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It's official.. now that I clicked two buttons each, Halley Suitt Tucker and Thomas Van der Wal should feel electronically wished happy birthday.

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Hackers take ARMS! Data Privacy Legal Hackathon in London | New York | California |  Feb 8/9 

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PEW research on cell phone privacy -- what people do to create some privacy.

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I want to talk with a couple of developers of CyanogenMod who might be interested in working on a Privacy Phone. I'm working on getting funding and only expect to pay for work, etc. I'm working with Customer Commons, a non-profit putting the user first, that came out of Harvard's Berkman Center's Project VRM. 

Just want to discuss project to see if you would be interested in helping. NOTE: despite non-profit, the project will pay good market rates and have budgeted for that. 

I want this to be very good for you and us and the people whose privacy is protected.

Pls email me off list. hodder @ gmail... Thanks,  Mary

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Denise.. you crack me up.. (Life Boat refers to my comments about Hollywood not getting into Silicon Valley's life boat).. it was a really fun show..

Yesterday's This WEEK in LAW was like an early Halloween edition, what with the spectres, spectra, and Harry Potter name games. Larry Downes, +mary hodder, and Evan Brown were great. Enjoy!

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WARNING: Big Change at EBAY: Sellers who misrepresent will be backed up by eBay, if photos are wrong. Time to stop relying on eBay...

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Stewards of the Personal Data Ecosystem?

"I wanted to show how the orgs are relating to the problem of how to remake our digital lives, through more user-driven personal data, for more equal transactions throughout our lives with companies, the online world, and our government. The orgs have been divided into four areas: technical, market, policy and individual advocates." hat tip to +mary hodder for this resource

playing with my new HP Touchpad 32gb joy device. loading vids.. WebOS is soo much better than Android.. now i get what Gizmodo etc have been saying.. WebOS rox !! and now that HP is the #2 tablet out there.. with their loss-leader sale.. i'm hoping they keep on making the OS etc.. just need to make it so Android apps run on WebOS (it's all linux, yes??) and then we're in business.
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