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AirCast - Beta 2

Fix sharing from HTC One gallery.
You can now click the Gallery option and be directed to pick a video.
Crash fixes.
Fix empty notifications.

Videos stutter on the SGS3 and some other devices.
Sharing from Drive does not work for some people.
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Tim P
Nice. Keeps getting better and better. Thanks for the hard work.
Does this one also self-destruct?
Will aircast work with Google TV like YouTube does?
KouchCast is a nice name. What do you say? 
You need to add a EULA with "this software may not be used as a medical device or to give medical advise. Also you may not use this software to run a nuclear facility. 
+Daniele Pantaleo I'd say remove the 'd' for CyCast would be better. Maybe CyanCast? Though I still prefer KoushCast.
Andy L
Hey hey! Works flawlessly. No more stutter and progress bar working in GSM Nexus CM 10.2. 
Amazing! I think Koushcast had a great ring to it. Worked great on toro out of the gates, both Gallery and Dropbox.
Koush do we simply download the apk and it over writes the old one or do we have to uninstall the old one first
+Koushik Dutta cool work but the sharing menu does not appear with Photos from Gallery on a Galaxy Nexus running stock 4.3 (as already reported for N4 and 4.3). It works with videos.

Two other issues I have also noted:

1) a NPE:

/AndroidRuntime( 2414): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start service com.koushikdutta.aircast.ChromecastService@41fea208 with Intent { act=com.koushikdutta.aircast.REPLAY cmp=com.koushikdutta.aircast/.ChromecastService }: java.lang.NullPointerException
E/AndroidRuntime( 2414): at
E/AndroidRuntime( 2414): at$1900(
E/AndroidRuntime( 2414): at$H.handleMessage(
E/AndroidRuntime( 2414): at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
E/AndroidRuntime( 2414): at android.os.Looper.loop(
E/AndroidRuntime( 2414): at
E/AndroidRuntime( 2414): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)
E/AndroidRuntime( 2414): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
E/AndroidRuntime( 2414): at$
E/AndroidRuntime( 2414): at
E/AndroidRuntime( 2414): at dalvik.system.NativeStart.main(Native Method)
E/AndroidRuntime( 2414): Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
E/AndroidRuntime( 2414): at com.koushikdutta.aircast.ChromecastService.onStartCommand(
E/AndroidRuntime( 2414): at
E/AndroidRuntime( 2414): ... 10 more

2) you cannot play the video thru the player buttons that appear into the notification area
This version is working great for me, thank you. The one yesterday would just force close no matter what device I tried it on but today it is working perfect with mkv and mp4 files on any device I try including my coby kyros tab.
+Koushik Dutta I've had my Chromecast for a couple of days now, and your work really brings the best out of it!
Is there some place for issue tracking? Would be nice so that we don't drown you in multiple bug reports.
Amazing! is this one on self-destruct as well?
EDIT: Ooops, redundant question, nevermind.
Can this be used with any app? Vudu app from play store? To cast videos?

Edit: sorry I'm guessing no!
Hello Koushik,

Do you think it is possible to stream Sopcast to Chromecast?


I guess this is still limited to the formats the CC can play is that correct?
Question - does this actually stream or download then stream? Reason for asking is that I noticed larger files from Dropbox take a long time to start playing
Will this ever work with other apps? Vudu preferably?
any plans to add chrome from android?
Tried a different chromecast in another room right next to the router and dropbox streamed better. Instead of pausing ever 2 sec it would pause every 15 seconds. I have a  20Mb/s line. .  So is the dropbox stream not being streamed directly to chromecast from dropbox server?  I assume it must be still going through my phone for the video to be choppy?
Oh just read a response from 10 min ago.  hmm Wonder why it stutters if its coming directly from dropbox. 
It's streaming for me but it keeps stopping and starting. Is this normal for everyone?
+Christopher Hatch Oh ok, I thought it was an HTC One issue. It's playing just constantly stuttering. But I appreciate everything & progress is progress :-)
+Ryan Crawford Your Chromecast may be a bit shielded behind your TV or something. Not getting a stable signal? Or the encoding on your video is problematic?
Still only showing 3/4 of the screen on my tv for s4 and sometimes no sound. 
+Andreas Olsson if your TV is powered on and preset to the chromecast HDMI port the screen will show the signal strength status

+Kanishk Singh I'm already using it. I'd try WiFi analyzer to measure channel strength. It seems that the router uses channel one. But WiFi analyzer suggests channel 12-14. It's a much stronger signal on those.
But when I switch from automatic channel to 12-14 my Chromecast can't connect to the WiFi.
+Koushik Dutta Just dloaded the apk. Will give it a spin. On a side note, would love to know if anyone has figured out a way to use the Netflix app with the Chromecast outside of the US (non Netflix supported country) I use the Netflix app a lot, and would love to use my Chromecast in conjunction
+Punit Gandhi I live in Sweden where Netflix is supported. But how about connect your router through a VPN? Just an idea since I can't try it :-)
Working for local mp4s and on drop box but not Google drive Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 (2012)
Is there anyway to add subtitles to videos in gallery? 
Is it supposed to stream gallery images as well , cause the menu won't appear on images but shows up on videos. Can someone Pls confirm ?
I'm on Samsung GS4
Offical Bugtracker? Wont post on G+
Same problem with letter boxing, video is on top instead of the middle
Don't see it listed under share options on Verizon GNex. Are there settings somewhere?
Video Streaming works fine on Galaxy Nexus but there is lag on GS4.
+Kiran Kurian +Koushik Dutta having the same problem here. Letterbox movies appear on the top instead of the middle. There is a huge black bar on the bottom of the tv screen. Will this be compatible with .avi videos? Appreciate all the hard work koush. Awesome app.
Can't seem to get it to work with Cheapcast. I can cast it, I see the screen change on my tablet but the video never starts or plays

I think that might be an issue with CheapCast. I had the same problem without using AirCast.
What about naming it "YouCast"?
+Luis Amador what's that got to do with it? I don't have to use the Chrome browser as a front end to use KoushCast from my HTC One. Stop trolling, I'm in no mood.
Nate N
It won't let me install, I have my settings to allow all apps, hmm? Help?
Soundcloud > SoundCloud dlna/UPnP Stream > Aircast = Win. 
they need to get this working with vudu
John F
I cant get it to work. Silly question, but doI need to be rooted running a rom?
Works flawless for me on my N4. I was able to stream 1gb .mkv file from dropbox with no lag. Thanks Koush.
I upset that even the newer update is still stop and go freezing. Note 2
+Koushik Dutta works great in my at&t HTC One. Plays the highlights videos from the Sense gallery app just fine 
Short videos (30sec ) work pretty well but long ones, 30min or so take for ever to be able to see them.
Nexus 7 (flo) CM 10.2 (10/18). N7 AirCast2 to Chromecast via Gallery. Podcast .mp4. I keep losing the connection. This did not happen yesterday with AllCast version. Nor does it happen with GoogleCast ( or whatever official version is called). The Chromecast is about 6" from the router, so unlikely that signal is low.

I can restart and it finds the Chromecast again quickly, but the podcast starts at the beginning (which may be the app).

Great work. 
Mp4 movies with great, format still at top of screen with 1/3rd bottom black. Movies shot in 720p pause every five seconds. Galaxy note two, Verizon, stock.
Slow motion videos play great as well. 
Used this on my tf101. Played a movie from my gallery. Flawless
Great app. Gallery and Dropbox work great, both video and music, Drive
appears to connect, but no video or sound. 
If you're having trouble installing, open the apk from a file browser, not the download notification or download app. 
Can't stream personal videos from gs3 on cm10.1 or my stock wifi xoom. It just times out. Good start but definitely a beta. Keep up the good work 
Still called AllCast in the tutorial pics.
Local videos I shot myself studder every 3-4 seconds. Stock Nexus 4. Good start though 
Cast from Google drive doesn't work for me on nexus 4 cm10.1. I have a few videos that people shared with me and GD app plays them fine. AirCast doesn't. 
Awesome! There seems to be an alignment issue. Video from gallery was top aligned instead of center. N10 on cm 10.2 8/16. Also notification controls don't work and usually need to reconnect on exit / reentry for controls. Haven't had any playback issues though, this is truly amazing, thank you!
More data points:  .mp4's play fine on Motorola Xoom2 tablet running stock Android 4.0.4 - .3pg's not at all.  I don't know what all formats are "supported."

AirCast2.apk will not install on an old HTC 4G (PC36100) phone running CM-7.1.0-Supersonic (Android 2.3.7).

I'm happy the tablet works :)  Would be nice if I could get the rooted HTC to work, too :(
+Koushik Dutta Works awesome on my Nexus 10 for locally stored mp4 videos! I'm able to cast videos perfectly. Unfortunately, I cannot cast videos from Google drive, tried flv and mp4. Update: locally stored avi files don't play correctly either.

Works great with local mp4. With a 720p mkv I get picture and no sound, presumably as a result of whatever audio codec is in the file.

Varsity level challenge would be to transcode the audio to a supported format on the fly while streaming ;-) I'm sure someone will do that eventually. 
Working great for casting video from Gallery, but I'd like to cast images and slide shows.
Chromecast works great for the original apps, youtube, play and netflix. Using other software like this one has issues. For casting of videos and others, differnt are apps do a great job. Imedia, avia and others too, and miracast.
Thanks for this app. Do you thinks it's possible , in future, to share the music in Spotify, on Chromecast?
Awesome concept and execution.

Have you considered having it function like the ChromeCast button within the YouTube app, in that it can send to a variety of compatible receivers (e.g. GoogleTV)? I imagine that would require a client-side app on the GoogleTV for total playback control, but even just squirting the URL (using GoogleTV's built-in ChromeToPhone client) would be super helpful!
Did I miss the boat, I can't get it to work at all. Just download now.
I Concur, +Charles Troster - Through dropbox, .mkv videos look flawless....but I was not getting any audio. Did not try with local mp4s, hopefully that works. So this is just a codec issue?
Stock GS3 with ICS: Dropbox videos and Gallery work FLAWLESSLY, without lag, in full HD... however, when I try to share a video to AirCast through Google Drive, my TV shows shows a black screen, although the AirCast popup shows up on the phone. Several other people have listed this issue as well with Google Drive. Any idea as to why this might be? +Koushik Dutta 
+Koushik Dutta Working now...GS3...MKV and Mp4 play great....screen is all the way to the top of the TV which leaves a big space at the bottom of the TV. Video shot with GS3 plays but puases every 3 to 4 seconds and depending on how the phone was held videos are sideways, upside down or rightside. AVI files do not play which is most of my video files are in. Overall it just has a few tweaks, screen rotation, video format support, and screen centering. 
+Koushik Dutta would it be possible to get support for streaming video as well? Not just video stored on our devices, but also video from Internet sources and we usually select the Video Player or MX Player to watch. 
+chad burnham lower your settings to 720p for future recordings and they will stream perfectly from your Samsung phone. 
As far as testing goes, nothing has ever skipped or paused for me, and it still doesn't, so that's good. My 1080p movie started playing quickly, but it was still at the top of the screen rather than centered. Avi files make this odd record-scratching sound when trying to play them, with no video
+Ryan Crawford tried lowering my video to 720p and it work smooth without any pauses. Thanks for the tip....How about the video that was already shot in 1080p, doomed to pause????
+Koushik Dutta watching a video that is letterboxed using ur this app doesn't center it, it anchors it to the top.. watchable, but thought ud like to know
Sharing from drive does not work and attempts to get access to files from Dropbox crashes shows nothing on the screen. 
have not gotten a single video to work from my galaxy 3 ...4.1 2
However on my Kindle fire HD 7 it works just fine and I'm on Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3..... On my galaxy 3 it doesn't even load it says its playing but the screen is black.. Same issue as some of the others are reporting video at the top of the screen with a big black box on the bottom however not on all my videos as I said I'm only able to get this working on my Kindle Fire.. I look forward to more improvements thank you
Dropbox suspended my account for traffic, so I uploaded to Drive, but I just saw it don't work for some. I'm one of the ones it doesn't work for lol
Please add Box support, keep up the awesome work! 
Tried this last night worked great on asus tf300t, using cm 10.1, still have an issue where pause stops working sometimes if I have to turn the tablet back on while playing a video. Awsome app.
Hi Koushik: I am the Founder/CEO of AirCast Mobile.  I wanted to let you know that I think the app you built is pretty nice, but unfortunately the name you gave it is infringing on our trademark.  We currently own the trademark "AirCast" and will be using it for an upcoming Smart TV video service we're launching soon.   Therefore, I would greatly appreciate it if you would renamed your app and stop using our mark.   If you would like to speak about this directly, feel fee to drop me a line at   Thanks!
Just call it Koushcast and be done with it lol
Hey, all of a sudden, i cant launch the app! Does this have to do with the self-destruction feature? Please bring it back! 24 hours with AirCast and I can't live without it! :-) seeing how Google will never whitelist it, mind as well launch it anyways as a sideloaded app! :-) By the way, do you accept donations?
I just noticed that too. I'd like to see a paid beta version, even if it's more than a regular app. I think it's worth it, for development.
No! ! ! ! But I just got my Dropbox back and now the app is dead! 
@Koush. Do you envision an integration with MX Player? How do we make donations to keep you motivated? ;)
NOOOOO, I was using it at work lol and it was absolutley awesome cannot thank you enough, I would def be willing to pay for this app, I was about to test it out on my asus transformer prime, however it must have self destructed before I got the chance to do so. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Koushik!!!!!
I, for one, think Koushik should hired by Google as senior team lead of the R&D group. Or at the very least, be consulted before any product launch! ;)
David D
I've tried to load this on my HTC Inspire running android version 2.3.5. I would love to be able to try this app out, but I keep getting a "parsing error" which I'm even sure what it means. Any help with this?
On my S4, worked the first time I downloaded and then stopped, uninstalled and downloaded test2 and it just gives me a blank screen. The tv
Heads up: beta 3 has been up for a while and there is a new thread.
does not work on my nexus 7. simply does not respond when I tap the icon after installation 
Doesn't launch, Samsung Note 2 - Stock Verizon Rom
You have to make a mac app to mirroring mac display on chromecast, it will be nice and you'll can make a lot of money, i'm pretty sure you can do this and kill apple tv
Will this allow Bell Mobile TV users to stream to TV (as the HDMI out is disabled by the Mobile TV App)
Abu Al
Lien mort, link Dead, not found :(
Does not work at my Samsung Galaxy SIII GTI9300, with CyanogenMOD 11-20141008-SNAPSHOT-M11-i9300, when I press the icon simply does not respond. How can I fix it?
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