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- has been unreachable most of the day due to a DDOS attack on our DNS provider, Fortunately it's mitigated now and we're reachable again.
Great thing is that namecheap kept posting updates on their status page:

By means of that, I also learned about which has a nifty visualisation of DDOS attacks worldwide. The huge amount of attacks constantly going on was a real surprise to me.
#ddos   #security   #dns  

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What’s new in Tracker 1.2?
Every 6 months or so we produce a new stable release and for Tracker 1.2 we had some new exciting work being introduced...

Martyn writes here about the new features:

#Data   #Tracker   #Search

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WHITE PAPER: Qualcomm Gobi devices in Linux based systems

Lanedo releases much requested whitepaper about Qualcomm Gobi devices in Linux based systems.

Post has shared content joins the fight for Net Neutrality
Net Neutrality - Fight for Your Right and are joining the cause for net neutrality. here is the EFF page, what about you?

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Ever spent time looking a scrolling console wishing that compilation was taking less time?

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Behind most GUI, there's a basic concept that most advanced programmer take for granted: the main loop.

But what is really a main loop? And how do you ensure that multiple main loops from different software layers cooperate well?

Let's have an in-depth look on the subject:

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LibreOffice source code can be quite intimidating for newcomers. Let +Eilidh McAdam takes your hand for a guided tour :


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dnotify, inotify, fanotify… You will finally understand filesystem monitoring in the Linux kernel.

A must read for all the Linux developers who interact with the filesystem.

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Recent Lanedo Articles

Cross-Compiling DirectFB for an Embedded Device
+Michael Natterer guides through the plumbing steps of embedded #Linux on ARM.

Tobin – Statistics from Webserver Logs
+Tim Janik introduces Tobin which generates access statistics from web server logs and usage information without needing Javascript analytics.

General Open Source Consultancy
+Lionel Dricot introduces the consulting insights around #OpenSource.

The hidden pearls of Tracker (#2)
+Carlos Garnacho continues to uncover #Tracker pearls like RSS feed handling.

Sandboxing your data in Tracker
+Martyn Russell provides the framework to setup and run Tracker in isolation, e.g. for web server indexing.

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ModemManagerQt 1.0.0 Released
ModemManagerQt 1.0.0 Released
ModemManagerQt is a Qt library to talking to  ModemManager  using dbus . Today I am glad to release the third version version of this library. The main difference here is the support to ModemManager from 0.8 up to 1.0. One of the cool uses of ModemManagerQt...
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