Having issues? Here's how you can resolve common errors and get help:

Can't Find your Android
1) Make sure you are using a USB DATA cable! Accidentally using a charge cable will not allow data transfer with the computer.
2) If you are a Windows user, try to find your manufacturer's ADB drivers. If you can't find those, install this: http://koush.com/post/universal-adb-driver
3) Enable PTP mode on your phone
4) Restart your phone and see if that fixes it.

Here's a video on how to enable ADB:

Black Screen
Here are common solutions to fixing the black screen issues:

Licensing Issues
Have a license but Vysor can't find it? Go to the purchase page and click "Retrieve License". If that doesn't work, please submit logs per the instructions below.

Still broken? Provide this information in a post in this community:

Short description of your issue
Chrome Version (MUST be on Chrome Stable, not Chromium)
Desktop operating system
Graphics driver version and date
Android device model
Android operating system version
Vysor version
If your Android is rooted

Open chrome://extensions/ in your Chrome browser.
Enable developer mode.
Disable and enable Vysor to force the app to reload
Then use Vysor so it breaks, then grab the Chrome logs as follows:
From the extension list, inspect Vysor's background page and screen.html/purchase.html and grab the console logs.
Provide the logs as two pastebin links in your post.
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