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Jim Tuffin
Mentoring others to success - totally FREE of charge!
Mentoring others to success - totally FREE of charge!

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Thanks Suzan for inviting me to join this community.

As you know I was diagnosed with terminal cancer back in July this year and given 3 to 6 month at best. Well I am now in the sixth month and although I'm the first to admit 'all is not well' I am optimistic in that I believe l will live for quite a while longer yet.

I have been writing a daily blog since I was given this prognosis, which is designed to allow others who are in possibly the same situation, to benefit from my personal experience.

I'm not claiming that I am a special case or anything like that, but that I am going through what tens of thousands of others have experienced over the years.

Please have a look at it and if you want to comment or share with others then please feel free to do so. This is a totally non-commercial blog with my only interest is that of helping as many people as possible whilst I am still around to do so.

Enjoy your day!
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