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New AllCast for Fire TV headset feature

Will be released soon.

How this works:

The Allcast Fire TV app downloads the video and streams only the audio to the phone, while muting the TV.

Advanced a/v parsing is not possible on Chromecast. There's janky solutions that mimic it in other apps, by simultaneously download the video to both the phone and the TV and phone. Not ideal, and has a/v sync issues.
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Very cool stuff koush
Very nice, this should have been included in Chromecast!
Local cast manages to do thus with Chromecast
The user can personally adjust the delay or vice versa using the app
+Akshay Jain Right, using the aforementioned method of downloading the video twice at the same time; once to chromecast and again to phone. No delay adjustment necessary here either.
I would like it the other way around: Play back video on the android device and the sound over wifi on my sound system.
I often watch videos on my tablet and would like to be able to use my sound system which is hooked up to a raspberry pi.
+Hessam T I already tried it, but the lag is really annoying and the connection isn't stable when your body is in the way. Also the audio quality is rather poor.
+Koushik Dutta Small request.. Since this says for Fire TV.. Is it possible to add it for us Chromecast users? I'd love that TV headset feature. 
Please. Add DLNA Mirror support for Smart TVs. I beg you.
Ditto on Roku support please. Would be awesome for the Roku Streaming Stick.
Please my dear +Koushik Dutta, add mirror support and headset feature for Roku Player. Please, down on my knees, I am begging you! 😫😫😫😫
Gotta question how does one use the media server within allcast?

This rocks so hard! Can you say Bluetooth headphones? Smh...and yet another reason why +Koushik Dutta is the man!
Just got my FireTV, has this feature been implemented yet?
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