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Doug Symington
Learning more about web-based learning
Learning more about web-based learning

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Notions of invasion, pervasion, self-referentialism, and periphery dancing, jangling and tangling in my mind #rhizo15

  #rhizo15  how "bout some #vine and #instagram ing? 6 and 15 second constraints might prove interesting ;-)

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#Rhizo15 week4 odeToDave
#rhizo15 wk4 odeToDave from dougsymington on Vimeo .

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My take on the Week 2 assignment for #rhizo15

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A retrospective for #rhizo15--subjectively speaking
This retrospective is something I'm posting because I'm: not sure how else to provide an introduction piece for #rhizo15 hoping it'll further my own understanding of how I got here sure it'll be highly subjective   I grew up in a small, rural town in Ontari...

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it's important for educators to model the behaviour they'd like to see in their learners 
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