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Parent Coaching for Autism
Helping parents uncover abilities to change possibilities!
Helping parents uncover abilities to change possibilities!

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The National Autistic Society (NAS) 2012 survey suggests that 42% of females have been misdiagnosed, as compared with 30% of males.

Do you remember not getting what you had your heart set on when you were a child? 

Have you been told about someone who can ‘cure’ your child with Autism? 

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Children with Autism need to maintain a varied sensory diet to help regulate their senses. Time in nature is a wonderful addition to any child's sensory experience. 

I believe screen machines are neither inherently good nor bad – they are simply tools we have to learn how to manage and use wisely. Being mindful of the long-term consequences and planning ahead prevents difficult situations from arising when your child is older. It is always easier to add computer/video/iPad time than take it away.

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Does an autism-friendly family vacation sound good to you?

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