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Great chiropractor in the Roanoke area.
Adams Parker J Dr
3556 Brambleton Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24018
I'm and adventurous soul, and have moved around a bit, so I've been to multiple chiropractors in VA, IL, and FL. Dr Adams is one of the best.
Quality Excellent
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Where do you live now? Japan or here in States? I'm in Pekin IL. Saw you on John Prevette's profile picture post...thought you were cute. I know I'm shallow. And hopped over here to see more about you.
I was happily shocked to see where you've lived here. I must read up on your posts about what I can do to speed up stuff that's slowing down. Or are those tips for computers only? =)

Come tell me hi if it tickles your fancy. Nice to halfway meet you btw! Hugs-
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