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AllCast Beta is now on Google Play (no root required)

Send local videos to your Roku, Apple TV, Xbox (360 or One), Samsung Smart TVs, and other DLNA renderers.

To download, join this community by clicking here:

Then click this link to join the beta for AllCast:

Leave comments and bugs below!
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Says item not found....anyone else? scratch that just saw comment above...apologies
Koushik dutta, I know you have Samsung smart tv supported, how about LG smart Tv support?any plans for it? Thanks for your response. 
Koush, have you given up all together on the Chromecast dongle? I know Google previously irritated you over the product. Is there any way to cast to it? 
Unable to get my X1 to show as well. Did what you said in seeing to turn stream off than on again and nothing...
+Koushik Dutta, Is it possible to make/add it to the share list? Or be able to use it from other programs like ES File Explorer etc...

For example, if I was using ES File Explorer, or some other File Explorer, find the file that I would like to play/share to the TV, long press on it, Share (Share via...) Could you add AllCast/can it be added to that Share Via list that pops up where I can just select AllCast and then shoot it to the TV?

I hope that makes sense :) Great app though :) I just started to use it, but I'll continou to play with it and report any bug or anything :) 
Thanks for that great app +Koushik Dutta Keep up the great work... 
+Koushik Dutta I have an LG smart TV that supports DLNA and a galaxy s3 for some reason allcast doesn't seem to work but bubble upnp does any ideas? 
When can  chromecast support be expected? i know its complicated to work it with Google. But i can hope right?
Oops any luck with chromecast :(.Thanks.

I realise this is only a beta test but ;

The UI is fairly bare especially the dlna part, I realise you have to make it generic and have probably only used pictures for translation reasons but it might be worth you linking to a recommend app e.g. bubbleunpnp .

Also that you have to select local renderer in bubble

Some sort of FAQ / help section would also be useful, although as far I I can tell the FAQ's could be covered by

Q. What's the difference between this and bubble
A. Aircast, Roku etc support

Q. Will it work with my x device?
A. If it supports dlna rendering/aircast or is a Roku. Yes (lg tv)
Otherwise. No (PS3)

Q. Will it work with my chromecast
A. Maybe in the future if google allow it

FYI devices that I have tested it on (all dlna):

LG TV: works, video title came up as test2 wasn't able to use seek bar

Windows media player: works seeking doesn't, file name test3

Vlc (ubuntu via rygel): shows up works, same issues as above

PS3: no

Nexus 5 (completely stock), selected local video (recorded from the camera earlier) for playback via AllCast to a Netgear PTV3000, and Android screen froze requiring a forced reboot. 
+Koushik Dutta it would be great, if available (but currently not connected) Bluetooth-Devices (Speaker) could be selectable directly from allcast
I would love pictures to be added to :-), awesome work Koush!
Works beautifully when it does with Apple TV but it disconnects after some time. Happened to me a few times. 
Doesn't work from nexus 4 to raspberry pi. 
+Nathan Towers Yeah, I'm not sure 20/10 is fast enough. My Wifi connection is 60 at home. If you have a 5Mbps video, which is standard, you'll easily saturate the connection.

May also be worth checking out Wifi Analyzer.
Works fine on my HTC One X running +CyanogenMod 10.1.3 through to a Samsung Smart TV.
+Koushik Dutta Tested with CM10.2-RC1-flo on Xbox 360. Worked with an mp4 I had on it. Within the Allcast app I could pause but not start again. The play button did work from the notification drop down though. Also, if I rotate my device, it blacks out and restarts the video from the beginning.
Matt R
cant' download with ATT HTC one. Doesn't list in the store.
Same as many others. AllCast link goes to 404 even after joining the beta.
Can anyone send me an external link, I can't find it on the play store. Thanks 
Give it about five or ten minutes. It finally worked for me.
I tried playing a movie from Dropbox but got this email from them: "This email is an automated notification from Dropbox that your Public links have been temporarily suspended for generating excessive traffic."
Not showing either of my rokus, alas. I presume you need to run some sort of app on the roku as well? 
App (S4 Active) doesn't recognize AppleTV (gen1).
Awesome work. Any thoughts about the possibility of this working on the Q? I recently put CM10 on my Q and it appears to work fine, waiting on another OTG cable so I can properly test. Was a mission coz I factory reset the Q after google turned the server off, so couldn't get to debugging. The plan was throw cheapcast on the Q and I'll have my music streaming back. But this could be cool too. 
for this app to successful to the maximum potential its needs work in the plug-ins compatibility. other than that it plays local videos I shoot on my phone look good. great job on the app. Sammy Note 3 (tester)
Does roku box needs special app in order allcast to see it?
After installing from the link and getting the error message, go to the app store app on ur phone, go to all and you will see it. Hit install and you should be good to go. 
Why do I keep getting "item not found" when trying to download the apk via the link? It said I am a beta tester. And I obviously added this community to G+.
It must have just took a couple of minutes I got the apk download now.
+pam oakes try a force install had same problem. So when install the first and the error message pops up. Leave error Window up on device and install again. It worked for me
I am getting the same problem, I want to test with my Xbox One. It's not allowing me to download when I push it to my Note 3 from my PC or downloading on my phone. Is there anything else I can do, or a direct apk link anywhere? 
Did you use the links above? On the second link there is a place to download and install. It did give me an error message but said it was installed. I was into the play store app and went to my apps, then all my apps. It was on top and all I Had to do is hit install. 
Never mind Pam Oakes tip worked, thamks!
On the second link, I never get a page to display
I don't see you as a member. Go to the first link and search clock work mod
beta and join.
I searched for my name,I was there as a member. Still get page not found... maybe I just need all their servers to sync up?
Tried on my galaxy note 3 with Apple tv3. It says connected but no media play back. The apple tv never initiates 
Plays .mp4 from Nexus 7 2013 (Android 4.4) to Roku 3 (firmware rev. 5.2, build 3267) but not .mkv. Roku displays "Play on Roku" then "Allcast" then fallback to Roku's home. Other than that works very well.
Click local video to play from my Nexus 7 and says "Now Playing" but nothing shows up on Apple TV 
HTC One can't find Apple TV (3rd Gen) when using All Cast keeps saying "Searching for Players"

Koushik Dutta.. any idea why it can't find my roku3?
On Roku3 (firmware rev. 5.2, build 3267), moving backward and forward works from Roku's remote but dooesn't from the app (running on Android 4.4) although but it's not 100% clear if the sliding control is meant for that (there's what looks like a volume icon at the end of it).
had to do it from a pc.  all good now! (maybe because my google play account is different than my goggle + account?)
I have an HTC One Max and AllCast can find my Roku XDS and will attempt to cast a video but nothing plays. The progress bar even shows on the phone. The pause and  back button makes a noise and the stop button stops the app on the phone. Am I out of luck with the Roku XDS?
Those of you that are getting an error when trying to access the download, access it on your device. Then thank me.
Got it going. It is seeing all 5 apple TV and 3 Roku. Doing some testing now.
+Koushik Dutta Reposting my question here: I am running CM 11 on LG G2, the AllCast is recognizing my Roku XD/S and says it's playing but nothing is happening on the TV. I just continue to see the Roku channel screen.
all cast icon does not show up in apps under the sharing menu. Is it supposed to?
+Yehuda Schupper +Mitch Brevard just thinking out loud here, but I think some CM builds leave out things like HDMI out and so on. Could it be that CM doesn't support DLNA streaming? 
+Timothy Donohue what device are you wanting to stream to? If you just want something like google music streaming to a Samsung TV for example, then there are possibly easier ways to do that. 
+Yehuda Schupper I'm far from an expert in this area. Haven't had a chance to play with the app much yet and only used CM a bunch of times about a year ago. But I did have an issue with what output CM would give me. There's heaps of guys on here with better knowledge and can let us know. 
Cant get it to work on a roku 2 xs casting from a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 also my LG phone I have 3 roku's and none of them are showing, just searching for device shows. Am I missing a setting?
Tried this last night on my Xbox with my Verizon Galaxy Nexus running Kit Kat. It failed twice but then it worked fine. Played several videos today without issue. Kinda annoys me that I just ordered a Chromecast but I'll probably keep it anyways since it was only $30
Steve R
Detects my Boxeebox and detects my Roku 2 in the bedroom, but nothing sent to either actually plays. Using Galaxy S4 on stock/rooted mf3. Same exact issue using my Galaxy Note 10.1 (2012).
They both get to the point of "now playing", but no videos ever start.
+Koushik Dutta it will be awesome once it starts working properly across all devices and I look forward to watching it mature.
Please help with finding play store link, link is not working
+Steve R I've always had my boxeebox show up as a stream to device but never managed to stream anything to it.
Can't discover my Apple TV, but no problem with a TV, both hard wired to my router.
it's not working on xbmc (openelec) on my rpi. i have tested airplay with ios devices and it works fine. it's listed, but when i try to play something from the gallery it justs sits there
Hi iam trying with rasp-Pi running raspbmc.The  device is seen but not playing any videos.any suggestion
Steve R
The latest update works for my Roku 2. Plays most things rather well, but doesn't play mkv though I'm not really surprised with that at this stage of this apps development. Doesn't like streaming too much (talking about dropbox and skydrive) and resorts to a lot of re-bufferring. That's something you'll want to eventually consider tweaking +Koushik Dutta
Weirdness is that if I use Quick Pic to launch my videos instead of Gallery it'll pause occasionally even with playing videos from my LAN. As stated, Gallery doesn't have those type of issues. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense, imo.
Boxeebox is detected, but still cannot play with the latest update.
Subtitle support would make it even more great :) 
Works really well on my Panasonic LCD TV. Even plays 1080p without a hitch. What would be great is the ability to play portrait oriented videos in their correct orientation on the TV, even if that means losing some display resolution. Not sure if this is possible? Another really handy feature would be some sort of play listing ability - or do I need to build a playlist in another player and share though this? But anyway, great app.
My apple tv is not showing up in the device list and I am using nexus 4
It doesn't work with Nexus 5 & Nexus 7 on Samsung SmartTV (8000), with a recorded video from Nexus 5. TV says "Unsupported video data".
+Yehuda Schupper I'm not totally sure, as we don't see them over here. I'm not even sure if they are officially sold here. I thought the xds had USB, but wasn't built into the firmware at release. Has this been added with an update? I thought that DLNA was the same deal. I did read a while ago about some unofficial mods to get DLNA for it. 
On another note. I've had a chance to use the app and little now and it's working awesome on my Samsung products. I'll try LG next week. 
Hi Koushik, any plans to support audio only? Would be perfect to get my google cloud music files to apple tv. Cheers Alex
Doesn't send to my Roku 2xs from galaxy s3. I have very fast internet so I know it's not that...allcast just says no media playing after I choose Roku. Is there a Roku channel I need to put on Roku for it to work on there our should it just automatically start playing?
+Alexander Schmidt had it working with audio from drive to Samsung TV. As long as its in a format that's supported by TV. As for apple TV, no idea, sorry. I won't even buy an apple from the super market, let alone anything mildly connected with Mr. Jobs. 
Sony Xperia Z owner here (running PACman rom)! When I try to select a video with quickpic or gallery app. My phone gets stuck. So I  couldn't do anything anymore. Had to do a hard reboot Erased the app for now...
Just a heads up.  If you dont join the community it will give you a 404 when downloading the app.  Really bad user experience. It should say you have to join the community. 
I keep getting the 404 error but I have joined the community... Any idea what's going on?
I downloaded tha Allcast App today. I have LG P880 and a Xbox360, it works, but only the play and stop button. 
+Eric Schimelpfenig Look one comment above,  I thought clicking on the top link would join you to the community. But you have to click Join, then go the the second link.  Not sure why they give you a 404
"AllCast Could not be downloaded due to an error. (940)" On my Galaxy Note 3 (vzw) Installed fine on my galaxy tab 2 10.1 (wifi)
Any plans to make AllCast work with Bitcasa?
Works flawless with my WDTV ;) Awsome ;) Great work Koush!
Works fine with n5 kitkat and Samsung tv
S4 & Samsung TV - video from gallery works great. High res. My local problem is poor bandwith results in pase/loads.
Trying to do it from my note 2 to my ps4 but doesn't see it
HP Touchpad w/CM 4.2.2 and Samsung TV - works great.
I, Genc
does it support mkv/avi ? 
Ricky S
Tried it on a DLNA LG smart tv. My HTC One detects the tv in the allcast app and then it seems to think its playing but nothing shows up on my TV. 
Will B
Installed it after joining the group earlier today. WAnted to send to a friend but it's not showing up on the Play Store for me anymore... removed??
Installed fine on my N10, failed on my rooted Galaxy S3 (with CM on, I get error 940). When trying to cast a file from dropbox, it gets to the searching for players step and hangs. Thanks for sharing either way.
Hi Koushik Dutta, it seems that doesn't work with LG smart TVs. Are you working on it? Thanks

I can connect just fine (HTC Droid DNA -> Xbox 360) but cannot play mp4 video files.  The videos are taken with the default camera app, and although I am rooted I am not using any custom ROMs.

Any ideas?  Thanks!
I think allcast got taken down. Can't find it via Google play store search, nor through these links. I'm running a Nexus 4 with PA 4.3 JB

EDIT: Tried it again after a bit and it seemed to work. It appears as if Google Play Search is buggy as hell or it waits a bit to confirm tester status. I'll add any bug reports to this post.
HI!congrats on the app.
i tried but..
1)always telling me my wifi may not be strong enough to play the video 
2)Always searching but was not able to find my APPLE TV (720p) or Xbox 360...

any ideas?my wifi streaming videos from other sources and all works fine (65mbps) ..not sure whats happening.
Unistaled and reinstalled app and now recognise APPLE TV..worls flawless...5 STARS!trying now on Ps3!

Thank you! for awesome app.
Works great on casting to my appletv from my ATT S4 running 4.3.  The same mp4 video was slow and had no audio on an Xbox 360.
Used skifta as a media browser to connect to my media servers ( serviio,ps3mediaserver) and cast using allcast to Atv, however playback quits after 2 minutes !
Doesn't see either of my Roku LTs from my Nexus 4.  Is the LT supported?
Tried all combinations of the following:
From: VZW Galaxy Nexus (on 4.3), HP Touchpad (on 4.0.4), Galaxy Tab P1000 (on 4.0.4), Hisense Sero 7 Pro (on 4.2.1), and Toshiba Thrive 10 (on 4.1.2)
To: Roku 3 and Vizio Co-Star (Google TV thru Playpoint App)
All combinations work great, no bugs or issues yet for video playback.
When I click on the link to download the play store can't find it. Any ideas?
Download link not working for me either.
installed on third try. first two it said item not found or something similar 
Can stream local video from my Galaxy S4 to my Roku 3 but trying to stream from YouTube app results in Roku starting to buffer then exiting to Roku main menu. Attempting to stream from LiveLeak app doesn't do anything on the Roku and after a few seconds the Allcast app on the phone crashes.
Just downloaded and tested. Attempted to stream videos from Sprint HTC One stock build (video taken by my HTC One) to our Xbox over wireless, but didn't work. The interface connects, but it says my wireless can't handle the video stream. I'm assuming that this is an issue with my wireless setup and not allcast. So far, don't have any thing else that I can test.

+Gareth Lewis-Pitt how are you getting it to stream from the YouTube app? When I open up allcast youtube isn't an option for me, and when I open up youtube I don't see any adjustable settings to cast it through allcast.
Hmmm... able to just open and share video from my transformer prime through xbox360. Transformer won't send music. HTC one gets "play back error" for video and won't stream music. I don't have a clue why.
+Koushik Dutta This would be very cool. if you could route the real "DATA" aka netflix or whatever the streaming data was over your LTE/4G then over wifi -> TV device. Thats my idea anyway 
+James Murtha check and make sure you are in the same account in the play store. I changed mine and linked right to the app. 
Just did a couple quick test with my WD Live TV and it works great!  Couples suggestions: 

1. Can we use other players (MX Player) as gallery doesn't support that many formats.

2. Any way to do picture gallery.

Thanks for making this app because  Chromecast without aircast really is useless.
Do I need to configure my wireless router to allow DLNA to work on my network? I've already tried to hook my wired desktop to the wireless PS3, and AllCast isn't detecting it either.
On Xbox one you need to run the Xbox video first. Then allcast will find your device 
Simply brilliant +Koushik Dutta ... cant wait to go home and try this out...

Hoping to see full support for ChromeCast soon.... 

Absolutely amazing!! Tested on xbox 360. Streams flawlessly. Only issues regarding the android device on screen controls (seeking, volume, restart not working. Pause partially working and stop perfectly working). Still superb app!!
Awesome job. 

Some things I noticed.  I set up the roku first which worked great.  The problem is I dont see how to add new devices. It always just connects to the Roku.  Also a nice feature would be to stream pictures and music to my devices too.
Works on S3 and Nexus 10 with KitKat but N10 only finds Roku while S3 finds Roku and Chromecast.
Tried to plug my Samsung Galaxy W to my PlayStation 3 through a Linksys E2500 wireless router. Didn't work, even though my sister's netbook was recognized by the PS3. Am I doing something wrong?
Not working for me! I get: Connect to Device Searching for players... and it stays their; Could it be our Network setup?
+Lawrence Chai Will see whne I get home as the app updated maybe that fixed a few bugs, will report back 
Oddly enough, AirPlay streaming isn't available in mine, even though I've got 2 Apple TV's on my network.
Figured it out... the beta link just didn't work from my phone
Joined the community and went to download All Cast and got this error: "We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server." Tried several times and no success yet
+Selwyn van Rooyen... Are you clicking the link from an Android device? I was having the same problem until I signed in to Google+ on my desktop browser...
I've tried both ways, first from the desktop, then from my S4. Still no luck.
I get that error message above before i get to the Play store. If I go in to the Play store outside of the link and search for Allcast there, it's not found.
+Mike Politzer... you are taking about the "Allcast beta instructions" link right? It is in the "About this community" section...
Yes, join the community then click on the "Allcast beta instructions" link which asks me if I want to be a tester or go to the AllCast download which I choose. Then I get the URL can't be found on this server message.
I tried to stream YouTube to my Roku and it says that it's about to do something on the screen but then promptly goes back to the main tile screen with the channels on it.
Does this only support streaming, or can you simply "mirror" the display so any/all apps on the mobile device can be cast? And does the Android device need to be rooted or will the app work with stock builds?
No rooting required... I don't think mirroring is supported (at least right now)
anyone know if will this work with the now tv box (a cut down roku lt)?
I tried reinstalling the app but still doesn't see my ps3 or ps4. Do I need to do something with my router?
Ping Ye
+Koushik Dutta It works on my HTC DNA and Panasonic 60ST60. But it only finds video files on the phone, but not photos. Video is slow and hitches initially, and then run smoothly. Can it work for TV apps on the HTC phone?
CA I streaming pictures on AllCast or any other application? 
Roku model 2050x does not work. Sees the player, but nothing plays even though it indicates it's playing.
Have to be missing something. I have four roku payers in the house and it sees them and indicates that it is playing....but nothing. Am I missing something in the connection? Using stock att s4 and nexus 7 2012 running cm 10.2...nothing from either
+Paul Roberts I have seen somewhere that it does...but for the life of me I can  not find it again....sorry
i can't get it to connect with my Roku. (Roku 3) It just keeps saying that it's searching for players. Any help? I am using a Galaxy S3 phone.
I have Nexus4 (4.4) and it worked great before 1nov with my WDTV-player. The app showbox find allcast as third-party player. Now I become betatester downloaded and installed the new version. Now it doesnt work as before. Allcast not working properly. And showbox cant find allcast as third-party player. I Can not find any solution. What to do?
After joining beta, and clicking beta link to install, I get a error trying to find app. Is this the new feature that Koushik was featuring in 10.2 which allowed you to stream anything on your CM phone to chromecast as well?
i tried running .flv files to the xbox one from the app and they wont play , but they seem to run on my 55 LG HDTV, dont know why, but good job so far...loving the app
Testing on veritable antiques: installed on cm9 Touchpad and GB27 Epic 4G Touch to 1st gen Roku. The Roku connects, but is only partially controlled and the stream does not initiate.
OK, after installing Allcast on my Galaxy S3 (Android v4.1.2) it detects my Philips SmartTV just fine. The minute I play a video, the TV screen flickers and a no signal message appears, Allcast says it's playing but the progress bar does not move. Is there a setting on my S3 or TV I need to make sure is enabled?
does not work on chromecast...how to connect ? 
Video taken with e975 full HD and cm10.2 final via Samsung smart TV ue55d6500vq says that video format not supported :(
Using it on my Galaxy note 2 Running Android 4.4 Kit kat and Roku 3.. Works Flawless.. Thanks 
Oh... Thought it would support Chromecast. I didn't find it in play with my Galaxy SII, but went online to play.google.com, and found it there. I pressed install online, and the app was installed on my device. Worked great, except for one thing; didn't work with chromecast (yet). I really hope to receive support for it soon ..., AND also the posibility to easy show photos from the phone - not just stream vids.
Idk if this helps, but when I tried threw chrome or play store and the link was broke.. But I went threw the stock Internet on my phone and there it was.. That's how I got it to install 
Bob Job
Ready to beta test. Started following. Keep up the good work.
Works fine .with my Galaxy S2, allows video to stream to my Roku 3 and my WD smp
Installed through Google play by pressing the install tab then it downloaded to the phone.....took awhile to show up.
Will post any issues I find......
How about Windows Skydrive as an option...
I have a Galaxy Note3 running stock jelly bean, just tried streaming mp4 through xbox 360. If screen rotates video restarts, then about 3 mins into video with phone screen off video froze. 
Just began testing with newest versions. On a HTC One. Cannot get anything to play...trying from YouTube mostly. Connected devices tested are a Roku 3 and aTV 3. Only receive an error on aTV and closes and goes back to homescreen.
Can't get it to play anything. Does it work with Sony Tvs?
Working good with my Sprint Note 3 & Nexus 7 2014 and ROKU HD. Wonder if… there is a way to link videos stored on a peer-to-peer WIFI 64GB Sand DISK Media Drive? If anyone has any ideas, I could try them out.

Nice contribution. Thanks
Works very well with the Nexus 7 and Roku 3 as long as I wake the device up periodically. With longer material, if I sleep the device screen, the video will revert to a loading screen after several minutes. Hitting the power switch to wake the device up immediately restores playback from wherever it's stopped.
Dg Vet
Works on Xbox One
Worked flawlessly on day one (Tuesday) with my Roku HD (second gen, 2500R model) and my Galaxy Note 3 (stock, unrooted). Then suddenly it just stopped working...it can't even see my Roku and keeps saying searching for players. Not sure what I did.
Tony U.
Are you planning to add support for "casting" to Google TV?
+Morgan Blackwell Log out of all your google account. Login only one google+ account, join the community and join beta.

You got that error because usually you join the community on a different account and accessing the beta link on a different account as well.
When I click the link to dl from playstore it just says item not found on the playstore
Is there instructions anywhere on what you need to get this to work at all? I have a Philips Smart TV; Allcast detects it but when trying to play a video the progress bar doesn't move and my TV screen flickers for a second. Anything I need enabled on the TV or phone side (Samsung Galaxy S3)?
I have two ROKU box's and they both show up with the same name.  Any plans on how to address this moving forward. (Show IP address, allow renaming?) 
it works perfectly with apple tv and a cheap alcatel smartphone! Will it be able to play online videos? This is really awesome!
In joined the community, iv joined the beta it says im a beta tester when I click the link on the google play page I get item not found from the play store am I missing something?
It does not see my Roku, only shows my Sonos audio player. I guess it does not see Chromecast either(probably known, from what I skimmed). Running from my Nexus 4, CM11 M1. I have not used the Roku, yet, so I need to verify that it works, which was assumed, with all the entailed risks.
Update... It works on roku...
Tried playing a youtube video from Nexus 5 to Samsung TV. Got an error saying fie format not supported. Local videos play fine
Sony NSX-GS7 (Google TV) shows as unsupported in the Play Store.  Any idea why?
I don't know what I am doing wrong but I have been on 2 versions of cm11 on Verizon Note 2 (i605) and the app only opens for a split second then force closes. I uninstalled xprivacy and xposed but still having issues. It also did that with the beta version a long time ago before it was on the play store.. 
I also tried installing as a system app, made sure my chromecast was on and connected.
working on sony tablet z to xbox one -- but not to apple tv (starts stream but then stops and goes to menu screen) -- thanks for your hard work I needed this !!!
the app doesnt work on my nexus 7 (2013 wifi model). it doesnt even start up, but when checking the last open apps it is there but cant open it:(...
I was successfully able to stream a gallery video from my Galaxy tablet (Model SGH-T869, Android 4.0.4) to my Roku 3100X. However, the connection is interrupted whenever I rotate the tablet from portrait to landscape. This also usually results in AllCast crashing.
Works great from my Samsung S3 to my Philips Smart TV
This is fantastic, works really well. 

I know it's currently Beta, but would be fantastic to be able to stream music too ... oh and play videos from network drives.  For instance, I use file explorer apps to browse to CIFS shares, and then launch a video, which would be great to then send to the TV of choice. :)
The link to the beta download keeps throwing a 404 error.
when can we expect to have it out of beta ?
I did click both link on multiple occasions. The 2nd link says im a beta tester but when I click the link to dl it says item not found tried searching for app and same result. Maybe its because im in canada.
First few times I got the same message. Just tried it again and it worked. 
Been trying for a few days now and still no item found
Does this only works w Xbox wireless connection to router?
It's not compatible with my rooted ZTE Merit running 2.3.4, is there anything I can do?
most is working with my raspberry, but I can stream movies from my NAS via ES File Exporer. 
Not working with Xbox 1. It loads Xbox video and sits at a black screen.
Just want to +1 for music streaming (Google Play Music, Jango, etc). Video works great from my Droid Maxx to my Roku 3.
Installed on Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and droid razr hd. I could not get the app to connect to a device. I installed it, opened dropbox, chose video, chose share, allcast. The screen comes up that says connecting to device, but then it goes back to the main screen that asks where I want to share the file from. ???? 
Will not play videos on my Jadoo 2 box :(
AllCast is able to find it, however no videos are played via the Jadoo 2 STB.
Any luck on that front would be great.
I can't see my 360 on lan with allcast. I need to use another programma and it's work but not with dlns. Simply share a directory like a pc and read the directory.
For those of you getting "item not found" try clicking the link from a computer instead of the phone and installing from there.
Is there a way to use AllCast to play YouTube videos on the TV?
Too bad it doesn't work with chromecast.
i was sure it was the solution to open up that closed platform :(
Its great that we can use airplay for local videos, but what about youtube videos?
Wayne D
Works great on the Roku 2 3100X (XS), played a video made from the new screencast feature on Gravitybox perfectly.
Lasse O
Not working with my wd TV live player. Allcast finds the player but does not play anything to it.
+Melissa Wu It's not your setup. I am having the same issue. I believe +Koushik Dutta responded to someone regarding wifi speeds
; he said (Quoting out of context here) "mine at home is 60mbps download". I'm guessing those of us who have 20mbps(or lower) download speeds can forget using the app?
+Jorge P what's your internet download speeds from your provider? This may be the issue. 
+Koushik Dutta Tested on ATV3-Panasonic GT60 and Nexus5 worked fine with movies & pictures, greta job ! Could not see my PS3 among the devices.
Very slow upload due to my poor wifi sognal. But now able to cast high definition photos. Great!
Attempting to send from Asus TF700 to Samsung TV, only successfully sends from internal storage, not sdcard. Video stream is jittery, but probably due to shait router.
AllCast contected Samsung DLNA play TV, and, 

Very challenging on this way try, on samsung nexus google version,
Unable to play youTube video on thru AllCast on Samsung Galaxy nexus google version with Andriod 4.3 , Samsung TV LED thru DLNA:

Step1: Click youTube your in the gmail
Step2: Play on youTube app
Step3: selct shareIt on youTube, while play video
Step4: select AllCast in the share this video vai, selected AllCast
Step5: Then I see message on Phone
Now playing - watch
But, on TV - with progress icon on right most corner,
in the middle of screen message "Invalid file format."  Thats it.

2nd issue:
Unable to figure out on these options -
1. How to screen cast from phone to TV?
1A. While playing games on phone, live cast on TV through AllCast?
1B. How to Live cast phone screen to TV through AllCast?
1C. How to live stream or cast currently recording or seeing on Phone camera thru AllCast to TV?
Broadcast (Live Stream) live to using the camera of your phone to TV (DLNA) through AllCast?

3rd :
How to record screen while realtime screen cast or realtime video on phone camera to TV (DLNA) thru AllCast?
I have a Galaxy S4 with Echoe KitKat Rom 4.4 GPE. I have AllCast updated to the last version available on 23th december.
This new version brought a bug a hadn't had before:
* When casting to my Samsung TV (EH5300) it keeps showing on the lower left corner the message "Not Available";
* Also, when I turn my phone or the screen turns off, it resets the movie stream.

If you need anymore info, just ask :D anyway, great work with the app!
I've tried to use it with my ps3 and Samsung smart TV and both are not being detected by the app...I am on nexus 5...any tips to get it to work ?
Great job… I'm going to try it now… .thanks 
I do see the issue on connection resets and got restart AllCast, on after playing one picture or video. And, it will go next/previous !
Samsung TV (DLNA)
Samsug nexus google version with Andriod 4.3.
+Tariq Saleem it seems allcast doesn't work with ps3. On the Samsung, I read one user saying he had to turn off and on his TV for the app to find it.
Connected to WDTV Live Plus from a Nexus 7 2012. Your software recognized the WDTV and would show the images. I kept looking for a server or something to connect the WDTV to, but it doesn't seem to need setup on the WDTV.  When you click on an image it streams a "TRIAL"  image on the screen, then about 3 seconds later displays your image. Will try on miscellaneous DNLA servers later and I'm pretty sure there's a Chromecast  under the tree :-).   Question: Are you going to send "actual beta participants" a full key so we don't have the trial limitations? 
+Leo Feldman, since +Koushik Dutta launched AllCast on the PlayStore he turned the beta app into trial. Thus the trial showing before the stream of the image.

If you are looking for a DLNA server, have you tried BubbleUPNP?
Just another note mentioning that I can't get allcast to share from youtube.  Roku tries to buffer but it simply goes back to the main menu.
+Dave LeFevre I don't know if AllCast was ever meant to stream YouTube.. Perhaps it appears on the share dialog because of the intent developed..
I just ran Allcast on XMBC on a Windows 7 PC connected to a big screen Sony TV from a Nexus 7 2012 and it works fine. Either Koushik fixed the lag on the 12/24 update or just being closer to wireless router removed the lag. It's working flawlessly with pictures and mp4 video.
Logitech Revue is not recognized when scanning for devices. Am I missing something?
I'm getting "searching for players..." ad infinitum from my GNex Toro. It's not seeing my chromecast or my Xbox 360. Womp womp... 
Support send from Youtube app to my LED with DLNA?
I only send photos and video from my gallery. Thanks
AllCast for Android isn't compatible with my Samsung YP-G70_UM. (Or - the other way around?) - Suppose, I can stay aboard and relax..?  Waiting for an update/bugfix..?  
Hi, my PANASONIC VIERA TX-P42GT20E is not discovered by AllCast running on vanilla Nexus 4 (rooted). It has DLNA support, I'm a developer too so if you need an help just ask!
Can someone please post a download link for just the apk file for this by itself. I would like to test it on different devices, and it would be much easier if I had that. Thank you.
how do i see if i am running beta? when i got the store it says its installed already?
Hi nice app. It detects my DLNA players but not the Chromecast. I've got the latest version of the app and also signed up fur the beta program on Google plus
+Koushik Dutta Hi Koush, After I tried Allcast on my chromecast. My chromecast cannot be found be other apps any more, even youtube! But allcast can still find it. Maybe the signal got jammed by allcast somehow. Any idea how to fix it?
What about Trcicaster IVGA (newtek vidéo mixing)
I test it;  but my galaxy note 3 can't see the video mixing.  my friend's iphone see the mixing.
check your google play services... thats really the only requirement.... but it is beta
Anybody else getting Play Services crash when streaming to chromecast from Google Drive? Used to work, now I get ServiceLogin show up as the name of the file shortly followed by "Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped working..." This is on a N5. The file doesn't need to be public shared does it?
+Koushik Dutta Does allcast support 5.1 audio? I just tried streaming an mkv encoded in 5.1 and only got picture.
+Al Maynard I'm showing that too, and with videos set to Public shared.  Google Play Services ver 4.3.24
Dropbox complains about limited amount of tokens from being in developer mode.
+Koushik Dutta I have joined the community and when I click on the link in this post to join the beta for all cast it takes me to a web page that says Google Play but it says this page is not available it does not take me straight to the Google Play Store on my android devices therefore I cannot figure out how to join the beta for all cast please help.. I'm wanting to be able to stream from Dropbox.
Works great on my LG and Samsung smart TV's cheers Koush. 
Doesn't work on my Roku 3. Video starts loading then quits and returns to the Roku home screen. Could it be that the video I'm trying to play is mkv and 5.1 for audio?
which subtitle formats are supported? I have now tried 2 separate programs: Serviio (loading circle just keeps spinning) & Plex which loads the video but never shows the subtitles unless I'm in the web browser. I have done what the wiki says to do; for good measure I renamed both the video test.mkv & the subtitles test.ass but I still get no subtitles. I have the subtitle setting in plex set to "always show" so I don't beleive it's on their side :(
There seems to be an issue accessing the beta from the the link above. I get ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR when attempting to follow the link.
There seems to be an issue accessing the beta from the the link above. I get ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR when attempting to follow the link.
+Josh Hendricks that link is almost a year old :( it was created in November 2013. I'm not sure if beta is open anymore 
Bizarre, thought a new article was talking about the beta for screen mirroring a rooted Nexus5? Oh well, its getting late in Oz.
+Koushik Dutta could I cast all media from all apps (like in your CM preview vid) through Allcast if I have root and Xposed?
+Mario Diaz I'm also interested in this as I wanted to share the RightMove property app onto my TV via DLNA and NY raspberry pi running xbmc
for mac ?download link
Hi there I'm not getting any audio on my Apple TV, I'm using an LG GPro, on Kit Kat, any ideas
I have problem to see Netflix for my phone and i have wecast in dlna mode...
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