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So this school had a tired standard throw projector onto a SmartBoard. Time for an upgrade and they decided to go with an Epson EB-470W ultra short throw projector.

So, the fun part was installing the projector above a board that is a window. Here's how we did it:
Epson 470W Short throw install.
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Stock standard projector installation at a school. Simple requirements of VGA and audio onto a whiteboard. Epson X11 with 4:3 aspect ratio. $600 projector. Projector pole mounted off timber joist/rafter above T-bar ceiling to ensure secure mounting.

Can find specs here at Learning With Technologies:

Used a short Y-split cable so client could see local monitor. This was a more cost effective way rather than a custom plate and extra VGA return from projector. Whilst a Y-split cable is not ideal and can cause the image to appear slightly dull, the total cable run in this system was 5m.
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What a fun install! Running cables under the floor. I'm 6ft3 and spent a grand total of 5 hours under the floor over 2 days.

This is a boardroom in a prestigious private school. Heritage listed building required a 60" LED TV mounted on a fireplace.

Cabling to go to a floorbox under table.

Cabling: HDMI, VGA+Audio, Control Cable (cat 6 in case they use a control system in future)
2 Cat 6 runs back to data rack on opposite side if building.
2 USBs to TV.
Audio return to existing amp under a bench.
RG6 run up chimney two storeys for digital tv.
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If anyone has any suggestions for people/companies to follow on Google+ let me know!

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Oh man... I really want a StarBoard...

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iPad+Apple TV+Projector = Smart Board

Lots of good points in this article. Be sure to read through the many useful comments with various issues and concerns.

I'd say there are enough pros to make this worthy of a pilot project in my school.

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My son's school got a SMART Board this year and not only does he love it but he uses it as if he's had one all his life.

The teacher has limitless freedom in making programs and lesson plans for the children, as easy or hard as they like and the children just walk up and begin using it as if it's the most natural thing in the world to do.

For my son, who has Autism, this is just about the best thing that they could have for him to use.

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With the end of financial year approaching and school holidays, don't forget to maintain your projectors and interactive whiteboards.

Don't have time? We can do that for you for the low rate of $30 per room. You'll have an experienced tech on site to log lamp hours, re-align images, clean filters, clean your boards and fully test your system. Any minor faults will be repaired, anything more involved will be quoted on!

At the end of it all, you'll get a detailed PDF report on each room.

Welcome to On Site Audio Visual Pty Ltd. We specialise in the service and maintenance for projectors, interactive whiteboards, and all things A/V!
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