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Crystal Yoner
Corsets, Bustles, and Petticoats, oh my!
Corsets, Bustles, and Petticoats, oh my!

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This is going to be a personal sort of post, so do please feel free to skip. I mentioned in previous posts that I've been struggling with anxiety for the last little while, and that I've been working with pros to manage it. And I am -- since my last post I'...

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HSM '17: #1 Firsts & Lasts: Mid-Victorian Chemise & Drawers
As part of my Big Project this year, I knew I needed to start from the skin out (except for the corset ), so obviously it would be a chemise right off the bat. My Big Project is aimed to have a date of 1867 (ish), and I have never heard of pre-bustle-era co...

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HSF '14 #9: White: Japanese Hakama and Tabi socks*
(*as opposed to other kinds of hakama? I don't know) For once, I didn't have grand plans for this challenge. I knew I was making this cosplay in February (0f 2014), and yet I put it off and put it off, and then next thing I know it's May and I had about 2 ...

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HSF '13 #18: Re-make, Re-Use, & Re-fashion: The Inspiration
Part of my 2017 goals that I didn't mention was that I want to clear out my backlog of posts! There aren't a great many, but my draft folder is taunting me. Here is the first. Summer, 2013 The Historical Fortnightly's 18th challenge is due on September 9 . ...

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Looking Forward
Last year I didn't write or post a "this is what I want to accomplish this year" list. I think I knew somehow that the year was going to be really hard. I struggled a lot with anxiety (A LOT), and I'm still having trouble dealing with it. Don't worry, I'm w...

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2016 Year in Review
Happy holidays, friends! I love doing the year in review, looking back on the things I made and remembering the pieces I forgot, so here it is! There really isn't a lot. This was a very rough year, dealing with my mental and physical health, my cat's health...

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Regency Gown 3 Ways & The Myth of Perfection
Earlier this year I made a white Regency gown out of an IKEA curtain, and accessorized it with a dark green vest for the February ball. For the October balls, even though I had started a ballgown some time last year, I decided not to finish it (partly becau...

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Houndstooth Miramar by Scroop Patterns!
Hello friends! I hope you have been well! Summer slipped me by for yet another year, and here we are in OCTOBER already. It's even snowed twice! I'm also preparing for my yearly foray into novel writing, so things will become quiet again, but after that, I ...

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HSM '16: #2 Tucks and Pleating: Market Hat
At the end of January, I got an opportunity to volunteer for a local Regency event, to which I enthusiastically agreed shortly into February. I immediately started planning my gown, wanting to both wear my new stays, and also not wear last year's gown for t...

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Regency Midwinter Ball 2016
For this year's ball, the lovely Tara of Regency Encounters asked if Nicole and I would be willing to volunteer in the card room. For every ball, card tables have been set up for those needing or wanting a break from dancing (or, like us, people who don't d...
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