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CyanogenMod Screencast

Ever want to take a video recording of your screen? Now you can, if you're running a very recent CM11 nightly (last night).

To get into the beta, do the following:

Join the CyanogenMod community:

Then click this link and join the beta:
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Unsupported device? Trying to install on Nexus 4, CM11 nightly from Dec 9th   *Fixed*
Downloaded for me but phone just reboots when I click start screencast. Nexus 4 running CM11 12/9 nightly.
When Screencast is started, Google's voice search be ones disabled via “OK Google" or by clicking the microphone. Error message is “Can't reach Google".

Using Toro w/12/9 nightly. 
Running CM11 nightly on Samsung S3, and looks like recording works. Once over, I cannot play the videos.
On my maguro the first movie had no video, just audio, second worked fine. Great app! An option to only record the devices sounds (no microphone) would be good.
Edit: just another thing I noticed: wouldn't it be good if the Show Touches option is saved for the next screencast?
The beta link gives a 404 error. Am I doing something wrong? 
+Dustin Skoracki I was a member prior to this beta.... I think the issue was on my device I wasn't getting redirected to the "become a tester" page and so the play store wouldn't show me the app. All fixed... Thanks 
My phone reboots everytime I start a recording... Nexus 4 CM11 20131209 nightly
Same reboot on my device. Nexus 4 CM11 nightly 20131209 running ART.
Doesn't work on Nexus 7 2013 LTE running 12/9 cm 11 nightly
+Mahmoud Nabeel You have to follow the instructions for it. Join the Community, Become a beta tester in Google Play.
Unsupported device, vzw Gnex CM11 20131210 
It works with my Nexus 4 on 12/10 nightly also. (ART)
Some feedback:
1. HQ video but big file: about 11MB for 48", not easy to share. 
2. Can't open in Movie Studio
3. Useful tool with smaller file size option.
4. Not working with Launcher3 (5x5)

nexus 4 CM11 12/10 nightly ART enabled
So I guess it only works with CM right? I tried to install it on my S4 i337m but I can't. 

I would like to install CM on my s4 but I don't wanna loose some of the features it has, is there any way to install samsung apps and features in CM?
+Fernando Benítez its a front end for a function integrated in android 4.4 Kitkat. It wont work on older versions of android
Hi,is this app will recored also transparent sruface?or it will consider transparent pixels as black? becouse if ill have 10 surface with some transparent pixels in some of them,i should see all of them in the video.but it seems like too long processing time. I dont have the app yet so if someone have and can tpost the answer i will preciate it.
+VICTOR HUGO GARCIA RAMIREZ i also have this error. please try opening the gallery app (not from the camera) and see if the video plays there. I cannot play any videos from the camera gallery but it works in the gallery and Photos app.
I installed it and now can't get rid of the 'show touches'. I even uninstalled the screencast app and rebooted. How do I get rid of this???
You have to go into developer options and turn it off
You have to go to about device in the settings and tap build number until it says you are a developer. Then you go back and the option should appear
On my Nexus 2012 I can record and view but it only records a black screen. I'm running the latest nightly 
On my Nexus 2012 I can record and view but it only records a black screen. I'm running the latest nightly 
Does this slow down anyone else's phone considerably? My note 2 becomes like a net10 phone. Horribly slow. Also it does the same with the screen cast app as well. 
It still does not work on my galaxy s4 running the latest nightly 
Iv noticed incase others have the same issue. I had to hit stop when on the computer. For it to show up as working. Rather than just the perpetual loading. 
+Koushik Dutta Works like advertised. Records your screen. Hold power and vol-up starts recording. Only thing it needs is the following options: Prompt to show touches, and show touches or not by default.
I am able to get it to record but during playback it freezes up. I'm am on the N4 running the nightly from Feb 4, 2014. My screencast version is the 
@anzu with latest build, hanging device while starting app
it works fine great app thanks tho ive notived on large video filez vlc etc fails to play :( #note 3 lte international latest cm11 nightly build
Xperia Arc @LX Build Latest CM11, I wanna know whether screencast works or not
Tested on N7000 today, slowdown while recording, recording seems to happen since file is written. Playback not possible with Google Video Player or BS Player. So still needs a fix. Additionally I would like to set the destination to the external SD-Card.
Screencast does not work on my GS3 (d2spr) on CM 11 M3. Recording starts but there is no way to stop it other than killing the app from app manager. In the action bar drop down there is no stop button as shown in the screenshots.
I'd love to be able to disable the microphone or adjust the sensitivity. The N7 picks up an enormous amount of background noise/static.
Tested on GT-i9300 today, vol. up+power does not work. Normal recording does start and seem to work but after stop video cannot play. CM v. 11.0-InstallerXNPQ32P
version stopped working few weeks ago on my Oppo Find 7. I'm regularly flashing it with nightlies. Is there a newer version available?
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