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Babel and Secure SMS status updates

I pushed a change to the SMS middleware API that was recently added to +CyanogenMod to implement SecureSMS and Babel (Google Voice).

This will break Babel starting with tomorrow's nightlies. I'll release a new version of Babel to accommodate the breaking change.

Meanwhile, on the SecureSMS side, Moxie Marlinspike (creator of TextSecure, google him) has taken over development. I can't imagine anyone more qualified to be working on this feature.

TL;DR: Both +CyanogenMod features are still in active development.

The SMS API change can be viewed here:

Also, I need a better name than Babel for this Google Voice +CyanogenMod feature. I'm open to suggestions.
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Any chance that with enough noise made, the SecureSMS side could be pushed to stock?
That feature alone is making me consider the road to cyanogenmod...
+Kyle Davidson If you're building AOSP, you don't need the standalone app. Just take the framework version implementation when it is released.
+Koushik Dutta I understand why you/cm can't force this into AOSP, what I don't understand is why google would be disinterested.
Done right, this is a selling feature comparable to apples iMessage encryption.
This is a win for everyone who uses an android handset in the distant future built upon that code base, and the code is already written!
+Trent Hill Well, though Google is not opposed to encrypting data so other eyes can't see it, they are probably opposed to encrypting data in such a way that Google can't see it. Google makes money by targeting ads at your personal data. Apple does not.

I suspect Google will do something similar with Hangouts, but in Hangouts, your conversations are not be encrypted from Google itself.
And then that data can be coerced from Google via legal means, hackery, etc.

Though they may accept the SMS layer changes, they would never include the separate encryption enabling apk, as that would rely on an external service.
Been useing bata 2 since it came out without any issues good job.
Any chance you can make babel, or whatever you change the name too installable, rather than having to place in /system/app/ after flashing each nightly? Or come with the nightlies?
If this said "babel" is a subtitute of Google Voice, why not "CM Voice"?
Name suggestion: Hermes [greek god responsible for message delivery]
Name suggestion: Nuntius [latin for message/messenger] 
Suggested names: YapYap! YapApp! ViaVoice VoiceLink voice...wait why am I trying to name this? 
+Koushik Dutta it's just me or on today's nightly, at least on I9100, the sms app keeps saying "sending" even if the sms is actually sent and received by the recipient?
+Lou Fourquet if you add the path/name of the .apk to one of the addon.d scripts in /system/addon.d the install script off the nightlies will restore it post-flash.
Names: CMC - CyanogenMod Messaging Center[especially if you can add other services later on], UniSMS, LinkSMS, CloudSMS, CMP - CyanogenMod Postal

I like the greek/latin suggestions above too. ZimSM (Zimmerman Short Messaging, pronounced Zim sim).

I've seen the fix before seeing the notification on G+, so I came here to thank ya :D ya! :D
Just throwing random ideas for names out there.
Loudspeaker (Because Google Voice)
Relay (Obvious)
Telegram (Bit of a stretch)
P.A. (Another GV pun)
Name suggestion: "SMS via Cloud", because it doesn't require much explanation. I like +Ryan Reigns's suggestion of "CloudSMS" but there are some other things called that already.
I like Jacob's suggestion of VoiceLink. or building on his idea how about GLink (for google link), for just linking to google's services... since eventually GV will be combined into Google Plus / hangouts.
I'm not a fan of names that include "Voice". Both for the potential need to later change it if Google doesn't like it, but also because it's for SMS, not Voice. Since Google Voice is mainly for calls and the texting is a side-feature, it makes sense, but this is 100% for texting, it should probably reflect what it does.

SMSIntercept TextIntercept, TextSwap, SMSOverData SMSHijack something along those lines
How about "Echo"?  Thats essentially what this does right? Echoes the messages from Voice into the Android messaging.
Might we see a point release for PG and the integrated SecureSMS or is that being saved for the Android 4.3 update ver of Cyangenmod?
GVSMS Google Voice Short Message Service
Will cell service be supported I don't always have data or WiFi
Aw man, I was so ecstatic about the Gvoice integration and now it's gone. The Gvoice app has been a multi-year pain. I hope it makes it's way back soon, I really don't care what it's called. I need this integration. Badly. I don't suppose somehow can teach me how to revert the commits that break this functionality? I'm new to building.
So I'm a little confused. Are these encrypted texts going over the data network or are they just encrypting the SMS and sending it via the standard method? 
+Austin Hsu It's not gone, there have just been some changes to the libraries in CM that will necessitate a new release of the Babel app. Presumably this shouldn't take very long but that's up to +Koushik Dutta. For now, just use the latest nightly that works for you and wait until the new Babel is released before upgrading to a new CM nightly.
Ahh, that explains why it was crashing on me today.
I'm terribly excited about SecureSMS and Moxie taking over. One thing at a time I know but will we ever see integrated voice encryption or are the current technologies preventing such a thing? What about as we go Voice over LTE? (I'm not referring to VOIP encryption services to include RedPhone by Moxie. Great stuff but not what I mean.)
+Luis Cortes , +1 for Speak Easy. Seems appropriate because we're once again circumventing government intrusion into our personal lives.
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