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Christopher Dziak
Attorney practicing law in New Mexico with Findlay, & Dziak, LLC
Attorney practicing law in New Mexico with Findlay, & Dziak, LLC

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It's Official: The New is Live

It took me some time but I am very proud to announce the "grand opening" of my new website.  With the help of the people at Avvo, I finally have a fully-functional website rather than merely just a blog.

Constructive Criticism Welcomed

I'm very excited to unveil this to my favorite people here on Google+.  I welcome you to have a quick visit and look around for yourself.  Please feel free to provide any constructive criticism.  If you see mistakes, please, by all means, point them out.  I realize that this is a work in progress and that there are bound to be mistakes.

Be Honest

I have learned so much from the lawyers, marketers, SEO gurus and so many others here on Google+.  Don't let me down when I need you most.  I plan on trying to blog a bit more and sharing much of the content that I have put on my website.  But, I want to portray a certain level of professionalism on my site and if there are ways that I can improve, please give it to me straight! 

Thank You

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and thanks for being some of the very first visitors.

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Check out our new website! 

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Another great post by #criminaldefenseattorney  +Brian M. Fishman 
The Pennsylvania Superior Court has reversed Dauphin County Judge Clark's opinion in Commonwealth v. Schlidt where Judge Clark ruled breathalyzers used by police throughout Dauphin County and elsewhere in Pennsylvania aren't accurate beyond a blood-alcohol reading of 0.15 percent.  The trial court's ruling meant that prosecutors couldn't prove defendant's guilty of the highest tier of DUI offenses (over a .159) with the use of breathalyzer tests due to questions of accuracy with the machines. 

#PennsylvaniaDUILawyer+Justin McShane, considered an expert in the filed of DUI, represented Mr. Schlidt and intends on appealing the Superior Court's ruling to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  The Superior Court did not go so far to rule that Judge Clark's question of the accuracy of the breathalyzer tests but rather said that it was a "weight of the evidence" question and therefore one that should have been decided at trial rather than in pre-trial motions to exclude the evidence of the breath test results.  This is a case that all Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyers will be watching closely in the months to come.  Mr. McShane has been working very diligently to demonstrate the various problems with the breathalyzer machines used around the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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Check out my new #bankruptcy  website. Please share/+1 this if possible. Thanks 

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Another interesting post by #criminaldefenseattorney  +Jason Dunkle 
In Pennsylvania, a charge of Criminal Mischief, in violation of 18 Pa.C.S.A. 3304, is basically an allegation that a person caused damage to the property of another.  The severity of the charge ranges from a low level summary offense to a felony charge and is based upon the value of damage or loss of value in the property.  For more info, check out my link below.

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New Blog post on #albuquerque  law blog, regarding a common question that I encounter practicing  #bankruptcy  law.

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Findlay & Dziak, LLC - Affordable bankruptcy representation.

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#chapter7  bankruptcy in #newmexico . Contact us today!

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+Steven Sweat is the #lawyer  to see for anyone injured in a motorcycle accident.
Summer is here!  Look twice for your local #biker  !!
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