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tania cadogan
WYSIWYG Short and round with an escapologist inner child
WYSIWYG Short and round with an escapologist inner child

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Terrorism or Islamic Terrorism, Minimization or Outright Denial Of The Truth?
There is no such thing as radical islam It is simply islam There is no such thing as radical islamic terrorism It is simply islamic terrorism The additional qualifier word of radical allows for supporters, both muslim and others to pretend there is a differ...

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The Possible Dry Run By The Alleged Abductor That Possibly Caused The Alleged Crying Incident.
If what kate claims is true and she then wondered if someone had tried the night before or made a 'dry run', why then did they still allegedly leave their children home alone again? They didn't. All the children were being babysat by the missing adult from ...

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Interview Or No Interview? That is the question.
Surely Maddie should be their priority, especially as they told us previously the action was never about money The McCanns said after Tuesday’s verdict that they were delighted with the judge’s ruling and stressed that the action was never about money. In a...

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Signs Of Desperation?
Regarding the 'news' that Dr. Amaral wanted all links to the
translations of his book into English removed smacks of a pro kate and
gerry supporter trying to get the links removed to stop people learning
the truth of the lie. It may have been on the orde...

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Something For The mccanns To Think About.
parents of a Hawaii boy who has been missing for nearly 20 years have
been charged with murder after authorities reopened the case and
re-evaluated the evidence. The boy's
parents have long been suspects in the 1997 disappearance of the...

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Once More The Sound Of Rattling Sabres To Indicate The Presence Of The Panicky mccanns
It is all well and good the mccanns rattling their sabres and
threatening to sue anyone who sells the book in the UK, how do they
propose to fund the costs for such litigation? They already owe
hundreds of thousands, if not millions in legal costs, even ...

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They've taken her! Shouted kate
They've taken her! OK Kate, which her would you have been referring to, since you allegedly had two girls sleeping in the same bedroom? Words once said cannot be unsaid. Excited utterances are admissible in court . You may have thought you could cover any o...
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