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Enabling Google Music to any AllCast device (requires root)
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Looks like I'll finally be rooting my phone.
Dont think you need root?
+Richie M don't need it, I have something that actually works well for free and works well with my PS.
Sorry for my dumb question, but I can't find the option to enable it inside Google Music. I have activated the option in allcast.. 
Damn, this is exactly what I've been missing for the last year. Thanks +Koushik Dutta for making the awesome possible.
Nice. So now I just need Google Music to come to my country... ;-)
+Koushik Dutta is there any way to get Google Play Music to work without my Moto X being rooted? My tablet is a Nexus 7.
Doesn't work with my LG TV DLNA renderer. But videos work and everything else via allcast. 
+Koushik Dutta is the allcast receiver app compatible with the Vizio costar implementation of Google tv? Play store doesnt seem to think so!
+Koushik Dutta , I am away from my co-star now. Will check and let you  know, but thanks for following up! Keep up the great work!
+Christoph Kammerl Yeah, as Koush said, after enabling it in my settings, I had to reboot my device to see the little cast button to show up on Play Music. 
+Koushik Dutta I tried rebooting and still nothing. Cast icon showed up when I turned on my Chromecast, and all my DLNA devices showed up immediately.

On a side note, any plans for Airport Express support for music?
An open side question...on my Android 4.4.2 S4 and 4.3 Galaxy Tab, I get this intermittent behavior where in when trying to play a web video (example -couchtuner, einthusan), occassionally it asks me how I want to play and then I choose AllCast and stream away to glory, but it doesnt happen consistently. Also, sometimes it works only on specific browser like Baidu but not on Chrome. I have tried clearing defaults, but that doesnt seem to help.
I don't know if it should be possible, but casting Google Music to another android device with the Allcast Receiver app doesn't seem to work. The cast icon doesn't show up at first in the Play music app. After casting some local content to the Allcast Receiver first however, the cast icon appears in the Play Music app. But if I touch the newly appeared cast icon the app will keep searching for devices but find nothing. I have already rebooted multiple times and enabled Google music casting in the settings.
Same here: I have to cast a photo for play music to see allcast receiver. As soon as I hit stop on the photo casting (from the allcast notification) the music also stop.
+Koushik Dutta so I can cast music and video local on my phone okay but when I try to cast Google play music to my fire TV it never finds my fire TV in the cast pop-up just constantly searches 
Just add airport support and i would be a very happy man! 
There is no Google Music Setting in my AllCast. Is it enabled only in full version? 
When I enable the option and get the reboot prompt, I get a Settings force close error, the phone reboots and the option isn't enabled still. jfltevzw / CM11 / Allcast Premium/Paid. 
Btw: when i cast something from allcast to dlna receiver Chromecast icon shows in Google Music but it can't find any cast receivers. 
This is a fantastic feature!  But, something is wrong. When using Google Play music to play and album by casting to AllCast Receiver on my Nexus Q, it skips every other track. At the end of one track, it will skip the next track (sometimes it plays about 1 sec of the next track before jumping on).
Having a similar problem to +Mathieu Détré's. Can't see the cast button in Google Music until I cast a photo or video first. I can however stop casting and go into Google Music and it will work just fine.
+Sal Hernandez I'm having a very similar issue to you, where the cast button only shows up when I am currently casting a photo or video first. However, when I push the cast button in Google Music and get the "connect to device" prompt, it constantly keeps searching for devices, but never finds anything. I'm running a rooted VZW S4 on 4.3, with the latest Google Music and SuperSU installed.
Double Twist did this. They became a friendly reminder to stop doing it. And had to remove it or get removed. 
+Geoff Wacker exactly the same problem for me too, running rooted Nexus 4, which I rooted specifically for this awesome feature. Thanks for bringing this to AllCast +Koushik Dutta, I'm sure you'll figure out what's wrong soon, and I look forward to blasting the tunes on the TV when you do! :D
Has anyone had any luck getting GMusic to work yet? It seems like a lot of people are having the same issue, so I'm guessing it's a bit of a glitch?
+Koushik Dutta Thanks for the update Koush! Tried a few restarts, but not had any luck. I'll wait patiently for your next update then. ;) Thanks for adding this feature in, been hoping you would at some point. Cheers!
+Koushik Dutta Trying to cast to my Sony TV (about 6months old).

AllCast sees the TV, I can select it, but nothing shows up in GMusic unless I cast something else ia AllCast first, such as an image or audio file. At that point GMusic presents the cast icon, I select it and try to connect, but it just says connecting and never makes a successful connection.

I'm runing a rooted Nexus4 and have restarted after enabling the GMusic option in AllCasts settings. Hope this helps.
Correction: GMusic says 'Searching for devices' but never detects anything.
+Koushik Dutta  My AllCast keeps stopping videos over one minute in telling me the preview is complete, totally randomly, 10m, 20m, 47m, whenever it likes, I have premium licence installed on both devices (One M8 and Xperia Tablet Z) - any others having this problem or are you aware of a problem?
+Koushik Dutta Playing to Chromecast from external SD on Tablet Z. Was running JB at the time, updated to 4.4.2 today haven't tried since update. From ES File Explorer sharing to Allcast as I was also having issues with identifying video titles in Allcast
+Koushik Dutta You're an absolute legend Koush, rapid fix and pushed to Play Store same day (ish!). Loving your work!
Ish doesn't work on S3 of Nexus 5, both rooted and running CM N6.  Says to reboot for it to work, but then doesn't work.  I have had premium for awhile.
just found out about this...seems like i'll be replacing my car stereo with a nexus 7...way to go kd
+Koushik Dutta with latest Google Music and AllCast on a rooted N5 if I try to cast to a DLNA receiver the "Connect to device" dialog hang with "Searching for devices..." message, known issue?
that's my current setup, and i currently have no problems... but that used to happen to me back when allcast first came out... try using a different rom maybe
looks like I need to cast something from all cast before seeing the cast icon in gmusic then I just get searching for devices. N5 rooted android L
Ok, seems the breakage of the bubble-app wasn't your doing, +Koushik Dutta. Sorry for not reading up on that before bashing.

Still, Google Music via Allcast doesn't work for me.
More info in your recent thread.

Arrggh! Come on! The hack to make Google Music compatible with Allcast broke Google Music's compatibilty with +bubblesoftapps _Cast to UPnP for Google Music_!

So now, not only doesn't Allcast work with Google Music, neither does the other app, which until now had worked just perfectly!

How do I revert the hack you just did on my Nexus 7, +Koushik Dutta?
Nvm... I didn't go thru ur app and give it root permissions... It casts perfectly. GJ!
Works great on my Samsung GT-N1080, but have to reboot everytime to get it to work with google music app.  streaming to 
roku 3.  I was looking for a way to do it from the pc directly, but this works nicely.  Is there a way to not have to reboot every run? that would be nice.
Im using allcast on my rooted htc one casting to the chrome receiver app on my win7 pc.  When I first set everything up,   casting from Google Play Music app to the chome receiver worked fine.  However, at some point the audio died,  but the correct album art was still showing / changinng with each song.  I upgraded to premium and then restarted everything.  At that point the chrome receiver stopped showing up in play music app casting option (just my regular chromecast dongle remained).  I have tried re-starts and re-installs of both the android server and pc/chrome receiver.  Ive also tried revoking and re-enabling the SU rights on android and re-enabling the gmusic option in the android settings.  The app is able to see can cast to the pc on it's own no problem ,  but I cant get the google play music app to see the chrome receiver again. 
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