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Lack of a large screen is why I switched to Android, and the introduction of the 6/6+ is why I switched back.

Sadly, it likely took the death of Steve Jobs to make that change happen at Apple.
_"We’re seeing a higher rate of people switching to iPhone than we’ve experienced in previous cycles," Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a statement. _

How many of you have made the switch to iOS and the iPhone 6/6+?
As everyone expected, Apple has continued its run of insane iPhone sales numbers. Apple sold 61.1 million iPhones in in the quarter, bringing in $40.3 billion in revenue, making this the second...
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Rather cut myself with a million rusty razors
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Obama's Anger Translator

Now on the Youtubes.
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Andy Hemp
I find it interesting how I, at home watching this, am laughing my self silly while the people there are all like "why he say those things..."
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There's a bit of press chatter about Nokia maybe making Android phones next year, but all I can think of is what a huge tragedy for Finland the whole sad Nokia saga is.

The fall of the gem of Finnish industry is now complete. Victims of possibly the most blatant (and predictable) corporate raid in history, then a shell of its former self, and now effectively relocated to China, the Nokia consumer brand now has as much to do with the Nokia we remember, as today's Atari does to the company that made the 2600. Nokia is now as Chinese as Huawei, Lenovo, and Xiaomi. :-/

I truly believe that if they'd swallowed their pride rather than invite a wolf into their midst, they could well have been the premier Android OEM by now.

Ah well. Can't pine for what might have been... At least it seems they still have a future as an equipment supplier.

But I still want the awesome Nokia phone I never had the chance to buy. :(
Nokia, the telecom giant that sold its handset business to Microsoft in 2013, announced it will acquire telecom equipment maker Alcatel-Lucent for $16.6 billion. The move was announced just a day after Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent confirmed they had entered acquisition talks. The deal will make Nokia the world’s top seller of telecom equipment and services, ahead of Ericsson, Huawei, and ZTE. After dominating the mobile industry for a decade an...
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It's not so much that they hadn't faith in Maemo but more that it was a long term plan for the smartphone business and more.

Microsoft, of course, could not have that happen so the baby was thrown out to the water.
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Still tinkering with home automation stuff. The goal is to make Amazon's Echo talk to SmartThings. Amazon has Hue support, which is a top level command in Echo.

You can say something like:
"Alexa, turn off kitchen lights", and it will work with Hue.

Third party home automation apps need to implement commands like the following:
"Alexa, tell SmartThings to turn off the kitchen lights".
"Alexa, ask VeraLite to turn off the dining lights."

Ie, Alexa needs to be told which App to send the command to, there's no implicit handling of the command at the top level "menu".

However, Philips Hue API is just UPNP, and that's how Amazon Echo talks to the Hue.
So, it's possible to wrap the SmartThings API with a local Hue mock-server, and make Echo think it's just talking to a normal Hue hub.
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Thanks for clarifying +Koushik Dutta​
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Koushik Dutta (Koush)

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Nearly all the light switches in my condo replaced with new Zwave switches. Installation wasn't so bad. The switches are making the gang boxes a little crowded.

My first impression is that smart switches are notably less dumb than Hue bulbs. If the switch to a Hue bulb is off, the bulb can't be remotely turned on. I actually have some Hue bulbs hooked up to Smart Switches (grouped), so they behave well (control color and on/off state).

I tried out a few different home automation products, and like Smart Things the best so far. The downside is that Smart Things round trips every single request through the cloud, and has no local API to the hub. If you have a slow connection, you may experience latency (I don't). If your internet connection is down, your house is bricked. You will not be able to turn lights on and off through the app, even if you are home.

The Vera Lite hub doesn't have that shortcoming, as it has a local API, but the product's interface is rather bad. I want to like it, but I can't. There's a huge developer community behind it though.
OpenRemote (some weird AGPL proprietary bag of poop) didn't even manage to discover any devices.

Smart Things is aware of the issue. I believe their next hub version (or software version) will add local API support.

Amazon Echo can talk to Hue, but apparently not Smart Things yet. I think I can fix this via the Echo API.
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I feel like some uncivilized savage now, as I have to touch my light switch and I get only one color of light. I really didn't give a shit until now... but at least it's all local ;p
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Every time someone reshares Lindsey Stirling.
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Just listened to my first Lindsey Sterling piece. Quite cool, but still not as cool as Emilie Autumn in her Unlaced album.
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Posted a text only link to the Anger Translator bit, and basically no one clicks it (or probably even read it).

Posted a YouTube link with thumbnail of the same thing 3 hours later, and it gets way more traction. Though, the YouTube can be immediately played via the embed.
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Welcome to your first lesson of: marketing media advertising
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LOL, Key and Peele at White House Correspondent's dinner as Obama's Anger Translator.

So worth watching.
Have you met Luther, President Obama's anger translator? #WHCD #KeyAndPeele
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....  I also clear out all my browsing data and browse as a Chrome Guest when hitting Facebook.  (Google may not be pristine,  but Facebook uses unconscionably dirty business practices.  I have to go, but it's a little like hitting an urban second-hand store.  I use hand-sanitizer as soon as I get back in the car, seal my bag well to wash it in hot water as soon as it hits my house, and I generally shower soon after.  Except with FB, it's a prep-thing as well as followup.)
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Koushik Dutta (Koush)

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When I find that GridLayoutManager uses package protected access to LinearLayoutManager and RecyclerView internals.
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+Koushik Dutta​ oh, of course.
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Google gets a new storefront at

Nexus 7 disappeared. No links to it anywhere. I guess they're done with it?

I renamed the Nexus 9 URL to Nexus 7, and it's been discontinued.
Shop at the Google Store for Android phones and tablets, Chromebooks, Android Wear, Chromecast, Nest, plus a selection of accessories.
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Not directly but, the software may have pushed already faulty hardware to finally fail. But the point in my statement was obviously lost on you with my sarcasm of Google being too little to late with the 5.1 update. 
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Koushik Dutta (Koush)

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It's been a good run all
Google recently funded a study by Stanford and Cornell scientists that resulted in an algorithm that can identify and target Internet trolls for banning with an 80 percent accuracy rate.
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+Rich Campbell good point mate! Like, maybe we need trolls to exercise our beliefs and witt! 
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I needed new girlfriend and ......
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I write code.
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I've also written a bunch of handy libraries like AndroidAsync, Ion, UrlImageViewHelper, and more.

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