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Some pics of the +CyanogenMod office.

Chief Entertainment Officer, Cooper, asleep on the job.
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Are you going to put up giant Cid statues in the yard for each release? 
+Kyle Simmons imagine they put one up for each release, but since the only difference in name is the version number, they just make statues of 10.2 Cids eating jelly beans, and then 11 Cids breaking Kit Kats.
Wait a minute you're missing the cool looking Apple computers that they show all of the start- ups have on TV....
More displays is better displays.  MMMMM.
+Koushik Dutta I am pretty sure your dog is a "Liver and White" Brittany Spaniel.  German pointers generally don't have that "skirt" on the back of them.  Cute dog though. 
Making CM official, well more official .. Great job
Cute doggie! Best wishes for a bright future!
Now I know your secrets from the white board.... 
Currently we have Maritime Pacific Imperial IPA and Pacifico, but I we just blew the Pacifico... Someone needs to go on a keg run.
+Koushik Dutta  hey, I'm looking for a breeder that will "ship" a brittany, do you have any breeders that you could put me in contact with?
+Travis Shepherd I got Cooper from Southpaw Kennels (Michigan, so fairly close to you I think) as a puppy. I don't know if they'll ship, but they have a litter coming in a month or two.

Cooper has been amazing-- he's over 10 years old, and still looks and acts like a puppy. No health issues. Most people meet him and think he's 3 or 4. The breeder, June Cuthbertson, really cares about advancing the breed. I actually think she'll insist on meeting you.
Thank you so much, yes I live in Indiana, so not too far for a drive for a family companion.
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