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Law & Social Media DO Mix!
Law & Social Media DO Mix!

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+Luke Ciciliano of +SEO For Lawyers is now a Moderator here on Lawyers of G+. He has been extremely active in the community and has been able to help countless members with their social media, SEO, and general marketing inquiries. He'll be joining +Jeffrey Lapin and +Crystal Ponti as the moderating team. Thanks for taking on the role, Luke!

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Do you agree that's there's more to great decision-making than just instinct? 

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Awesome Infographic: 5 SEO Strategies for Getting Found Online

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Mind your manners, lawyers! Or social media will come back to bite you. via +James Novak 

Social Media Manners: Are You Talking To Me?!
[Sharing my latest with you from the Myrland Marketing Minutes blog] 

Let me know if you can relate. 

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Ever wondered if you should fire a client?

A recent post at entitled, Is It Time To Fire Some Of Your Law Firm Clients? explores the issue. A must read for all the lawyers out there! 

Have you ever fired a client? Tell us about the approach you took and the outcome.


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Infographics – graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge – make for great content in social media. And, to further the return on investment, savvy marketers can employ both social and traditional PR and marketing tactics to ensure infographic content is consumed by as many relevant targets as possible.

Here are some tips on getting the most from your infographics...


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Does your blog lack something?

Maybe you post regularly, but your posts aren’t getting many comments or shares. It feels like no-one’s reading.

What you need is pillar content. (Also known as “cornerstone content” and “evergreen content”.) These posts get links, shares, and comments. They’re posts that you’re proud to have written; ones that readers can return to again and again.


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An Illinois attorney hired a marketing firm to develop and send “newsletters” via fax to hundreds of certified public accountants. Since the newsletter did not include a way to opt out, he's now on the hook for $4.2 million. 

Lesson: Always provide recipients with a way out!


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How are lawyers using social media in 2013?

ABA’s recently released 2013 Legal Technology Survey (online: indicate that lawyers are using social media tools more than ever before, with solos and small firms leading the way. 

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Happy Monday everyone! Have a productive week!

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