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+CyanogenMod Voice Plus (formerly Babel)

This has been merged into the the project. Will be available in your friendly neighborhood nightlies.
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Not sure if you covered this before, but how would this affect sprint users who already have merged Google voice and sms? Feel free to point me to docs / faqs if you've already covered this. 
With this activated it forces every text message to be sent through GV... Right? What about mms?
I miss CM but I must say that Sense 5 with a custom launcher ain't /that/ bad. I need a fully functional (Sprint) HTC One release, durnit!
Great news! Will it still be an app in the app drawer, or will it move someplace in the system settings?
I'm also curious about MMS. Will MMS messages be routed through my carrier instead of GV or will they just be dropped like they are now if someone tries to send one to my GV number?
Will this ever be a app that is available in Play Store and work with ALL roms? btw, im using on the lastest nightly on my gnex and it works great :D
+Jason Bayton Is there a way to search through G+ post comments that would make it easier to find information than reading each and every comment on all of the related posts? I don't want to be the dink that asks the same questions that have been answered elsewhere.
Mike L
Is this the surprise all the hype was about?
It's just too damn unfortunate that Google Voice isn't available in Finland. :/ 
Mike L
Oops. Derp.
+Jeff Davis aside from searching on keywords I can't offer any further advice.

All the better to get a FAQ going.. one link: all the answers.
+Serge Pomorski SMS go through Gvoice, MMS go through regular carrier. If Gvoice fails for some reason it'll either alert you, "Message send failed" or it will fall back to carrier.
Really wish Google would do something about mms support in gv.
Can't wait to update to the next nightly.
+Joseph Hartley they totally could, too. Their servers could handle it. Hopefully, they add that when they unify everything.
Oops I was supposed to reply to +Christopher Chin haha. Anyway, MMS forwarding to gmail doesn't work for verizon users. But oh well. My friends have all learned over the 2+ years that I don't get MMS. Or they must think I never respond.
I really want to understand. Google Voice will already let me forward and reply to texts via SMS. How does Voice Plus change things? 
+Jaxon Lee with this, you can send SMS through the stock apps, or any  third-party SMS app, instead of only through the GVoice app.
+Jaxon Lee This also allows those of us who opt to not pay for a texting plan through our carrier to use more feature rich apps for texting.  Even the stock texting app has more features than the bland Google Voice app.
will this also work using "texting apps" such as Handcent?
+Austin Hsu yeah I'm on Verizon and I don't get any emails from Google voice. I've also converted my friends to whatsapp simply because I couldn't get mms. Haha. Didn't know I could be so influential. But, what I like about chat apps is the ability to group chat. Can't do that with sms/mms. At least I don't think you can. Correct me if I'm wrong.
+Christopher Chin not easily at least :p voice calls/SMS/MMS is old school, chat room protocols and voip over data networks are the way of the future.
As of 7/18 nightly I can send but not receive. Am I missing something really obvious?
+Jason Fleisher Koush pointed out in an earlier post that since Sprint and GVoice have a partnership, we would not be affected nor would we need to use this service. 

It may be in the notes but I don't see the option on my Verizon s4. Jfltevzw 
How do we get it to work? I see the option to turn it on but after that how do we set it up?
What about us poor suckers in Canada with no Google Voice....
So I built with this source, and noticed a couple of things - sending works for me, but receiving doesn't. And the icon is identical to the Google Voice icon, which is very confusing. But I do appreciate the hard work put in on this; it's a feature I've been missing for quite a while :).
Showed up for me in the 22nd nightly. Sending and receiving working fine. Thanks! 
This is awesome. I assume I still have to leave the GV app installed and leave text notifications on for the foreseeable future? 
Is the split counter incompatible with Voice Plus? I noticed that it seems to have been removed from the settings of the Messaging app since the Babel/Voice Plus stuff has been added to Cyanogenmod.
Activated account. Enabled in accessibility settings. Won't send and no notifications at all any more. Babel worked for me previously on previous nightly.
+Matthew Schick You're right.  Tons of errors.  Tried clearing data/cache and re-enabling, but no go.  This is probably not the place to post, so will delete if this is a problem, but here are the first few errors after enabling the service.

07-22 13:27:39.288 E/VoicePlusSetup(20878): Error refreshing messages
07-22 13:27:39.288 E/VoicePlusSetup(20878): java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected BEGIN_OBJECT but was STRING at line 1 column 1
07-22 13:27:39.288 E/VoicePlusSetup(20878): at com.koushikdutta.async.future.SimpleFuture.getResult(
07-22 13:27:39.288 E/VoicePlusSetup(20878): at com.koushikdutta.async.future.SimpleFuture.get(
+Koushik Dutta Google Voice functionality works awesome. I was wondering though if we could make it so when you don't have any data (wifi or 3/4G), if the messages could go through the normal network service. I know it works when you send a picture, I don't know though if there could be a way to check if there's internet, and if not, default to the original. If it's supposed to do this already, I'll try and provide some logcats. Thank you in advance!
There's a notification in the shade to activate Voice+, which I keep doing but SMS are not being intercepted... Note that I've never been asked to authorize on the older apks.
Wiped data and all is well again, Voice Plus is doing it's thing.
Not working for me. Uninstalled and reinstalled voice. Still nothing. Which data do I need to wipe?
Would like the ability to select sending service for outbound SMS and for replies to use the same outgoing service as the incoming SMS. Similiar to how the dialer prompts to use GV or not for outbound calls. Don't know if that would require a change in V+ or CM Messaging app.
On the latest nightly, I can't seem to send out receive from the stock messaging app. Anyone have any ideas?
This is so awesome!!

But for someone (like me) who still hasn't ported my number to Google Voice. And with the rumor that Google Voice may get it still worth investing time is setting this up?
Dan Lo
+Dan Rhodes Where do you get the error log?  I'm in the same boat - beta3 worked for a while. It stopped working after I switched my SIM card out to use it on a different phone (non-CM).  After I switched back to my Nexus 4 it stopped working.  I'm on the latest nightly and I'm still not able to send/receive.  I see the message come into GV and then notification cleared right away, so i know the accessibility setting is working.  Wiped cache/dalvik, uninstalled/reinstalled GV app.
+Dan Lo You know what's odd, is after I discovered that the 7/22 nightly Voice+ wouldn't work for me (notification would disappear, but messaging wouldn't take over from there), I restored my nandroid and it STILL wouldn't work. So now I'm back to finagling it to work on 7/22 nightly. I've been trying everything I know of and that has worked before. Wiping datas, rebooting, dalvik cache's get wiped every time I flash a cm zip so it's not that...
+Dan Lo You can see a bunch of java errors just by pulling the logcat.  I used to use the aLogcat app, but CatLog works better for rooted users out of the box and you can search for "VoicePlus" to find all of the errors coded in red.
+Jeff Davis Tried wiping caches and all combinations of rebooting/re-enabling the app, but it's still DOA for me.  Hopefully a fix for the issue Koush mentioned above will get pushed to nightlies soon.
Dan Lo
+Dan Rhodes Thanks for the app tip.  Yes - I'm getting the same parsing error as you are that ends with an "Error fetching tokens."
I've spent a good while trying every possible thing I could think of to get it working. Still isn't. ; _ ;
As I said before, doing a full wipe fixed it for me.  You can also just wait a bit for the token invalidation code to get written (done?)...
+Matthew Schick I don't want to do a full wipe and set everything up again. I'm about 2 hours from home, handling a death in the family. Making lots of calls and texts and SlidingMessaging is so much better than stock GV app...
The only way I can get a notification to come through my stock app is to change the GV setting to receive messages through the stock app, which then changes the incoming number to the weird, foreign phone numbers.
okay, on a fresh build, sending and receiving works the first time. After that, sending works, but receiving only gets to the Google Voice app. The GVoice notification shows up briefly then goes away, but then I never get a notification in the stock app.
Great idea but it's very unreliable, most of the time after a while I no longer receive messages until a reboot.  Is this still being improved?  
I haven't had any major issues with it for awhile. Sometimes after flashing a nightly, it won't send or receive, but I just disable then renable and it works. S3.
It requires cm based rom... is also broken with hangouts v2.1
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