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Yeah, this is awesome! Where awesome means "We used to care deeply about our subscribers but apparently now we have too many!"

I know that G+ has rules about kids using the system, but my daughter, who is 14, is getting the "Your account can't do this because you're not old enough" message about adding G+. I thought the cutoff was 13... and I can't find anywhere where this information is being stored so I can update it with her actual age. I'd like her to be able to see the conversation about her regarding her future and jobs and stuff without having to shoulder surf and pretend to be me.

+Chris Messina - can you check on this for me? Does anyone know how I can fix this?

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I've decided to do a 30 day blog fitness challenge, along with some of my coworkers. Every day, blog something, for 30 days. Since I'm an overachiever, and more because I've been really slacking on the taxonomy of things I've posted, I'm going to challenge myself to tag these blog posts appropriately as well as send them to the specifically appropriate G+ Circle(s).

I've been happily categorizing people here and there in my circles, but I couldn't tell you if those are actually good categories for discussions, and I want to validate that in a real way. I'm likely to talk about training for a race, writing code, speaking in public, Google+ itself, APIs, food, and the semantic web. Along with whatever else comes to mind. By the end of this month I expect that my circles will be validated as practically perfect in every way or, more likely, not. And I can adjust them as I go so that they're good by the end of the exercise.

Everyone else is welcome to join in, if you like. I know, I know, blogging is dead. If you can't say it in 140 characters or less it's probably not worth saying. But I figure it's worth a test run.

This one, I'm sharing in public. Maybe I'll get a couple other people to try with me, or do something similar. Heck, you can spend several of those days talking about how your circles are or aren't working. So it's not even hard!

I wonder if G+ is going to customize the sparks page. Since it's the same every time I go there and it doesn't seem to care enough about me to guess what I might want to see (despite the fact that I've shared a few things) I rarely go there and when I do I remember it's boring and leave. I don't know what I want to see... entertain me! I'm spoiled by LinkedIn Today, I guess.

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I've never been a huge fan of Flickr, but all my friends were there. Now I'm terribly tempted to move to Picasa. This link tells how to move your photos from flickr to Picasa, but being me, I'm thinking... Flickr has an API (a "REST" API which somehow misses the point of idempotency) and Picasa has an API. So I could make a tool!

On the other hand, this is a one-off migration so since there's an existing tool perhaps I should just stick with that.

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Wouldn't it be cool on ReallyLongThreads if you could drag a sub-thread off to create a new thread, with a link from the old thread to the new thread? Like, you know... forking. Then you could take the digressions (I like digressions, don't get me wrong) and bubble them out into their own conversations, while tidying the original thread.

What could possibly go wrong?

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This is one of those posts where I say what a beautiful day it is in the process of secretly inviting new people to plus with me.

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Figuring out how this whole public thing works
Originally shared by ****
Google+ 'blocked in China'

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So hmm, in the interest of actually sharing things, I'll muse aloud about the races I'm thinking would be fun to do this year. Really, G+, I can't add 3 links? For shame :-)

Also considering the Catalina triathlon: (November 5)

Urban dare is September 10:

Mostly I just need a race or three to sign up for, to force me to start training.
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