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Interesting that Wolfram Alpha has jumped into the interactive (aka digital aka dynamic) publishing world by embedding editable formulas into documents. This is a big interactive leap beyond inserting a video into an ebook page.

I see the immediate applications for education and financial services. Add to that the growing trends with big data, BI and infographics and you have the ingredients for a compelling offering.

It remains to be seen if Wolfram will create such an offering or if someone else (adobe? quark?) will step in to capitalize on the idea.
Wolfram, makers of Mathematic and Wolfram Alpha, unveiled a new set of tools today for embedding mathematical formulas and charts into documents. It could make a big difference to publishers in the sc...
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Interesting - but I wonder how much the format (with the required software) will catch on? Mathematica (with the associated player) has offered this kind of functionality for years, but never really caught on outside of the mathematics/physics community as a tool for document creation...
it does seem like a high bar to overcome for mass uptake. Still for specialized... With the move to digitize text books (korea is going fully digital text books for k-12) this starts to make more and more sense.
(Hmm... you know, the link shows up on the web client, but not the iPhone App...)

There's a key here that is huge - if educators and the like can actually capitalize on it:
In short, I think Wolfram has a winner if it can be used by educators,policy-makers, and other serious purveyors of information to use it to help readers answer important questions along the lines of, "How does the world change if I revise my assumptions?"

We've been tinkering around the edges of computational science-gone-mainstream for awhlle: if this does catch on, it would be amazing. (Dear Wolfram: let's price the offering in a way that a high school teacher could think about bringing the tool into the classroom this time, please. Thanks.)