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The start of big things to come:

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"But, if the people who are recruited to the newsroom because they add perspectives that might otherwise be overlooked are also taught that they should leave their politics at the door, or think like professional journalists rather than representatives or their community, or privilege something called "news values" over the priorities they had when they decided to become journalists, then these people are being given a fatally mixed message, if you see what I mean. They are valued for the perspective they bring, and then told that they should transcend that perspective." - +Jay Rosen

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I've managed to order one from Best Buy.
I really hope Acer has a handle on their manufacturing by the holidays. I could see a huge amount of demand for this Chromebook...but if you can't buy them anywhere, that doesn't do anyone a bit of good...

Odd. I meet the eligibility requirements for a G+ name url

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Ten or more followers
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But I'm not offered one.

#Photographers ! Aperture or Lightroom (or other)?

iPhoto just isn't cutting it anymore.

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Check it out, Circa is now on Android!


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This purports to be a document found in Muslim Brotherhood HQ with money paid by Qatar to key figures.

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