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AllCast Releases on their way to Play/Chrome store

There's an updated AllCast Receiver Chrome app. This release includes UX changes, and fixes to work with the new versions of AllCast out there.
There's also some fancy new Mirror receiver code that will allow mirroring from all newer Android devices, and not just the ones that support WebRTC. Hoping to get Mirror out the door soon here. The ADB Shell for Chrome was actually a stepping stone towards that release (non root support). If I don't do that soon, I'll publish a new beta  extending the expiration time bomb.

AllCast has been updated some fancy new things:

New/revamped video transcoding engine. Many phones record 1080p video at 20Mbps+ bitrate. This can bring wifi networks to a grinding halt. Use the Bitrate option under Settings to transcode and stream the video, reatime, into a suitable streaming format.

Recents. +Artem Russakovskii pinged me about this. Recents will automatically track which folders and media you were browsing recently. Use it there to quickly get back to your favorite media. No more hunting.

Optional AllCast splash screen. Another +Artem Russakovskii request. The last release immediately started up AllCast and showed a splash screen on the receiver to improve startup time and the first run experience. This is now an option in settings.

Other fixes include:
Chromecast detection fixes.
Better proxy server for primitive receivers (Roku, DLNA)
Subtitles on Chromecast fixes (still need to fix UTF-8 next release)
Remove 10 minute viewing limit on Chromecast in favor of a watermark.
Better looking ad units.
Add Crashalytics for better crash analysis.
New HTTP Engine (supports ion+spdy).
Better grid/list UX. Soon to be a toggleable action bar option.

iOS soon too :)
AllCast lets you send photos, music, and videos on your Android to your TV!...
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Wow, SIX minutes and not one comment?

For iOS Soon too?
All my iPhone buddies will be Amazed... All I can tell them is Android did it 1st. 😀
Slightly off topic but I think it's hilarious that the first rating I see on AllCast is 5 starts from you +Koushik Dutta
Artem is that a banana in your pants? 
lol Artem takin' charge of things. Make that Koushik bum get some work done. 

It is a great update. Looks nice so far. Casting a little something to the tv now, looks good at this point. 
Any progress with the receiver on chrome OS? 
Is this being pushed to Amazon appstore :-)  I know they are horrible for their update processes. 
Can you make airplay to chromecast please 
Rather than a subscription model... is there any chance you might consider a 'donation' button whereupon a user can donate anytime, as often as they want?  (Or maybe limit it to one donation per release as a way to gauge value-for-value for updates/changes in a sort of kanban/scrum sort of payola way?)

Particularly with the list of all these features and fixes, I'd say it deserves a donation.. but I'd like it to tied to how much value I see in each update.
" It's hilarious reading pundits talking about iOS first as the best strategy for a startup." +Koushik Dutta IKR cough Robert Scoble
All I want is to be able to see file names in DropBox and Google Drive. Hard to send the video I want over when I don't know what the name is. 
Sean C
How do you enable the mirroring? 
+Koushik Dutta how will you manage users like me that have both iOS and Android devices?

Will we pay on each platform?
will you give us some kind of redeem code?

Just curious, thinking on getting the premium version.

BTW, "bug" report, if you play more than one time the same item, it gets listed as many times in the recents option, maybe something you might want to look at.

Great job, keep it up
Can't figure out mirroring, either. Love the app, paid for premium, waiting for screen mirror!
Can you add airplay to chromecast ?
Thank you
+Koushik Dutta how does mirroring work? There is no mirror option in the All cast android app. I'm confused :/
+Koushik Dutta Can you fix your intent filters in allcast so I can click a link for mkv/mp4/m4v/etc and it will allow me to select allcast in the "complete action using" box? the functionality works but the intent filters don't pick up the mime types. pretty please. 
+Koushik Dutta why not add streaming from websites like YouTube to Allcast in the next update?
Getting watermark and ads even with premium installed.

Cleared data and cache and resorted to reinstalling both and still the same.
On Android the AllCast app doesn't show my Chrome extension AllCast Receiver on startup list. Maybe it is because I updated to Chrome 37 64bit?
+Koushik Dutta For the 3rd time :-) when will you make a receiver app running on Android (phone or tablet)? C'mon you can do it! When you do I'll buy them both.
Really? A receiver app? Or a sender app...
I know this probably isn't the best place for bug reports but... this is happening on my Nexus 4.  When  try to cast gallery images, it closes Allcast, even though it casts the image fine. Doesn't do it on any oher media but the local image gallery.
+Jon Salm Well color me an idiot I'll be damned there it is! So Allcast is complete. So that means maybe +Koushik Dutta is very awesome after all. 
It would be great if we could rotate images and make zoom. Have you thought about it?

Great job with AllCast Receiver for Chrome :)
I was thinking that AllCast Receiver for Chrome could be very useful for teachers. But then it would be necessary some PIN code option to avoid students to send whatever they want :)

Your Mirror app needs Android rooting, right? Is there any chance that it won't require rooting in the future?
+Koushik Dutta I'm not rooted, so I don't believe I can get you a log. AS far as my gallery, I have quite a few photos, about 5.7GB of photos/videos.
+Phil Courtney Thanks, I understand the issue now. Will fix tonight. Keep your eyes peeled for an update, and let me know if it works.

Feel free to email at me at koush dot com.
+Koushik Dutta The option to have DLNA casting in Play Music is very nice, but since the whitelist gets sometimes overwritten it is not that convenient...
Could you implement this functionality as Xposed module? Than there is nothing that can be overwritten.
+Koushik Dutta the receiver on chrome unfortunately doesn't work on linux and mac, it has been reported countless times at least at the comments, if it's a codec just tell us to install it
+Koushik Dutta I've tried chrome,asop,ff on a couple phones. Other media players come up in the list like bubble, mx,etc but not allcast. I played around with the intent filters and if I set them up like this, they all work... MX player and bubble also do this:

<action android:name="android.intent.action.VIEW" />
<category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />
<category android:name="android.intent.category.BROWSABLE" />
<data android:scheme="http"/>
<data android:scheme="https"/>
<data android:scheme="content"/>
<data android:scheme="file"/>
<data android:pathPattern=".*flac" />
<data android:pathPattern=".*FLAC" />
<data android:pathPattern=".*avi" />
<data android:pathPattern=".*AVI" />
<data android:pathPattern=".*m4a" />
<data android:pathPattern=".*M4A" /> etc
Good work Koush. Made me laff when I saw your "coming soon to iOS" comment only got +1 in 13 hours
+Rob Calistri

To begin with, I see kinda unfair that people with a 35$ dongle can see pictures/without limits while people that paid +600$ on a SmartTV cant use the app to watch a full movie.

That aside. 99% of things this app does I can do it with bubbleupnp, im interested in this one because it has a prettier UI. Yet, 5 minutes dont allow me to actually interact with my tv as I would do with a movie and bubbleupnp.

Now. I believe the question was adressed to Koush and I believe that before anyone bashed me, he should actually reply his POV in that matter.

Grow up.
App is awesome. Been using for over 3 months now. Pay the 5 bucks. You won't be sorry. Still unsure how to mirror screen tho. I have both receiver app and player app
any chances of support for DTS audio?
+Gerard Umbert I'm not sure what the device you decided to purchase has to do with fairness of an app but okay.  If you spent $700 to receive dlna then whats another $5 (less than 1%)?  

All I am saying is this.  If you feel like you need to reach out to a developer of an app over and over to add free crap so that it works the way you like it, you may want to actually purchase the product.  Last I checked, developers need to buy Milk.

I feel all grown up now. 
+Rob Calistri how is it fair that and app to cast allows cc infinite time and dlna only 5min... Is that fair? That is what im saying.

Also, that link was a feature request, and actually, that feature would make me pay for the app.

Not the actual state that allows me the same as anynother free app but with 5minutes trial time...

So, once again, leave me be and let koush decide ok? Thanks.
+Jon Salm doesn't get the stream, I don't use firewall, manjaro, basically the same packets as you, what version of chrome?
The receiver, as noted above, these UDP/TDP open on 53515. Make sure that you don't have any firewalls restricting that port.
Also, I'll add a full screen button. Mac allows full screen of any window, by default, and I didn't realize that button wasn't available on Windows/Linux :P
+Koushik Dutta
I  can't get the amazon app to work even with reinstalls and wiping all root information related to the app.   That's why I have been hoping for an update.  Every time I stream I get the 5 minute streaming information and demo mode.  :-(  I have been looking for an update to this app for a while.
How exactly do I do screen mirroring on my Non-rooted Moto G phone?  It has the latest OS?  Is there a different beta mirroring app that I need in order to do screen mirroring or is it not possible with my phone?  Thank you SO MUCH!  I appreciate your hard work and helping spread joy to so many people!
+Koushik Dutta hi, i have opened the app on my phone and the receiver on chrome, but the app doesn't find the receiver, why?
+Koushik Dutta If I disable the firewall everything works perfectly. But how can I add a rule to the firewall to get the mirroring without turning off the firewall?
Got the new amazon update, thanks. Still does not register purchase for some reason.... 
+Koushik Dutta i bought it on amazon. I even hit the buy it again and it said i already owned it. Ill try trashing it entirely, reinstall and streaming again tonight. 
Finally got the watermark removed!  Thanks for the update.  Now I'm crossing my fingers for MKV subtitles, but I won't be greedy.
+Koushik Dutta any ETA on the Mirror screen founction?
Looking so forward for this function
I installed allcast receiver on my chrome browser. And find the receiver on my android phone. But when I want to cast my photo all video to my the receiver. It display all black screen. What happen!!? Help me please!!! Thanks!!!
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