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Kevin Eagan
Editor/writer who loves a good read.
Editor/writer who loves a good read.

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Do you keep a commonplace book? I find this journaling style is incredibly rewarding, as have many writers and thinkers through the ages.

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Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are changing how we publish and how we read -- some may say even how we write. Jason and Kevin discuss writing for the crowd in this week's Critical Margins Podcast. Would you use crowdsourcing and crowdfunding tools to get your work seen?

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Friday Reads: Enhanced Scholarly E-Books and an E-Ink Coffee Mug

#FridayReads is back! This week, an article about enhanced scholarly e-books and an e-ink coffee mug that displays images when heated up. And check out my book recommendation for the weekend:

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Great deal for excellent writing software: Scrivener 
Thinking of getting Scrivener? A reader just clued me in on a special deal TODAY ONLY, get it at 50% off details at link.

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When should you self-publish your book?

We talked about self-publishing's sordid past and hopeful future in this week's Critical Margins podcast, but what about the practical reasons to self-publish? And what do you need to know before you self-publish your book?

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Critical Margins Podcast, Episode 7

Self-publishing is not a new thing for writers. It's been around for centuries. But what are some of the best self-publishing ventures happening right now? Jason and Kevin explore this in this week's Critical Margins Podcast:

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How do you write?

In our latest podcast episode, +Jason Braun and I talk about how we got started as writers. How did you get started as a writer? How do you write today?

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Can you write on a smartphone?

This week, +Jason Braun and I talk about smartphone apps that help you write better, and why so many students write on phones:

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How Literature Saved My Life by David Shields

I admit, I love reading about how writers read. "How Literature Saved My Life" by David Shields is an excellent book on writing and reading in the digital age. Here are 5 of my favorite quotes from David Shields:

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