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Download ADB Server for Chrome

Currently only works with Nexus 5. I'll whitelist other devices later and do a release on the Chrome web store.

Unzip file.
Enable developer mode.
Load unpacked extension.

I've forked ChromeADB and packaged my adb server with it, for a single package install. (original project:

Using adb already? adb kill-server from the command line if you want to test this.

On a Chromebook, the initial generation of the RSA key can take up to a minute. Be patient. Wait for the authorization dialog on your phone, then refresh the list of devices by clicking "ChromeADB".

I haven't implemented a lot of the various host service commands, but enough that it works. Including most adb commands via command line.

Still requires drivers on Windows.
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What is main benefit of using this instead of standard adb server? 
great work +Koushik Dutta 
But where is device live screen showed at the video? its laggy but still?
+John Doe That's a different unreleased project. I needed to build this to implement some of Mirror w/out root.
can we have some file manager with maybe drag-and -drop file copy/paste please? adb push/pull... in order to have all-in-one combine/
damn i want this to work with mirror to have the device sreen in separate window... to make demos with PC and android screencast simultaneously.
Why limit to this the Nexus 5?
+David Li Cause that's probably his daily driver and used it to start this project that is in very early stage. Or it could be a hardware thing like screen mirroring to the Chromecast.
i think one can add their devices manually if they find strings for their devices: nexus 5 has "usbDevices": [ { "vendorId": 6353, "productId": 20194 } 
Oneplus one support please then I can finally put up my PC... Lol
Any chance of this making it to the chrome webstore? 
+Andre Saddler yes he did. I know how to read. He didn't say what devices he would be supporting. It was a suggestion, as did others suggest devices they would like to see supported. Comprehend?
Warranted or not, to me, this is probably the most impressive thing you've done. Awesome!
I can see the day coming when I can manage my nexus 5 without windows...thanks
Sometimes I wonder, if you can take these developments from idea to reality in a matter of days, why has it taken years for anyone to do this?

You're undervalued in the development world +Koushik Dutta this shit is badass!
can't seem to get this to work,but my cr48 is old and slow...maybe someone will make a tut for us older/slower people...;)
Any chance fastboot will be integrated in this (if it isn't already--can't test on mobile)? 
very useful, thank you! do you have a list of the available commands?
i think im using it wrong.. got an hp chromebook 14 and not sure why its not working.. u just hit connect right?
+Robert Elg make sure you reload the extension. unplug and replug in the device. may take a minute for it to generate the first key. I've only tested nexus devices, so you're on your own.
ah ha, got it! had to reload the extension
+Koushik Dutta dude, this is pretty good man.. working great with my cm11ed nexus 5 and hp chromebook 14
+Koushik Dutta any chance you can it working with the drivers for +Google Glass? I would love to just use my Chromebook for everything. 

Edit: I am at work so I may have missed it if you got it working already.
yes, port 5037 while using a usb cord works, right now trying to test adb over network but not getting any good progress..
to be fair im trying usb again and having troubles getting back to good status =/ looks like more work has to be done
and now im back to good status lol.. had to refresh it like 3 times
+Koushik Dutta I loaded the extension and connected my nexus 5 to samsung chromebook(arm) . USB debugging is ON on nexus. But, its not prompting the RSA keys on my phones. I tried reload and relaunch as well. any info that would help? 
Just in time --- just preordered the Acer Chromebook 13
Works fine on Mac OS with my Nexus 4. It uses the same PID and VID of the Nexus 5, apparently. I'm using an L preview port. Cheers!
Works fine on my Acer C720/Nexus 5 looking forward to the official release!
Would it work for the nexus 4 too? 
Is there maybe a demo to show how it works and its features?
I really don't mean to offend here, but...what is the point of this?
Rolf B
Here are the Ids for Nexus 4 (at least european): "vendorId": 6353,  "productId": 53250.

This app is very promising! :)
Does this mean you will need to manually compile a list of devices?
I'd be happy to help out with Google Glass, European Nexus 5 and the Galaxy S2 Plus.
Chromebook owner here: thanks!!
Works great on OS X 10.9.4, with Chrome 37 (min Chrome version is 24).
+Robert Elg Android devices are an exception, because the Linux kernel supports them out of the box... and so does Mac OS X.
I'd like to try this - but get "Error 503 Service Unavailable"

edit: Im an idiot!! Eheheh. It's right there in the Chrome Store :)
I have an HTC One m7wls and this works good.  But any chance you could incorporate automatic adb-server "ON" when app opens and "OFF" when app closes?

Also, any chance of fastboot becoming a part of this package or a separate fastboot app?
+Koushik Dutta​ Can i use this on my ASUS Chromebox to sideload android lollipop OTA on to my Nexus 5?
it generated rsa key and recognized my nexus 6 connected to acer chromebook beta channel. I am looking to flash latest ota for N6 that google just posted on nexus images. any help appreciated. thanks for this app.
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