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John Horchner
Both facts and fiction can have purpose
Both facts and fiction can have purpose

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I have my own ideas as to why our president is stuck in the worldview of the 80s...

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Will #Pittsburgh's Gentrification Show Us the Way Forward or Backwards?

This mural of hope, which for twenty years has anchored a row of mostly vacant properties in Garfield became known in Pittsburgh as “Bride’s Row.”

Why I will never vote for Donald Trump.

The 1980s saw an uncontrolled expansion of many regrettable things, including the outsourcing of America’s jobs, al-Qaeda, Wall Street greed and global warming. Perhaps that's the reason President Obama got elected in a landslide.

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Is it possible to get excited about the air quality in Pittsburgh? With the help of a handy, dandy pollution monitor I checked out from the library, three air purifiers pumping at our house AND an interview I did with NPR's All Things Considered that aired this weekend, I would say yes!
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