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Flexibility and Freedom from the OEM: Custom turbomachinery controls and mechanical services
Flexibility and Freedom from the OEM: Custom turbomachinery controls and mechanical services


HPI has been awarded the turbine controls system retrofit of two FT4 Power Pac generator sets at a hydro-electric facility in British Columbia. This is the second contract awarded to HPI by this company.

Due to obsolescence and deterioration issues, HPI is removing the existing panel field terminations and relays. The new turbine controls system allows the existing field cabling to be maintained, and permits a rapid upgrade to a modern controls platform with minimal distribution to operations.
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Averaging a one-day shutdown per unit, HPI completed the controls upgrade of two Allison 501-KB5 gas turbine packages for an energy company in California. The existing HSDE DIGICON control unit was upgraded using the Replacement DIGICON Unit (RDU™), which is HPI’s commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) PLC controls in a plug-and-play unit. Because of the modular design and its ability to interface with the existing connectors, the power plant averaged a one-day shutdown of each turbine. The original timeline estimated 3 days for installation and 3 days for commissioning.
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HPI, in partnership with the Canadian government, has completed a new power plant in Ghana, West Africa.  This combined-cycle power plant at the Volta River Authority power station at Aboadze, near Takoradi, expands the Takoradi Thermal Power Station capacity.  The new power plant, known as T3, is currently the only thermal plant in the country that has a chiller to restore the generation capacity of its machines. 

The T3 power plant project was completed in November 2012 and began producing power almost immediately.  T3 supplied Ghana with supplemental electricity when the Aboadze Thermal Plant-1 (T1) had a mechanical fault and was shut down for three days in December. 

HPI was the leading contractor for engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC).  As a result of its modular design approach, which involves pre-fabrication of major plant systems in the USA and Canada, HPI reduced installation cost and construction lead times while mitigating risks. 

HPI completed the commissioning of four 27 MW Mashproekt gas turbine power-generation packages and the distributed control system (DCS) for the balance of plant (BOP).  HPI and the Canadian government handed over the plant and the commercial operation to the Volta River Authority in March.

“The T3 plant benefitted from our modular design-build concept which accelerated final assembly and construction at the site.  A traditional EPC would have taken at least 12 to 14 months longer.  The plant’s ability to use light crude oil (LCO) as well as natural gas means a reduced environmental impact since it will burn gas that would previously have been disposed of through flaring.  This also provides the flexibility to still produce power if gas becomes difficult to obtain.  Power plants like T3 represent a significant and important trend as developing countries seek a better electrical infrastructure with less environmental impact.” says Hal Pontez, President and CEO of HPI.
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First Non-OEM FT8 Controls Retrofit of FT8 Gas Turbines
In turbine controls news, HPI has successfully commissioned the first implementation of its control software on a non-OEM platform for a Pratt & Whitney FT8 “Twin-Pac®” configuration.  HPI continues to lead innovation in the controls retrofit market and provide advanced engineering solutions.  HPI licensed its custom PLC software to ABB for the upgrade of the two (2) Pratt & Whitney FT8 Twin Pacs at a cogeneration plant in the USA Pacific Northwest.

This HPI custom software can be implemented on a range of PLC platforms.  This open architecture system offers greater flexibility in parts and site maintenance, and lower maintenance costs.
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HPI, LLC (HPI) is  an exclusive Business Associate (Technology Provider) with GE Measurement & Control (GE).  Under this agreement, HPI will work in conjunction with GE in the sales and installation of retrofit GE MarkTM VIe control systems on GE Frame 3 and Frame 5 gas turbine generation sets and mechanical drives installed in North America. 

“Since 2002, HPI has specialized in providing customized, cost-effective control systems.  By bringing our extensive control system knowledge and service infrastructure to join GE’s proven Mark VIe technology, HPI believes that this association is mutually beneficial.  It expands our service offering while allowing GE Measurement & Control to expand its network of qualified control system engineers,” says Jerry Wheelwright, VP of Engineering, HPI.
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