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The AllCast beta i released last week is about to expire... to get the new APK, join the ClockworkMod beta testers Google+ group, and then join the beta on Google Play.
AllCast Beta is now on Google Play (no root required)

Send local videos to your Roku, Apple TV, Xbox (360 or One), Samsung Smart TVs, and other DLNA renderers.

To download, join this community by clicking here:

Then click this link to join the beta for AllCast:

Leave comments and bugs below!
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For me it's not available yet in the play store
Iv joined as a tester but not in play store in UK 
+Koushik Dutta seems like a low-blow to +Google to have an app on their store that works on plenty of devices except their own. They blocked you off with their updated code/blacklist that kept breaking all cast for you ( I know) I've been following your primitive struggles when you attempted to have it work on chromecast just to have them break its functionality time and time again. None the less , well done bud. I know you have a knack for doing great things. Keep at it Dutta!
+Hugo Luna I'd be happy to support Chromecast if they ever open up the API. The app was originally written for Chromecast.
have joined the community and downloaded the beta. I will happily beta test this app. It is what I think all devices should have built in anyway. It would be great if this worked with Chromecast, but I know your struggles there. Maybe with the sdk finally opening up soon you can truly bring this app to its full potential. 
Glad to help out if I can. Just downloaded the app again. Wish my tv would play the mp4 video! 
Hopefully the 7th December will bring the API out of beta
Excuse my ignorance but is the Ps3 a DNLA server also? 
+Koushik Dutta I always appreciate the Dev work you do. Any chance this will support files stored locally that aren't in my "Gallery" or am I missing something here?

Nice work!
Dang, was hoping to work on my Sony Google TV but no go. 
+Koushik Dutta the app now plays my mp4 video to my E6 series Panasonic TV. However a bug I've just found. Play the mp4 video from the gallery on my N4 CM10.2 RC1 and it plays well. Stop the play back and it's still ok. Then if I go to my Drive account and send the link of a video to Allcast the original video from the my phone gallery plays instead of the video on my drive account. Will try clearing app data and see if that fixes this problem. 

Now cleared the app data, sending the link from my drive account of a mp4 video I get an error code on my tv saying it can play the video format. It does from the gallery app but not from my drive account. 
Same for ignorance here as well, but will it work on dlna Blu-ray players? 
+Koushik Dutta I am not sure if I am missing something. Does allcast provide additional features compared to Bubbleupnp ???
Just tried it on my Xbox 360. The video restarted itself twice before working perfect. 
It will not connect with my Samsung tv and nexus 5 when I try to cast it from album. When I try from drive, the TV starts, but then it says that the video is not supported.. 
No Luck on my LG 2011 model. The dlna network as a source i can t choose. There s no dlna device in my network to find. The onkyo nr 515 i can choose as target from the App, but it won t play on tv. Maybe the .mp4 from nexus 4 is not supported by this hifi receiver. Then i started my +XBMC +OpenELEC htpc. It works well, but the same function is embedded in the App yatse of +Tolriq Yatse ( remotecontrol App for xbmc ). I do not have other devices. Theres only an imac yet, but there are other possibilities to play files from the n4 in it. So, nice work, but i blame Google for the closed API, because i get the Chromecast from US for easely playing files after you released the allcast ( or different named App) before your work was banned. So only YouTube is working with the Chromecast here in germany and payed content from Google to. But allways loved your apps and everything from cm too. Think there are a few good ideas to much banned from Google at the moment. And you are involved twice. Thats sad. +1 for all your hard work Sir. 
+Falko Richter it takes a few minutes to provide the permissions from the community to the play store. i ve downloaded the apk an it worked. ( in Germany)
+Koushik Dutta do you plan to do the same for streaming music like cast to upnp/dnla does? It will be be a great addition to native cm 
Does it support streaming to Windows Media Player?
How much time for granting permissions? I'm unsuccessfully trying to download it the whole day :S
+Koushik Dutta for me this is a "must have" in any ROM. I love the compatibility with Apple TV. Testing on LG G2 with stock ROM
You're still my hero. Is there an app for my Revue that will let it receive 'casts?
Thanks for this great app ... today i want to try it with my WD-TV Live Player.

Is this app working only under cyanogen ROM ?
+Koushik Dutta this app is great! so simple and it does it's job. any reason why it only streams videos? streaming photos and music would make it perfect.
+Koushik Dutta thanks for the great app. Works fine for local video streaming to dlna (samsung tv). But won't work for dropbox or drive. Will dlna support be added for them in future? 

Edit: Works now with drive and dropbox after updates to the app. 
Nexus 4 stock. My roku shows up (at least one of two) but nothing plays when it says it is.
Doesnt Work, with WDTV-Live and Nexus 5@stock

App crashes by searching device
I will ask the same question as +Elias Ortega: does this work with the PS3? All I heard about was Xbox 360/One and PS4. Thanks for the work, Koush, as always.
Still can't install it ... Any hidden or mysterious file/directory to be deleted from previous installation? Thanks in advance.
Link for allcast is dead. 
Mine never worked from day 1. Said searching for players on rooted note 3.
+Koushik Dutta. What do you use to browse the dlna server? I have bubble upnp but cannot find a way to share with allcast. Thanks 
App instantly closes after starting it. Running latest Omnirom 
+PTM Did you make sure to join the community first?
+Koushik Dutta fuck the haters. Google wants to join the closed source crowd then we make our own. Please keep this project alive and going. I WILL be buying this once it becomes available. You sir are a fucking beast! 
+Andrew Caul I followed the instructions but can't download the app. It asks for permissions to be installed but then, nothing.
+Daniel Terán I can't help you with that. You've alteady passed the "Is your computer turned on?" stage and seem to have stumbled into a more difficult issue.
If you have the first Beta try uninstalling it first then install the new one. Play Store has a button for updating but that one self destructs so it made sense to me to uninstall first
I've reinstalled Beta 7, switched Tor on and finally could update it via Google Play. Thanks +Andrew Caul.
It's still a good app Apple TV is an option sorry to admit that!
Cool! You have it working with a Samsung D8000 TV ... trying it with my ES6150, if working, I don't need the new Panasonic BD player with Miracast I just got at Costco. >:) 
For the life of me I can't find All Cast in the Play Store?
I followed instructions then click to download from the store and I get"item not found". Is it still there?
Any plans to be able to stream Google music to an apple tv?
+Matt Towe I had the same problem but I just re-clicked the link and it worked fine this time.  Maybe just retry a few times.
David H
Streaming from my N4 to XBMC - nice
It seems I have to start from the roku home page for it to work on my galaxy nexus and roku 2 xd. Same phone and a third gen apple TV won't work at all. Finda the ATV but won't play. 
Sees my Apple tv but never plays, HTC One
+Koushik Dutta Sorry to bother Koushik I found it but for some reason it didn't show automatically in the Play Store. I did use your links and follow the instructions...Well I thought I did. Chalk another one up to user error. I have it now and will play with it. Koushik would you recommend Chromecast or no? Obviously Google is taking their ball home, but is it a device that they may eventually allow developers like yourself to grow their product for them?
The link is broken, would love to join Beta. 
Can we compile a list of all Roku models that work with Allcast? I have the original Roku LT and doesn't seem to work but Allcast app finds my Roku. 
Nothing in the play storee
+Koushik Dutta  works great on XBox 360 for avi, but wouldn't play a mp4 video I took on my LG G2 (says playback error). Are mp4s not supported?

Update: I uploaded the same avi file i played from my phone to Google Drive and it wouldn't play.
Finds my roku and shows a purple screen and then goes back to the menu. Rooted nexus 7 with KitKat appears to play but nothing on the roku screen.
Ah. The movies that would not play are using some codec the native player doesn't handle. Video from my camera works fine so my bad.
Installed it and trying to play a video but it just says "searching for players".  I have 2 Roku 3's on the local network.  Running it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
I would like to stream from an http server(not local) I opened the file in chrome and chose all cast, but nothing played. What is the best way to do this?
Its not working for me. Using an apple tv2 and samsung duos. Not streaming any video at all. Feedback anyone?
So far so good. I'm using it on a Galaxy Nexus with a custom 4.4 ROM. I used it to cast a video I shot with the phone to my Xbox one. I'll keep testing tomorrow with other appliances and files.
Whats the trick to get it to work with apple tv? The app just sits there searching for players, the apple tv is on but does not find it.
This is awesome way to go, Happy to pay for something like this
Would love the ability to stream from xbmc on my phone to my Samsung smart or Xbox, wondershare player tries but fails. Perhaps this can help.
It is working after the update. Still waiting for more updates for compatibility. Codecs to play other file extensions such as mp4 and mkv
This app is amazing. I streamed local MP4s from my N5 to AppleTVs and Panasonic TVs. The quality is surprisingly good. The streaming is pretty seamless. 
AWESOME!!! So far so good : ) 
XBMC from phone to TV works with this! I have adjusted my playercorefactory.Xml and added allcast as my default player, now anything I can stream from xbmc will play straight to my smart TV or Xbox! Netflix? No thanks. Thank you koush.
THANKS Allcast works on rooted s2 Hercules, Nexus 4. Have yet to get it working on Nexus 7 2012. All streaming through Roku 2 on LG tv
The volume control is not working for me on s3lte with ripper ROM v2, also seems to hang if the screen goes off.
Cannot find the app from Norway. I have all sorts of devices to test with. 
It is not available on my phone
Question: will this allow me to stream to my Xbox One if I'm using my phones Hotspot as its Internet connection? 
Any chance we can cast the Chrome browser itself or YouTube through AllCast?
Also throwing in my hat for chrome tab casting from the androids.
Not working with Roku LT , any info? Great app otherwise 
Would you be able to add support for the HTC Media Link HD device?  I have the app Media LInk but if I could use just one app that rules them all, then your app would be it.
Can't find apple tv...maybe my router but I've checked the WiFi network and tried a few. Would help to have some manual options if it doesnt find the device on the network. Perhaps an up check +Koushik Dutta
N7 2013 kitkat here. Works great from Google drive to my xbox360. From the gallery, it works a little slower but it does work. Thanks for this! Love it!
I have joined community and joined testing. However when I click on download, Google play store shows 'not available' any ideas what I'm doing wrong? 
David, im having the same issue. Ive spent all night trying to find it, no luck.
+David Battams it was like that for me too, but the next day when I tried again everything was good.
Ahh, pretty much after I posted not working, I tried again and bingo! It worked. Didn't do anything different
 +Koushik Dutta  I'm on a Nexus 5 running 4.4. and can't get mp4's to play via gallery to Apple TV?

My Apple TV is recognised and gallery finds the video, but gets stuck on the "Now playing" page, any suggestions? 
Installed on T-mobile M919 SGS4.  it does not work with ROKU Lite. It seems ROKU lite can not stay connected with media stream. 
Any plan to support audio streams (especially with airplay)? 
Yes I posted and then it was available. Forgot to mention that. Good luck!
Not working on galaxy s4 i9500.
The app opens up and immediately crashes..
Not getting started. 
I'm taping the link but takes me to a non working page. How do I download the app? Thanks
+poiščime vmestu Looks like I'm not the only one that tried this, video works great then tried Google music to xbmc (and apple tv, and slim device) and that didn't work. Using the upnp app from same Dev as bubbleupnp which is working (sort if) 
It's tough piecing together information when you can't figure out the chronology. As I read it, Google changed the API enough to stop video_playback. So can I install a server on PC to render/stream video? Does anything exist currently doing that?
Google play store link not working. ..send me this apk please
+Chris Parsons
From what I understand, Chromecast is no longer supported. Google's APIs are still in flux and some of those changes broke Chromecast support. I'm thinking I may return this and get a Roku 3 instead. or possibly PLAiR.
+Koushik Dutta, I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but when I try stream video that I recorded using my stock nexus 5, the video play back is up is side down.
I can stream to my Samsung smart TV. Is there a way to see the subtitles in the TV as well?
I was in the wrong account. All is good. Working with XBMC. 
AllCast will find my Jadoo 2 box, but when I try to send a video to it, it wont play. Has anyone had success to push content to Jadoo 2 via AllCast?
I don't seem to be getting to the right link. The page doesn't find anything... 
I get the error "item not found". 
Apparently posting here gets rid of the aforementioned error. Have fun testing! 
+Koushik Dutta excellent smooth interface on the new release. Reminds me of CyanogenMod account sign up :D. One question, do I need to do anything special for xbox 360, tried it several times, fails to cast. Thank you. D
Does anyone know how you can stream XBMC (from a phone) to an xbox one? 
+William Thresher just worked for images on xbox 360, but its not consistent, had to restart Xbox. I am also getting a playback error when I try to cast video. 
+Koushik Dutta here are the issues On Xbox 360, I am unable to cast any video. Images work however if the app has been open and an image has been casted, after 5-8 sec, the casting fails and the app has to be restarted. Thank you.
Stuck on 'searching for players' with AppleTV. Rooted (Sprint)HTC One running Stock w/ Goodies 4.3. 
Worked fine for about 2 hrs, now it's stuck searching for my roku 3. Running on Nexus 7 (2013). Please help, it was awesome while it lasted. 
i can start some movies from a specific location. once it stopped i had to watch it all over. solution to this please. 
also it will be nice to watch the beginning of the movies then start streaming witjin allcast. most of the movies has black tumbnail. i can not differantiate them
Hi Koush... It has been a great work, this yours... I'm trying to use AllCast with my Plex Media Server, casting to Chromecast... It works great. High quality video and audio. However, since I've upgraded to premium version, subtitles don't work anymore. Any thoughts? I know this a beta feature but I'm pretty sure it worked while I was using the free version... Am I mistaken?
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