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Added DLNA Server support to AllCast.

Feature is beta, so if you have issues, leave a comment below and let me know which DLNA server you are using.
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Lol @ the dancing around the phone is doing in the video, especailly towards the end. Who needs screen recording when you have a camera?
+Artem Russakovskii  Lol @ the dancing around the phone is doing in the video, especailly towards the end. Who needs the Mirror app when you have a camera?

Fixed that for you.

That being said: Cool update!
So the data passes through the device in this case, it's not being streamed directly, right? Is it possible to instruct the Chromecast that the stream should be going directly from the source/server?

Any chance of SMB support next for things like Windows network shares and regular samba servers? 
+Artem Russakovskii Right, chromecast talks directly to the DLNA server.

Not sure I'll be doing SMB. That's a pretty poopy protocol. And Chromecast can't talk SMB either, meaning proxying needs to happen.
What's the best way to add DLNA support to Windows? Preferably free?
Love the way you add you features and people immediately ask for something new to be added. Think you've created a monster with this app +Koushik Dutta. Awesome work as usual. Man I wish I had your coding skills!! Keep up the great work! 
cool ! so, what is next ? playlist feature ?
+Koushik Duttai think it might have something to do with the fact that g+ automatically tries to stabilize the video for the gif version.
+Koushik Dutta : nice to read that!
I see you use PS3 media server as DLNA server...
Do you think SMB support is possible?
+Koushik Dutta I'm a bit curious regarding how you're connecting to the DLNA share. Using a library like cling?
Really great ! and Also for continuum 2 :p
The Plex multiple formats to make films. If the h264 version launching it, the ability to evade allcast? The movies are on an external HDD, which is connected to router.

Yeah the Plex running on your machine and the HDD is mounted as a network drive.

No subscription Plex pass
Sajid A
Pls add screen mirroring to dlna TV through mirror app and not just apple TV 
Can i make an dlna Server with my vlc player?
Koush this update broke the app. Now it won't find any of my players on my network.. VZW Galaxy Nexus 4.4
Nobody using bubbleupnp? It works really great with dlna or smb. And the chromecast support is excellent.
I have the same issue on my Moto X that +Guillaume Grégoire has.  Aside from that, I'm stoked to see this added!  (I'm an SMB person for various reasons, but am working on migrating things, and am definitely a fan of your work, so yea, this is great to see!)
+Koushik Dutta Yeeeeaaaahhhh,....... I'm gonna need you to go ahead and give me a date and time of the release that has everything I personally want integrated, I'm a pretty important person and can't be bothered to look at my phone for a new post on G+, so give me the time and I'll go ahead and pencil you in,.....yeeeaahhhh, ok.
Should not display stuff like this feds are watching. 
Awesome now I don't have to use that ugly avia app
+Koushik Dutta I also have issues with Google Play Services crashing. I can play local content just fine, but when trying to stream from Drive, it crashes and just says AllCast on the TV. Any fix for this? 
Look at all his legally downloaded episodes of Boardwalk Empire. :P
THIS. This is what I've been waiting for chromecast to have.
what are the supported file types?
So weird. I had assumed Allcast had this all along! What else would it be good for... Oh playing locally stored media only before?... Anyhow, progress is good! I guess it's getting there in terms of features!
I don't have any issues with Chromecast and mkv. If you have the DVD rip just load it into Handbrake, choose mkv as the output, under the Audio tab choose "Auto Passthru" . The only downside is if you have forced subs you have to delete all subtitle tracks with the exception of it and choose to burn those into the mkv. All my rips have been flawless using these settings.
Thank you been waiting for this!!!!
+Koushik Dutta So who's going to win the race to add subtitles? Plex transcodes the entire video to add subtitles. The Chomecast only supports WebVTT and TTML. So there would need to be some sort of conversion and means to relay control information. Are you ready to write a custom DLNA server? Challenge accepted? The LocalCast guy swears he just figured out subtitles, but is low on details.
Any chance of NFS being added? I know non native video would no longer be available sonce it wouldn't have thenoption to trigger a DLNA server triggered transcode, but for somone that has proper video already it would be nice to avoid the extra service, indexing, etc... 
+Koushik Dutta Awesome job man. This is something that's vastly important to an app like this.

Fun fact if anyone is running XBMC, you can enable the device as a upnp library and anything in your library there will appear as the upnp library
You are probably a gentleman and a scholar, and therefore I likely salute you.
This is amazing :D Great work! - One little suggestion: It would be nice if the UI could indicate if the data is streamed through the device (Phone/Tablet with AllCast running) or not.
Netflix on Chromecast gets to use ac3, why can't the Chrome instance?

:( It'd be nearly perfect.
AWESOME. Can't wait to try it with my Synology NAS.
+Cole Mickens Yeah. It's weird. I don't understand why Google doesn't allow for pass through AC3. This is the only way I can think of how Netflix works. It's as if they want to decode the audio on purpose. The good news is that it will decode AAC  to LPCM as 5.1. That much is good news for 5.1 fans. Perhaps someone can chime in if this AC3 limitation could be bypased with a custom Chromecast receiver? I know Plex hasn't figures it out yet as they transcode everything AAC.
+Koushik Dutta I just tested this out and noticed the letterboxing rendered is gray, not totally black on DLNA. Try this on a file that is 1920x800 for example. Bubble uPnP renders this as completely black.
Neil G
Any chance of me being to get this on my Kindle Fire HDX without rooting? 
+Michael Pujos Plex allows you to share (white listing) your server. In Plex DLNA mode, these shared servers are displayed as folders. It's pretty kick ass.
Plex also allow channels, but I have had limited luck with these. Do a search for Plex unsupported apps channel. I think I need to create a DLNA profile just for all cast so Plex knows when to transcoded these channels. Its annoying when ac3 is not transcoded in DLNA mode and you hear nothing on allcast. Sorry for hijacking. Just trying to educate :)
+Koushik Dutta feature request alert Could you enable a fast forward/rewind? 15 sec rwd 30 sec ffwd? Using the progress bar on long movies can be cumbersome and fickle. 
works great here (plex>chromecast) no sound on mkv files though. mp4s play perfectly (default buffering) load very fast and ply without any hiccups.
I'm having the issue where Allcast crashes when I click on gallery. Cleared cache, data, and uninstall/re-install. LG G Pad 8.3 gpe stock. Media Server is reeeally cool! 
I'm excited to see DLNA support...I use bubbleupnp currently and a window 8 machine with wmp to share an external as DLNA. will be curious to see if this can surpass bubbleupnp
+Koushik Dutta what needs to happen in software/hardware before we can expect to see mirroring work perfectly? I.e. good frame rate and good quality picture? 
just got the update, is there a reason I can't stream from Google Music to my foobar (DLNA) on PC? I can do it from the allcast app for downloaded content but it doesn't show as an option when I use Google Music, before the update that option was there but it would always error out...
Feature request,  add the ability to cast to multiple places at once.  ie cast video, or pictures to more than one chrome cast at the same time.  Thanks
PMS working great, please make songs from the same folder play one after the other like a playlist instead of stopping after each song
Working good with my Buffalo Linkstation Duo. Now with DLNA Server support it would be awesome to play media from the server on the phone/tablet (pass it to installed player apps like skifta does).
Playon server does not work  
In the previous versions was the option to set a default renderer, when you open media with AllCast from the Android "share menu". Was it removed?
Does anyone having issues playing movies from dlna after latest update? All my dlna movies are now sees as audio files.
I can play videos from my DLNA server (via attached hard drive on an ASUS RT-AC66U).
Although I can't see my DLNA server for my HD HomeRun Prime. I can see both from other DLNA devices.
Plex seemed to work fine and I can finally cast to Chromecast from my S3. But no transcoding. Does anyone have a Plex profile that'll force the transcoding?
+Koushik Dutta This update is cool!! G+ photos and videos play well!! BUT PLEASE do something with GUI when i back from one photo im always be in the first photo not there where i was...i must scrolling down so much.. ( i had so much pic in G+ and i have so many FC...when i searching for..)
Worked fine on a quick test. Using my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, I was able to Cast movies to a 10yr old Samsung TV with good quality, despite this being over a Zyxel Home Plug setup. The DLNA server was Serviio, which was pointing to a Synology DS210J NAS Server. All the movies has been ripped in H264 format. Neat.
+Koushik Dutta New update is better;) G+ don't go back the first pic! Nice! But lot's of FC...i had in my G+ automatic save folder....i think so many pic and video there. SMB connection could u put it? And what about file.JPG? 
After this last update, allcast stopped seeing my roku 3. It finds the chromecast just fine, though. 
I just tested with 2 different usb storage: usb stick and one external hdd.
Niether of one work. Same issue: all my movies are shown as audio files and audible.

From PC and from other android movie players I can play any movie on the media server.

I tried: clear cache, reinstall. Nothing.
Casting from gallery or from G+ movies work.

Please find a solution is my favorite cast application and I thought my researching for cast app ended. I still believe this.
Casting to my Chromecast: I first tried with plex and it worked but strangely did not transcode the audio even if it should have (so no audio on some files). I then tried PS3 Media Server and I just can't get it to work :( Installed it (and AviSynth), all Engines are green and AllCast can browse it just fine but whenever I send something to my Chromecast, it starts to load, the Buffer on the PSMS starts to fill and then it just stops and destroys the buffer. I really can't figure out what's wrong. None of the transcode options work.
Same here, no audio, using a synology nas DS-213j dlna server streaming to chromecast
great! use xoom ok!
Tried this with with Rivet and Playback on OS X and neither worked...AllCast finds the root folders but gets stuck on loading when trying to drill down. Other DLNA receivers don't have problems.

I also need to kill AllCast from the recent apps menu when this happens, otherwise it won't even find the DLNA server when entering the app again.
I have a DS-213j - audio is working fine for me. +Yoram Tamsot  However next track does not function. Playback stops after every track (Is this because I'm on the trial version) Well worth paid version if that is all it is.
+Peter Davies thanks for your feedback.
I just realized that no sound only happened with mkv files
DNLA looks promising. Can't get sound on mkv's via plex on to a chromecast, so when that's working, I'm all aboard the premium :)
I'm also using the media server of a Synology NAS and have no Audio via DLNA. Directory browsing works, but allcast does not show/recognise any media....
When attempting to use DLNA, AllCast causes all my wireless devices to disconnect from my network. Any idea where to start looking?
Used to be able to use AllCast with minidlna 1.212, but after the recent AllCast update, I can no longer see my minidlna server running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS...
Great app , it sees my Serviio and plays my mkv files but no sound?
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