite or whatever and I haven't changed these settings since back then.
I seem to only be able to send GV Messages out - only then will replies sync to Messaging. Anyone have any ideas? 
Since I'm in Canada, I can't exactly authorize my Google Voice account. Is there a different way for me to do this?
I have 7/6 nightly installed and copied babel.apk to /system/app, but when I try to install the apk it fails. Any ideas??
+Claudio Golia Once it's in there, it is installed. Reboot your phone, then open the app. I've hit a wall after this part of the process though.
Dan Lo
+Claudio Golia don't install the app after you copied the apk into /system/app.  Just reboot the phone and babel will show up in your app drawer.
BTW I finally got it working. Installed latest SDK, reinstalled Universal ADB driver (first option is to repair installation), manually pushed to /system/app/ with adb (essentially the same as doing it with a file manager), checked app drawer for Babel, opened Babel, chose account, did not get authorization prompt, enabled the accessibility service, sent a test and waited for sync, it is now working. Now, going to stay on stock kernel because the first time I tried with alternate kernel, crazy things happened.

I have been waiting for this feature for so long. Koush is awesome.
+Brad Hoschar I didn't have to do that after the process I just posted.
Dan Lo
I'm on the 7/6 CM nightly and the GV app notification clear is a little bit wonky (i.e. doesn't always work). 
+Brad Hoschar Setting rongtone to none only silences the notification of google voice, there is still a notification in the notification shade. Your second solution (uncheck texts notification) is what I am looking for but as indicated by Koushik unchecking this option also prevents notifications from the stock messaging app. Essentially I don't want the notification from google voice to appear in notification shade but stock messanger should
The 7/7 nightly has a patch to hide Google Voice notifications. This has been answered, +Dan Lo . 
I can't wait until the 7/7 nightly is actually available for download.
I'm actually not getting any notifications on the stock app at all. Did the steps, double checked, was able to turn off notifications on GV app. Still can't get stock app to give notification. 
+Matt Diroff I suspect that using android's built in notification disabler is preventing the hack from working correctly. Mine was working, I turned off the notification through app settings, and then stock messaging no longer showed messages. I've reenabled it and have tested you'll get messages again. So note to the new people. you must live with double notifications until you can install the 7/7 nightly.
7/7 is out for my device already so ? Tomorrow
+Brad Hoschar +Dan Lo +Austin Hsu Thank you all. That completely went over my head. I seem to be able to send, but when the response comes back I can't see it through stock messaging app. Are there specific settings in the GV app and web that must be set? It's not clear to me based on the interaction here. Thanks again!
I'm on i777 with 20130706 (no build generated for the 7th on my device) and its working great for me (other than duplicate notifications).

I used FX file explorer with root module to copy the apk to system (and delete the first beta apk).
I did not change permissions.
The helper was already registered and turned on.
I opened babel app and chose my Google account.
Nothing happened (no authentications).
Everything works though.
I restarted and still nothing but about 3 minutes later I was in the regular messaging app and it just started to receive all my gv messages
I must be an idiot. Third time I've tried and I keep getting GV notifications, but no stock app notifications. 
Brian J
Hi Koush I found a BIG BUG, I've noticed that when sending an sms message of characters more than 189 (including spaces) to my GV number  I DO NOT receive a push notification. But when I send an sms message 189 characters or less to my GV number, I immediately receive a notification. I've tried this with my GS4 CM 10.1 with latest nightly build, with the updated babel. 

Hopefully this could be fixed in the near future!
I can't get responses to get back to my stock SMS app unless I choose " use messaging app to receive texts" in GV settings.  However, this shows a weird VOIP # and not the respondents. Anyone else seeing this problem?
I just downloaded the 7/07 nightly for toro and it's not there?
Works on latest Carbon nightly. Only grabs the last 24 hrs of gv messages though. And it didn't work until i recurved received a new message. Then it started populating.
BTW this app is NOT built in to any of the nightly builds. There are patches in some nightly builds that help this app work, but the app itself is not preinstalled (from what I can tell)
I've been on the 7/07 build for toro+ and still get duplicate notifs.

I assume there's no way to automatically archive or mark the messages as read in Google Voice?
duplicate notifications aren't removed for me? i'm running july 7th build
Question: How do I "Push this apk to /system/app:". I swear I've been rooting and romming since G1, but I don't know what this means if I can't use adb.
+Henri Sweers & +Andrew Ying: If you feel everything is setup properly but still can't get babel and gv to work together, uninstall Google voice and reinstall it. Once I did this, my messages immediately showed up in the stock app upon completion of the GV setup process.
+S. LeBeau Kpadenou use root explorer or a similar file manager to copy the apk to /system/app. Make sure permissions and ownership of the copied file match the rest of the apps in /system/app exactly. Reboot and you're good to go. 
Hmm. Followed the instructions, used lastest CM nightly, used ES file explorer to push the apk. Babel immediately FCs when I open it. Tmobile Galaxy S3.
I'm sorry, but what does this do exactly? I can now text to people with google voice?
+Koushik Dutta I still had to go to Accessibility under Settings and turn Babel on. Isn't this beta supposed to activate itself automatically?
+Koushik Dutta maybe you could make something like a "setup app" available in the play store that can check dependencies, ask for root, and then install the service apk? The setup app would be a user app, so it wouldn't need to be reinstalled every time a new nightly is flashed, just rerun. This would be much like Secure Settings which installs a "helper" service. I believe they also verify the helper is installed and up to date on each reboot, thus automatically reinstalling after a rom update (nightly flashing).
Also having a small issue, with 7/8 nightly installed using the stock mesaging app I am no longer getting notifications and quick reply isn't showing up. Using beta 2. Had no issues with beta 2 on previous nightly (other than duplicate notifications from gv and stock messaging app). Now the gv notifications show but they clear right away and stock app doesn't show anything. Messages are correctly appearing in the stock app though, just no notification or quick reply.
+Koushik Dutta also when you re-enable the app (like after a flash) it re-syncs all the messages and every message is duplicated. I guess the fix would be to clear the Google Voice inbox before every flash but it'd be nice if it checked for duplicates (if possible) during sync. 
I dont get the option to "choose my google voice account" my google voice account is not the same as my google account so I'm assuming it's not working for me. Any idea how to choose my google voice account?

You have to go into apps and launch the Babel app. Then it gives you the option. All is working . Thanks!
+James Hartig I can confirm this as well

P.s. I changed some settings and my stock notifications and quick reply are working again. Maybe in the future some specific inductions will be helpful (such as what settings are needed for common setups).
Thanks for this app it's an amazing advancement hoping to see bugs fixes and feature improvements but overall this is amazing I wish Google would be the one implementing this rather than CM developers 
I'm on the 7/8 nightly, and it seems to be able to send messages out of the stock app with my GV number. However, I can't seem to receive messages on GV at all. They don't show up in the messaging app, GV app, or in the web interface. My current messages are also not syncing into the messaging app. Any ideas?
+Jeffrey Yeh uninstall and then reinstall Google voice, go through setup and make sure you tell Google voice to handle messages (not native app)
Brian J
+Koushik Dutta the new nightly (07/08) with the updated babel beta v.2 works flawlessly!!! Good stuff!
I can confirm this one works great. Double notifications are gone. Now if I could just get photosphere working on cm for the vzw gs4 i would have the perfect phone. Thanks koush
+David Rinderknecht you can use the s4 google edition camera apk to make photosphere work but I don't like the fact that it replaces the CM camera and gallery :-( 
Anyone having trouble getting the return message to show up in the native SMS app?  I have the 07/08 nightly installed for toro, I re-installed GV, and I have GC set up to handle incoming messages. 

everything seems to be working other than getting the return message back to the SMS app. 

Appreciate any feedback if you ran in to this.

I'm on beta 2 with the 7/8 nightly, seems to be working great except my most recent text sent from google voice website do not appear in the stock messaging app until the recipient responds.
Do I need to install a patch? I have the most recent nightly and downloaded beta 2 but it tells me the apk can't install. 
This is awesome, very easy setup (I just installed Babel and selected my account, it didn't ask me to authorize anything?  Seems to work though).  Will Babel need to be re-installed after flashing a new CM build, or will it get backed up automatically?
+Bob Crain Just reboot the apk is installed when you move it to system/app. It will show up in your app drawer.
+Michael Limb Yeah that's true Micheal. I guess the difference is that the GV app has the manual refresh option where the stock messaging app does not. I'm noticing now that they do eventually pull in if the recipient doesn't text me back, but it just takes a good 30 minutes to an hour sometimes.
Finally got it working.  All appears to be good.  

I had my permission screwed up on the babel app. Once I aligned the permissions with the other apks in system/app, everything worked.
+Claudio Golia I have babel set to rw-r-r but still not receiving messages through the native app
Did you try uninstalling GV and reinstalling? Make sure text messages
settings are set to let GV handle and not native app.
I uninstalled and reinstalled. Do you mean in GV, receive text via the GV app?
Ok, so my issue is I can send from the stock messaging app, but none of my inbound messages are syncing.  Here's what I've tried:

- Uninstalled, then reinstalled and reconfigured the GV app.
- Triple checked that permissions were correct for the Babel apk
- Removed Babel completely, then pushed it to my system fresh and enabled the accessibility service
- Made sure GV app was set to receive messages.

I also want to note I never received a prompt from GV to allow Babel to access my messages.  I'm running the 7/8 nightly for the HTC One.  I understand these builds are experimental so if that's the issue that's fine.  I just want to make sure I've covered all my bases.
For some reason, Babel does not show up in my app drawer, in either Nova or Trebuchet...
Awesome work! My only issue is that my google voice texts show up in my regular text message app with the sender's google voice proxy phone number rather than their name. Then, the text message also has the person's actual name in the text followed by a hypen. Any way to have texts show up in a more normal fashion?
Will I able to send texts from my n10 to other numbers now?!?
+Lucas Bejar have you set GV to forward messages to the regular SMS app? You actually have to disable that option in GV.
You should be able to make a addon.d file that persists the apk in /system/app across re-flashes.
Really awesome work! Is there anyway to do the same to stock dialer like with GrooveIP?
+Tom Joseph Is that setting the "receive messages via", with the option of GV or the stock messaging app?  That's the only thing I could find, and I am having the same issue as +Lucas Bejar .
Cool, thanks.  I switched it, now I just have to wait and see how the next text looks. :)
I can receive messages sent to me through the native messaging app but can not send it just gets stuck on sending message
+Brendan Beaulieu I had the same issue as you, what i've done to fix it was to go to settings>accessibility>bable> and turn it on
it fixed the issue for me.
Finally got everything working on the latest CarbonRom nightly on N4. Didn't realize you had to enable google voice notifications. For others, make sure you have google voice set to receive your notifications instead of sending them over to messaging and enable google voice text notifications (this well somehow enable the text to go through to messaging and allow the messaging app to send the notification).
Well, I had everything working and now it's topped sending the GV messages to the SMS app.  Not sure what happened? 

Has anyone confirmed if the GV web setting "Receive text messages on the phone" needs to be enabled?  I didn't think so.  If it is enabled, don't the messages count towards messaging plan?

Owner: 0 - root
Group: 10000 - system

Babel not working? Try this.

-Disable Receive texts to this phone on the GV website. This sends a copy from GV to your SMS provider.
-Uninstall both GV and Babel.
-Install GV and set messages to go through GV in the settings. NOT via messaging app!
-Install Babel with permissions:

- rw - r -- r --
Owner: root
Group: system

-Reboot, do NOT fix permissions but you may want to clear caches for no reason but to waste your time?

NOTES: If you fix permissions, or have a script set to do this, you will lose Babel. This is from my experience, it will reset the Group permission to 'root' but you need it set to 'system.' Also you may get a permission prompt, you may not. I personally did, but made the error of fixing permissions and had to reinstall. No prompt second run.

-You should see Babel in your app drawer, execute it AFTER you've enabled Babel under your Accessibility options in the system settings. Select your account.

You will receive duplicate notifications... Patch pending from +Koushik Dutta (the stud, the legend, many thanks)


+Claudio Golia As far as I can tell, the GV web setting "Receive text messages on the phone" corresponds to the GV app setting "Receive text messages>Via the messaging app". It took me a while to realize this, but checking the box online would make my app receive via the messaging app, and vice versa.

In short, it should be unchecked for this to work.
+Claudio Golia : You should not send text messages to native messaging app within google voice settings.
+Claudio Golia disable Receive texts on the website, it texts you a copy of the message to your mobile carrier
+Lucas Bejar  I do not within the GV app itself. I was referring to the setting on the web.
+Ryan Fleming +Lucas Bejar +Jeffrey Yeh  I have both the web and the GV app disabled for sending text messages to native SMS app. It's been like that and it just stopped receiving the message replies in the SMS app.
+Claudio Golia try my post a few posts above, what rom are you running? Are you positive it has the middleware patch? Maybe that's why
So to clarify, does this use gv routing numbers through standard SMS, or does it use data/WiFi like the original gv app?
+Ryan Fleming CM 10.1 7/8 nightly. I just looked at the change log for the nightly and I'm not seeing the patch referenced. Looking again.
+Josh Chambers over data, that's the whole point. I removed sms from my carrier and I save about $30 a month

+Claudio Golia I thought that CM got the patch on the 7/5 nightly but it may have to do with which device you have it on whether you received the patch yet. 
+Josh Chambers the easiest way to test this on your own is to put your phone in airplane mode turn on wifi and see if you can send messages the incoming messages use the Google voice app so they use data not carrier SMS functionality 
+Josh Chambers Data

Thanks for this it is nearly flawless.

For those wondering the benefit of stock app over Google voice app: 1) Pictures in the text conversations of people and other eye candy. 2) Notifications with the ability to mark as read, quick reply, and call. 3) Quick reply via the incoming calls screen.

I am one who doesn't have sms with my cellular plan but use Google voice to text over data so this is big for me and I LOVE it!
The biggest benefit is the fact the stock app shows conversation threads in "natural" order too. Not to mention it keeps all threads with the contact in the same place instead of whatever you want to call the appalling GV app 
As cool as this is, it'd be nice to have Sprint esque integration with Google voice in the cases where data is unavailable or capped. One more question though, does it support Facebook chat heads SMS integration?
Same here. Beta 1 works, beta 2 does not. I747 version of S3 with today's nightly of CyanogenMod.
Same here. Beta 1 works, beta 2 does not. I747 version of S3 with today's nightly of CyanogenMod.
Just wanted to throw out my findings on Beta 2... Did not try beta 1.

-Downloaded and pushed to system, set perm and rebooted.
-On reboot opened Babel and chose my Gmail account
-Sent a message from native SMS app, recipient verified it was my GV Number.
-Replies went out as GV
-Incoming worked with no issues.
-Outbound MMS went out as my carrier number (expected).

Overall great work! Keep it up, now I can use Quick Reply Popup!

My Setup:
Device - HTC One (m7tmo)
ROM + Kernel - Carbon + CM Kernel  
+Ryan Fleming Somehow I inadvertently turned off notifications in GV app settings. That was the issue, all is well
Not sure if it's the intended functionality, but I wasn't receiving notifications for gv texts. Also, all texts sent out from my stock messaging app were being routed through gv. If possible, in subsequent versions, it would be nice to be able to select the outgoing number. 

Good work though! It's awesome to see someone working on gv integration after having it for so long. 

I should note I'm running a vzw sgs3 with cyanogenmod build: 10.1.20130708-NIGHTLY-d2vzw
Sadly this has not worked for me. Never got prompted for authorization and text messages sent to myself from my phone get lost in limbo. I tried all of the suggestions made in the comments. Maybe it's the ROM I'm using or maybe the build needs to be newer than July 1st.
I just did a full wipe and clean install (nothing restored) and babel synced messages but all incoming were synced to date DEC 31 1969 (Unix epoch-1) outgoing messages synced correct time. I'm on 7-9 nightly on i777
+Koushik Dutta  If this hasn't been mentioned, when the messages are synced, the timestamps are reflecting when they were synced, not when the message was sent/received. This is a problem for me because I use the desktop version of GV during the day (no cell service at work).

Simple to fix?
I've pushed the app to my system/app directory but i can't seem to get it installed. i changed the permissions so they match all the other system apks... do i need to wipe some cache or something?
Correction, it appears to be installed (it's in my managed apps section) and i can force close it... but I see nothing that allows me to open it such that it will allow me to choose my GV account.

EDIT: It finally appeard in my app drawer... but I got no authorization from selecting my GV account. Texts sent to my GV account while Babel enabled got lost and never showed up but with babel disabled those texts could be resent and arrive fine.
+Nathan Clark Reboot your device after you push it to system/app. The app will show up in your app drawer. Open it up and choose your Gmail account.

Make sure text notifications are enabled in GV app and messages are handled by GV app not messaging app.  
+David Dzado If you have WiFi, you'll receive notifications as they come seeing as this service uses data, not sms
+Josh Chambers  I understand they aren't SMS. Here's the use case. Imagine your phone being off all day and you send text messages via any other GV access point (desktop, gv chrome extension). When you decide to turn your phone on again, Babel syncs the messages. Problem is that it will pull all of the sent messages, then pull all the received ones. They won't be in order of occurrence because the timestamp from the original sending or receiving isn't being used. I'm not sure if you can or can't. When the messages are finally all synced, they have a new timestamp based on when they were synced, not sent. 
+David Dzado yeah, that totally makes sense; I doubt koush is going to be able to do anything about it simply because of how the standard SMS app handles notifications. I think this is a great proof of concept which I hope will give Google further incentive to integrate voice, SMS and hangouts as soon as possible. (Though I doubt integration will come before android 4.3). I'd imagine koush will continue to make changes and release new builds of babel so we'll see if he addresses any of the issues. In the meantime I'm pretty dang content with whats on the table
+Claudio Golia Thanks! I think it's working now... I used SMS to send a message to my wife and saw it duplicated it through GV... when she responded I got a GV notification, but her message was both in GV and SMS.

One thing that I notice didn't happen was that I didn't get an SMS notification. I think that's supposed to be how it works.

So the only "issue" is that if I click the notification I go into GV which has a crappy UI. So it's an extra step to get back into a better messaging app...
+Nathan Clark   Make sure under "sync and notification" in GV app "Text Notifications" is checked. that should solve it.
It is checked... I do get a notification. It's just through GV and not my SMS app... so touching the notification brings me to GV rather than my SMS app which has a nicer UI.
It seems kinda flakey, sometimes incoming and outgoing messages don't work. Google voice is working fine, babel is not. 
Google voice is the only app on my nexus that manages to make it run horribly slow, thanks to this I now never have to open it, been using it all day and it's so awesome, thank you for this!
+Koushik Dutta I'm currently running beta 2 on my LGOG e970 running RootBox.  I'm having zero issues with Babel pushing my GV SMS to either the native app or GoSMS.  Thank you VERY much for finally bringing this functionality - I've been hoping for it (and buying apps which claim to do it, but fail) for several years.

However, whatever you have Babel doing to hide GV's native SMS notification from the status bar appears to also be hiding GV's voicemail notifcations from the status bar.  Is there any way for you to differentiate these two notifications so GV voicemail notifications show up?  If not, the current option of hiding all the GV app's notifications is the preferred option for me...I get a lot more GV SMS messages than VMs!

I'm currently working around this issue by "showing" GV Voicemail notifications in the native call log (which also shows them in the status bar).  This is a less than optimal option though, as opening these voicemails from either the notification shade or the call log causes the call history app to crash back to the home screen without playing the message.  I've never had good luck with integrating GV Voicemails into the native call logs in custom ROMs, so I assume that side of things is a ROM issue rather than a Babel issue - I certainly don't hold you responsible for it.  But if there's a way to make the GV app's voicemail notifications appear, it would be appreciated.  

Thanks again for this awesome app!
It's been working great so far. The only thing that really trips it up is getting messages is a bit delayed and sycing messages sent online with the message store on the phone doesn't appear to be working.

Great job and I'm looking forward to more updates!
Getting FCs on CM10.1.1 with Franco M3 kernel
In case you two haven't had your questions answered already:

+S. LeBeau Kpadenou: This happened to me when I had a different kernel (BMS). You may need to use stock CM kernel. It's a pretty new hack (koush's words) so if you happen to find a kernel it works with, I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd be interested.

+James Hartig: You can clear the data on stock messaging apk before you integrate the Gvoice hack after every reflash. That worked for me. I sometimes get a double message, but it's pretty rare. But if you leave all those messages in stock messaging and redo the hack, everything doubles up.

Now my turn for a question :) I just compiled my first build. I'm thinking that I can add Babel.apk to my build and just flash it and it should be good to go (after installing Google Voice, of course). I doubt there's a git I can add to my local manifest for Babel, so I'll probably just pop it in the zip before I flash. Thoughts from other self builders? Also, I should probably think about throwing in Google Voice. Yes, I know, Gapps are proprietary and are not supposed to be in ROMs. But this is a personal ROM so I'm sure Google won't be that upset about it. Can someone provide thoughts and/or help on this as well? Thank you.
+Jared Mahoney this doesn't enable MMS. If you are sending/receiving photos, they are going over the normal MMS channel, not Google Voice.
Very cool. It's what Google Voice should have done to begin with!

I like not having double notifications, but Babel seems to be swallowing all the Google Voice notifications - including voicemail. If there's a way to make it only swallow the text notifications, that would be awesome.
+Jeff Simpson I mentioned the MIA voicemail notifications earlier as well. I'm currently using the option in the GV app to push voicemail notification to the call log. I have problems opening those notifications... They crash back to the home screen (ROM problem on RootBox as far as I know) but at least I get VM notification.
+Daniel Marchena I enabled the voicemail to call log function after installing this hack and it was acting weird. To be fair, I think it has acted weird whenver I tried it. My problem was that it kept telling me there were new ones, and I'd keep replaying them trying to make it go away. There were only 4 that kept popping up and I'm fairly certain they'd been listened to / archived or deleted in my Gvoice account already. So I disabled the function. And now I'm wondering if I have any voicemails hiding... I just checked and it appears I do not. Most people who call me don't leave vm's, so I guess I won't worry about this too much.
Doesn't appear the SMS patch is contained in the CM stable releases, hence the loss of the functionality when installing 10.1.1 and 10.1.2. Need to wait for the nightlies to roll out again.
This is depressing. I was enjoying this until I updated to 10.1.2 nightly for security updates. :-P
I think for now I'll just roll back to before the security patches.
Will this work in the new stable release?
Babel doesn't FC on 10.1.2, but SMS functions don't work.
+Claudio Golia I think you may need babel beta 3 for that build...have you upgraded?  If you are on a CM release newer than 7/12 you need beta 3.  This is the beta 2 thread....
+Daniel Drumheller I have beta 3 installed. I was just throwing an FYI out there for others who may have installed beta3. 
+Dan Lo
hey i put it to my system/App follow everything and it seems to be not on my app drawer and did the permission
This may be a dumb question but will this work on roms based on cyanogenmod?I have the latest avatar nightly installed but not sure if when a rom is based on another if they use the latest build and then build on top of that? Would love to have this work..I installed it anyway, converted to system app but when i launch it it says sms intercept permission unavailable. Also seem to be having issues using the google voice app now (sending and receiving). Not sure if that is related as it may have happened after i installed the latest avatar nightly :/
Go to Settings -> About phone -> CyanogenMod version.  If it's older than 20130701 then it won't have the SMS middleware patches that Koushik put in. You'll need a updated ROM.
+Cate Cowan it will depend on when your ROM was last synced with CM. But if you are running nightlies, it's probably a good bet they are very current. I'd try Babel beta 3. That had been needed for roughly the last 10 days or so I think. There's a link to the beta 3 thread a few posts up.
Hey thanks! I had actually installed beta 3 already (forgot to mention that...) and looks like it's still not working even after I installed the gapps that I geniously forgot to install when I flashed the last nightly (which is why Voice wasn't working) ;D Guess I'll have to just go ahead and flash CM... 
Liam C
Does a Cyanogenmod 9 nightly count?
Hi, what is the proper way to configure Voice+ these days? All I can find is old posts with old information. Did anything change since the Babel beta? I'm not sure what settings I need to make in GV and GoSMS app to make it work without hiccups. Any help would be appreciated.
+Koushik Dutta I know you must be a busy man. I was just wondering after finding this post, is there a stable (or new) or new version out yet? Thanks.
Does this work for 4.4 babel fc's whenever I try to open it 
Add a comment...