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CyanogenMod 11 Screen Recording APK (beta)

adb root
adb remount
adb push Mirror.apk /system/app

Then hold volume up + power. Note: this also records microphone audio :) You can hear the office chatting in the background.

This also has the airplay stuff in it, but I'm still in the process of porting that forward.
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forgive me if this is a dumb question, but is it only compatible on CM software? or can stock/other use it also?
It works really smooth, I like it!
Koush. Upstaging Google's own developers for years and years. +1
This is going to start a new vertical video syndrome, please upload in landscape kthanx.
Unfortunately I've already bought 2 different screen recording apps on the play store and they offer tons of features like fps, mute mic, show touch, don't show touch, landscape recording, inverse recording , etc and they work with any ROM ,even stock rooted.
+Koushik Dutta why isn't this compatible with the galaxy nexus? I know you said its too old but is it anything a mod or something would fix?
Whatever happened to that status bar pull down camera for CM 
Thanks Koush! I just moved the apk to system and rebooted. Works perfect so far on hammerhead. Don't know what I'll use it for yet, but it will come in handy.
+James Dean I'm actually looking for the screen recording function, thanks anyways. 
Has anyone gotten this to work on grouper? I got the app installed and it seems to record just fine, but when I play it back I only get audio. 
How does this compare to the native KitKat Screen Recording? Is it the same function or did the CM team tweak it?
I got it stalled on the gs3 it records but it want play back it just crashes 
doesnt work on cm11 preview for me.   vs980 kitkat
Won't play on my computer ether 
When I install the app on my s4, it shows "apk install failed". Any ideas?
So, volume-up+power on my Xoom(wingray) is hard reset. No CM11 for this device so it won't affect me but is that key combo used on anything else for reset?
On CM 11 from yesterday for HTC One. When I stop the recording > click the Recording ready to share in notification pull down > picking MX Player OR stock Video Player > the video cannot be played.
Admittedly, I did not follow the installation process you provided. I just copied the apk to the system/app folder, rw-r-r the permissions and rebooted.
Not working on i9100 Intl.
+Parker DeWitt you have to push it through adb. Koush has clearly written the instructions in this post.
Is it necessary to push it through adb?
Just asking cause I don't have the SDK.
What if we just copy to system/app and set the permissions right?
I see. I'm on CM 10.2. Chalo will wait for it. Bookmarked :)
I'm a beginner really don't know of what to do. Do I need a laptop or direct from phone using terminal emaluator +Cole Tindal
it says access denied in Es file Explorer 
I think you're having issues with superuser permission. 
+Abhi Kurve I'm wondering the same thing. i just moved it from my SD card to /system/app and set permissions but it doesn't seem to be working... :/
+Julian Sollenskog Yep! :(
For me,the video recording starts normally and even ends normally but as I tap play , I get the error "Cannot play the video" and the video is nowhere to be found on storage!
It seems like that awesome piece of software doesn't work on i9300 with CM11 yet... +Koushik Dutta
I'm trying this on slim, but when I hold volume up + power nothing happens...
Rowan D
I'm not sure where I should post this... Enabling "Wireless display" breaks my wifi. The display setting gets stuck in a grayed out on state. The only solution I have found is to revert an earlier version of my settings.db (Fyi, I am using an d2att and airplay works fine using allcast)
Doesn´t work for me on N5 with latest CM 11 nightly. Pushed the apk in the app folder in system but it won´t make anything. By the way what is meant with adb root and adb remount? ^^
+Jérôme Willing "adb root" gives root access to adb, "adb remount" remounts /system in rw mode.

I'm having the same problem as you. On CM11 nightlies the power/vol up combo just turns up the volume on my phone. I've tried rebooting and double checked permissions but still nothing.
I tried doing this so much times. Nothing happened. I still can't install Mirror.apk
What?? Where did you found it Jérôme??
I am also unable to playback video on my HTC one. Also the screen cast using wireless display doesn't connect to my miracast device. It sees it but doesn't connect.
Amazing. Records wickedly smooth video with AUDIO!!! Exactly what I need. Thanks.
Works really well on nexus 7 and cm11 nightlies. Very impressed.

HOW adb Root , remount and Push...????

Please need help or ssend me to a tutorial
Gnex running CM 11 mixed rom. In the Display Settings "screen recording" can be found. To record the screen it's the upper vol key and power. OK. Great. How do you stop recording and what app can these videos be played back on? None of the installed apps worked. Thanks.. Answer: Mobo Player
Doesnt work on Galaxy S - i9000 with CM 11 nightly built from source. Can we get the source for this please ?
I installed screencast from google play but the video cant be played
im using s3 i9300 cm 11 nighlies
any help? 
Lg 4x with cm-11-20140407-NIGHTLY doesn't work. I push the mirror.apk in /system/app with cm file manager, restart the phone, but does't work :(
If I try to install mirror.apk I get message "app not installed". Can you help me? Thanks in advance. Regards
Hi Koushik, is this apk open source? I just want to port it to Google Glass.
can u give me a tutorial to install it on my cm11 running gti9001(iam a noob)
can I copy it to in xplore instead of using adb? I'm using CM11 on galaxy note n7000.
It works? . CM11 ROM on Galaxy gti9070
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