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Yes I absolutely agree.  Administrators need to realize that culture is inextricably connected to religion, and if we are to keep any of our cultural heritage, and any value to our study of the humanities, we must be able to examine literature, art, and music that comes from the culture created by religion.  The community college where I teach (state funded school) has a "bible as literature class."  If that class works there is no way they can exclude sacred music from the choir.
A great example of the proper perspective came from one of my professors in grad school who was Jewish, but would put on Christmas concerts every year - in fact he would chuckle at that fact that he was a Jew setting up Christmas decorations for a concert.  Once I asked him why he does Christmas concerts.  His reply was, "well for some of us, it's all about the music."

Just posted again on my blog about choral conducting and leadership. The self-improvement plan is being broken up in to steps. Step 1 - establishing a vision.

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This is great.  I've been blogging about some leadership ideas for conductors from the book "Primal Leadership," including different leadership styles.  It is if you want to check it out.

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I just posted my first blog on my new website about choral conducting. check it out.
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