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Big Girls Blouse
During summer I adopt a very dressed down approach to dressing up my top half, when the weather eventually becomes too much that I actually considered going bare. As a result of swapping  suede  for silk I’ve experienced a refreshing candour for the  transi...

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Lost in Transition
Punctuality has never been my greatest asset but definitely something that's a work in progress. I fully haven't caught up with Spring's offerings to experiment with my clothes as i've gone and revisited a few of my favourites. I expressed this in my repeat...

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My style has hit the
snooze button a couple of times since last year especially in summer and this comes
as a result of the febricity that London has on offer. From the roof top bars,
to barbecues and festival events my style has come to a grinding halt. Th...

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Repeat Offender
Entering the New Year leaves me in a state of limbo where
I’ve struggled to commit to resolutions (they don’t stick or come into full
effect until a new season rolls in tbh) and with everything bagged up and
isolated, whilst I’m in the process of moving I h...

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Falling Behind
I’m fashionably late to a party with no dress code. 
This no rule to the rule information is new, overwhelming and somewhat
freeing. Just as I was really getting into the groove of maturing my wardrobe
with cashmere, wools and items to age well in, Gucci th...

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Winning Status
I’ve been thinking a
lot about teamwork and it’s played a huge factor in what appears to be lacking
in my life right now. I consider teamwork to be a consistent effort of combining
and collaborating with others in order to bring successes in menial tasks to...

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Glamour puss in boots
On weekends I can just about throw anything on and not actually care that much, if at all, about how I look because most of my time is spent running an errand or going some place where my form of dressing isn’t given much thought. Without an agenda on weeke...

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A long-winded trail of searching through
pinterest led to a summer short cut, an editorial photographed by Gilles
Bensimon that featured on the fashion spot. The model Georgianna Robertson
posed in a stripped down maxi that served as enough throwbacks to ex...

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Easily Persuaded
In search of
something old with a 70s hybrid of swag and stability, I recently purchased
this suede camel trench coat I sourced on Ebay. The coat is a rich and decadent
item that holds a smooth touch and not a dent in my pocket. My love affair with
camel is...

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In full bloom
I came across the ye old saying via the ‘gram’ (instagram, if you haven’t caught on yet) and it said, “we don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stopped playing.” I’ve adopted some traits that possibly emulate a full transition into ...
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