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I'm looking forward to reading my friend +Sonia Arrison 's new book '100 Plus,' on the impact that longevity science will have on society. New Scientist calls it 'Brilliant.' Knowing Sonia, I'm not surprised.

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Hilarious and apt: how people in science see each other.
Spot-on humor: How people in science see each other. Love the Eye of Sauron, and how laboratory technicians view students, post-docs, professors, and each other... (by Matushiq Sotak)

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Incredible microscopy pics.
The Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition puts a spotlight on the world's best pictures of small wonders in fields ranging from biology to materials science. Also check out the exhibits at the Micropolitan Museum
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I find it deeply hilarious that the net result of the S&P downgrade of US bond ratings was the mass flocking of investors to buy: US bonds.

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ZDNet interviewed me recently about my next book: The Infinite Resource: Growing Prosperity While Reducing Impact on the Earth. You can read the interview here:
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