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New York Skyline Views

Just click ahead as I have sorted most of my Skyline Pictures now to be the first ones in the Album.

If you are interested in Prints have a look at my page at:
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so beautiful. I was a New Yorker as well..... Miss everything in NYC
How about some of philly???
Awesome shots!! Definitely breathtaking :)
They look like a painting purrrfect.
Biju P
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All are Spectacular..!!! Thanks.!!!
John K.
The romantic side of NYC
谢谢分享,美丽的国家,美丽的纽约。Thank you for sharing, beautiful country, beautiful New York.
Excellent, I can almost hear the Philip Glass Koyanisqaatsi OST playing!
very wonderful ,useful, cute collection's sir...keep in touch
Tout bonnement magnifique !

Bravo !
I miss New York - Ohio sucks =/
Nice Pics, I would hang all of them on wall.
Great photo-work, fantastic views & off-course delighting shot captured +Christian Krieglsteiner. The modern infrastructure of buildings really seems magnificent. The bright golden light from the transparent glass windows of the buildings is really giving a nice texture/effect to the photographs. All photos is superior with respect to its own unique beauty. Must say wonderful collections.
Speechless !!! This is called Photography -- Ohhh SUPERB !
I really like the little light details on the buildings.. and that it's at 450+.. I've had a bit of a spike too. (but you deserve it) :o)
NY is such an incredible city. And you caught it so well! Bravo
hey whats up my name is Tyler Perkins
These are some really awesome shots. The composition is great, but I think you could do a LOT more with them in post. brights brights, colors fuller, ya know, the usual. Aside from that, awesome stuff.
All of these are just amazing! Very talented artist.
The infrequent transmission of energy from a source, pulse,describes the skyline of Christian's photo. The multi- point perspective construction represents an attempt at art ; the illusion of three dimensional on a two dimensional plane. The simplified style and method discourages the crucial element of luminosity; it robs it of 'life'.
I really admire that you are giving your photographer friends exposure by mentioning them in that section of About me. That is beautiful, and so kind. (I followed all three of them.)
Wow...what an amazing collection you have here. Thank you for sharing it with us!
Beautiful Christian... every time when I see pics from NY still missing the Twin Towers... great pic
I see all the pics already, but watched again, they are just beautiful
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